Monday, July 06, 2009

Aiken Entrance Filled with Surprises

Clay Aiken performs at Canandaigua Concert -- Photo by Dylan.

Here He Comes Again

Entry Becomes Obstacle Course

Taking off to the tune of "Here You Come Again," the Clay Aiken Virtual Tour Bus could only be headed to upstate New York where the singer surprised Soft Rock Hard Place audiences with his concert entrance but ran into a few unexpected turns himself.

This was the Carolina blog's lead on July 20, 2007:

Clay Aiken proved this weekend he really, really knows how to make an entrance.

In the second and third performances of the Summer Tour's "New York Three-fer," he surprised Canandaigua and Chautauqua audiences filled with fans who know his concert set list as well as he does and -- at times -- the lyrics even better.

On both evenings, the entertainer's normal casual stroll onto the stage while singing "Here You Come Again" [from the new 'A Thousand Different Ways' album] took decidedly ingenious twists.

Canandaigua concert goers watched Clay circle a high walkway behind the stage and eventually make his way down an aisle to center stage, all the while singing the opening number with the orchestra.

The unexpected turns in this concert entrance are played out in the video compiled by goldarngirl and luckiest1. The talented duo have created concert montages from several CA tours that can download at their Goldarngirl & Luckiest1 Productions website.

'Here You Come Again' concert montage
from SRHP Canandaigua performance.

Imsnoqueen of the Clayboard described the concert's opener this way:

Clay surprised everyone by entering through the crowd. It was pretty funny because there are box seats in Canandaigua.

He later explained that Jerome told him there were steps going down from the box seat sections, but he was trapped because there were no steps down from that area.

So Clay kept going into a box seat section and turning around almost immediately. He did this three times.

Finally, we could see Clay and Jerome running -- yes, running! -- across a walkway, making his way down the center aisle, still singing all the while.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: SRHP 2007 tour graphics featured in this clickable collection include Amazing_CA, photos by toni7babe, 1; cindilu2, photos by cameocat and Tangerine, 2; opening photo by Dylan, 3; Ambassador of Love, photos by LynninNJ, 4; and cindilu2, photos by Kareneh, 5.

July 6-7 mark the anniversaries of the Houston and Tulsa Concerts of the 2007 SRHP Summer Tour. To rewind all the performances, see the July and August 2007 archive entries in the sidebar. The earliest dates will be at the bottom of the column, so you will need to scroll up.

Logging a request for "Here You Come Again," Singerman! Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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SueReu said...

Bravo to Goldarngirl and luckiest1!! Wonderful memories put together BRILLIANTLY!!!

Thanks Caro for the memories, the video and the great graphics - can't wait to see Clay Aiken again (and again and AGAIN!!)

maddie99 said...

Great graphics and videos! Can't wait until we have new ones. SOON?

clayam said...

Thanks for the memories of the summer of 07 Clay Aiken concerts, can't wait for new memories, and the fun of other Clay concerts.

Ashes said...


Thanks for the sweetest treat to go with my coffee! Clay Aiken and his fans are the best. Beautiful graphics, and video!

Anonymous said...

I needed a Clay rain during this draught. Thank you

musicfan said...

Caro....I loved the tour of 2007. Clay was witty, charming and sang so well.

Thank you for sharing the fun of the concert with us.

I always leave here feeling good!!!

CCOL4HIM said...

LOL!Clay and Jerome got quite a workout just as the show started-and Clay did a great job under the circumstances! Love your blog, especially when it has Clack that I've not seen yet! Have a great day!Take care and God bless. Love always, Cynthia

kilo said...

Your Clay Aiken blog is great. Love the photo interlude!

fgs said...

At least Clay always had a sense of humor and was the first one to admit he was caught in the upper deck without a way down!
Amazing how your blog can find new and re-visited topics to keep interest going! I think your blog is one of the longest-running of all Clay blogs! kudos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Clay Aiken concert memories! I always enjoy your blogs.

katy said...

Clay Aiken does know how to make an exciting entrance at his concerts.

kallie said...

Clay Aiken's SRHP tour was so fun and his entrance singing HYCA was great.

lulu said...

Thanks Caro for video and graphics of Clay Aiken. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Clay at the top of the blog. He's so handsome!

Beanblossom said...

I love all these great Clay Aiken walks down memory lane. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks! for the 'Clay, we sure are in a drought. Hope he comes around singin'...But as long as we have you and your blogs and the wonderful job you do to keep Us going. We will last awhile longer. Thanks ! Donna in Wi.

MissSally said...

He sure loves dramatic entrances doesn't he! My favorite was the one at Atlanta's IT, maybe that's because he shook my hand on the way in:)).

chel4clay said...

Thak you for bringing us these wonderful videos to keep us all going thru this drought. I hope it rains Clay Aiken news real soon.

Truth Rules said...

I love how he turns goofs into comedy routines.

Anonymous said...

Is there any other entertainer, humanitarian, handsome, funny, talented man around? In my books the only one that fits the bill is Clay Aiken :)
Thanks for a great blog!

PaulaBear said...

Thanks for the Clay Aiken memories!
I love reading about concerts I was unable to attend. Even though he sang the same songs at each tour, with few exceptions, each concert was different and fun!

CLM said...

Love the blog Caro. THanks for all your hard work on it.

ImGranny said...

Another great Clay Aiken blog! I loved watching all the videos of that tour!

Deona said...

Clay Aiken always puts on a great show! Love his concerts.

Ashes said...

Clay Aiken is totally delicious. His tours are the best, no doubt about it!