Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clay Aiken Song Appears in Movie

Clay Aiken closes SRHP Tour with "Because You Love Me." Photo by toni7babe.

'Up Close and Personal'

Movie Yields Summer Surprise

Two of my summer passions -- Clay Aiken music and the magic of movies -- inadvertantly collided last month when I viewed the 1996 film Up Close and Personal.

Because the movie was inspired by the story of Jessica Savitch who, in the 1970's, became the first female anchor on American television, my own journalistic adventures became part of the encounter.

Based on the 1988 book by Alanna Nash, the film stars Michelle Pfeiffer as Sally/Tally Atwater; Robert Redford as Warren Justice, her mentor; and Stockard Channing as Marcia McGrath.

Clay enters this discussion as the movie's featured song, "Because You Loved Me" performed by Celine Dion, was later recorded by the North Carolinian for his second mainstream album, A Thousand Different Ways.

The Because You Loved Me video uploaded at YouTube by Clayfulthing features the 8/18/07 final Soft Rock Hard Place Tour performance. Recorded by Spotlightlover in Orlando, FL , the video includes Clay's round of thank you's to the musicians and appreciation for his fans.

Clay Aiken Sings 'Because You Loved Me' at SRHP Finale.
Video by Spotlightlover

While programming this weekend's movies, I noticed that Up Close and Personal is on DIRECTV's docket almost daily through Saturday. If you are interested, check your local schedule.

Photos Highlight Special Moments

The clickables in this photo interlude are snapshots of special moments from the Orlando finale. Included are pictures by Okie4Clay, 1; Invisible926, 2 and 4; the lead photo by Toni7babe, 3; and Brightstar, 5.

The fourth captures the final night "switcheroos" on "A Thousand Days." Sean [McDaniel] played piano, Jesse [Vargas] became the drummer, and Quiana did a fantastic imitation of Clay as he stepped into her backup role. The last picture was taken after Clay sang "Because You Loved Me," his special thank you to the fans.

A cross section of the movies I have enjoyed recently include:

10 Items or Less (Morgan Freeman)
Mrs. Paltry at the Claremont (Joan Plowright)
Antwone Fisher (Derek Luke and Denzel Washington)
October Sky (Jake Gyllenhaal)
A Good Year (Russell Crowe)
DejaVu (Denzel Washington)
Enemy of the State (Will Smith)

The Wedding Dress, a Hallmark orignal favorite starring Tyne Daly, Margaret Colin, and Neil Patrick Harris, will air at 11 a.m. Sunday on Lifetime Movie Network. I am definitely taping this treasure.

When cable pickings seem slim, my friend Terri calls to ask what's showing. No one would ever guess that Tora! Tora! Tora! tops the list for this retired violin teacher. The three-hour movie, which explores the history of the Pearl Harbor attack from both sides, has been scheduled several times this summer, almost none missed by my friend. My recorder will capture the movie next weekend.

Now, it's a given most of you are listening to the music of Clay Aiken. What movies are you watching and which ones do you recommend to others?

In the midst of your moving remembrances of xxx4clay from the previous entry, Susan's son dropped by and posted this comment:

Hey all... This is Susan's youngest son, Scott. I just wanted to thank you all so much for all of the cards, flowers, and phone calls over the past several months. They really helped lift my mom's spirts during a tough time. Thanks again.

Thank you for your kind remarks and movie recommendations. Have a great week, Clay Nation!


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musicfan said...

Movie songs and Clay.........I can't wait until it really happens!!

Caro....this is a fun blog and I LOVE all the pictures.

Thank you for the time and creativity that you put into this!!

SueReu said...

I absolutely loved Clay Aiken singing BYLM, but the Orlando concert was so very special.

My favorite movies? I have odd taste ;-)

Bring it On
This is Spinal Tap
It's a Wonderful Life
Bringing Up Baby

and many many many more (I may have to come back and add more as I think if them)

Thanks Caro!!!!

jbc4clay said...

Clay Aiken's BYLM is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the wonderful photos and blog!

Ashes said...

Thanks Caro! I'll sure have to pay attention to the movies on my TV, I think I have seen the Jessica S. one listed, but didn't watch it. I will next time.

My favourite movies--many of them of the genre type. Tora Tora Tora is a fascinating movie that I've seen a few times.

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I jusy lurve Clay's 'Because You Love Me' ♥

CLM said...

Great blog Caro. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love if Clay would be in aything right about now ...:)...just miss his talents. (Singing the most)...enjoy the pics and videos allot. And you do a great job writing , Thank you! Donna in Wi.

T said...

My husband did a wedding montage for his brother & sister in-law and I recommended Clay's song, BYLM. My sister in-law was crying after watching the montage. Clay's rendition of this song is one of my fav. So beautiful!

Another great blog with the unforgettable video, photos, etc. You always bring the best Caro with your blogs. Thanks so much!

fgs said...

The Orlando version of BYLM was wonderful. I have never seen Clay do a concert and not recognize all the people involved right down to the stage crew. He's always been very generous in sharing the stage and spotlight with others--something rare at other concerts I've been to.

katy said...

I loved Clay Aiken singing Because You Loved Me especially in Orlando.

musicfan said...

I am such a romantic. For that reason, I love Something About Us.

And, my favorite movies??? Well, I love trashy romantic comedies!!

SueReu said...

I would love to hear more of Clay Aiken's music in movies!!!!

Did I mention how much I enjoy Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2????

clayam said...

I want to hear and see Clay Aiken in movies.

Anonymous said...

I remember how strict they were at this venue. They took cameras and even glowsticks from people as they went into the venue. The venue was no match for innovative Clay Aiken fans. We have video, pictures, and most fun of all was to look around and see glowsticks everywhere during BYLM!!

PaulaBear said...

BYLM was a highlight of Clay Aiken's tour. He definitely sang it to his fans every night on tour. It will be wonderful when Clay finally has an original song associated with a movie!

Anonymous said...

I love Clay Aiken's version of BYLM. ♥

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and love Clay Aiken's rendition of BYLM. It is one of my favorite songs sung by my favorite singer!

copingincalifornia said...

Clay Aiken sings that song so well. Thanks for all the pictures Caro!

Beanblossom said...

If ever there was a singer, who deserves to sing a song in a movie, it's Clay Aiken. I know it's going to happen - it has to.

Mr. TBWE said...

Vote for Clay Aiken on!
Clay is on page.
Vote up to 5 times a day to get him to the top…

Best Regards Ever,