Monday, June 28, 2010

Clay Aiken 'The View' Guest Co-Host

Home by Clay Aiken, montage by LovesClaysVoice
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'Home' Montage Replays Week

Clay Named July Guest Co-Host

Still basking in the abundance of audio and video clack from the previous week's Bringing Broadway Home and AOL/Popeater's multi-media A Day in the Life feature, inquisitive fans have discovered that Clay Aiken will fulfill a longtime goal as guest co-host for The View on Tuesday, July 13.

THE VIEW Tuesday, 7/13: Bret Michaels, Lisa Lillien, guest co-host Clay Aiken

Skilled super sleuths in the CA fandom located the news on a TV guide site. The co-hosting possibility, discussed in Clay's exit interview after his June 2 appearance on The View, is featured in the "Bring It On!" video further down.

Meanwhile, LovesClaysVoice and other montage makers have begun combining visuals with audio from the singer's "Broadway" benefit performance. Well-received at the NC Theatre benefit concert, "Home" provides a spectacular reprise of the week.

Click to enlarge Clay's photo by Diana Levine.

Diana Levine, New York photographer who took the incredible pictures of Clay for Popeater's A Day in the Life feature, has posted more in a blog at her site:

By Sunday, the 91 photos by toni7babe from the June 21 Raleigh event had brought views in her SmugMug account to 17k. BBH videos on her YouTube Channel are logging huge numbers, the most popular of which is Clay's performance of Those Magic Changes with 4,500+ hits.

Graphic artists have their own way of replaying performances. The clickable designs below are by Fountaindawg, 1 and 5; AmazingCA, 2 and 3; and cindilu2, 4. Photographers include toni7babe, BBH (1 and 2), and Diana Levine, A Day in the Life (3, 4, 5).

'Disney Promotes Phineas and Ferb'

The Disney Channel plans to give the offbeat 'Phineas and Ferb' cartoon the full marketing treatment with a full line of merchandise and a movie next summer.

In two seasons, Phineas and Ferb has emerged as the Disney Channel's first breakthrough original animated series, receiving top ratings from children and young teens.

Among the stars who have recently lent their voices to the show are Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, Seth MacFarlane, director Kevin Smith, and musicians Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan.

In a sign of its growing significance, "Phineas and Ferb" is getting the full Disney treatment as the company revs up its well-oiled franchise machine.

Soon it will uncork a full merchandise line, with 200 Phineas and Ferb-related items — including boxer shorts, skateboards and boxes of macaroni and cheese — headed to stores. A Disney Channel movie, "Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension," debuts next summer.

Entertainment President Gary Marsh believes that within 18 months, Phineas and Ferb will be one of the biggest properties the Disney Channel has ever had.

The complete article by Dawn C. Chmielewski of the LA Times can be read here.

BRING IT ON - Clay's reply nets guest co-host spot.

'The View' Heeds 'Bring It On!'

The June 2 exit interviews of best-selling author Brenda Carlise, on the The View to discuss her Lips Unsealed autobiography, and Clay, promoting the new Tried & True CD and July-August Timeless Tour with Ruben Studdard, are featured in the video above.

After giving the ABC show props for guests being able to talk about their topics and the show's incredible performance sets, Clay was asked about his desire to guest co-host. His "Bring It On!" reply was apparently noted!

Kai Enlists 'Family Feud' Helpers

In a PM about BBH clack I mentioned to Scarlett that grandson Kai is playing "Family Feud" on his Mom's Facebook page and receiving assistance from her childhood friends and even their mothers.

Within a few hours, the traveling "clack goddess" wrote back:

OMG, i just made the connection & realized that I used to view Kai's baby pictures - wow! time flies! I'll be a good, safe neighbor for him!

It'll be fun to play... (my kids and I used to play yahoo bridge while sitting across from each other on our own computers)... thanks! Looking forward to helping/playing!

I notice on Facebook that the adults are now friends and the stage is set for Kai, three months shy of 3, to receive a helping hand from a very special friend known throughout the Clay Nation.

Stay tuned; Grandma has definitely requested a photo of Kai playing the "Feud" and "Bejeweled" on the computer with his new friends!

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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Friday, June 25, 2010

Clay Aiken Fans Celebrate Clack

TRIED & TRUE - Graphic by cindilu2 incorporates a Flavia Weedn quote with visual from Clay Aiken's new 'Tried & True' Decca release. Photo by Vincent Soyez.

Mann, Aiken Fans Share BBH

Week Tenders Clack Overload

With new uploads of Bringing Broadway Home clack and Popeater's A Day in the Life of Clay Aiken multi-media feature, the past two days have provided a virtual visual feast for the Clay Nation.

Fans at mann_power, a LiveJournal blog dedicated to Terrence Mann, provided a link to Curtis Brown Photography where a slide show spotlights the five featured performers at Monday's NC Theatre benefit -- Clay, Terrence, Lauren Kennedy, Sharon Lawrence, and Quiana Parler.

Terry sings from Clay's lap at Bringing Broadway Home.

Interaction between the two fandoms has produced much sharing of "clack," even to the point that some Mann fans are contributing to Clack Unlimited.

There was much celebrating in the Mann blog when it was learned that Scarlett capped "Stars," one of their singer's songs. The fans are hoping she also captured "Where's the Girl," playfully sung by Mann from Clay's lap.

Popeater Follows Clay for a Day

The biggest news Thursday came when Clay Aiken - A Day in the Life, a feature story by Ashley lasimone, accompanied by video and and a 63-photo slide show by Diana Levine, hit Popeater's corner of the web.

It's the morning after Clay Aiken released his new album, 'Tried and True.' Backstage at 'The View,' the singer sits on a plush green sofa in his dressing room, surrounded by others but in his own world, eyes glues to his iPad as he waits for his call to set.

Aiken starts his day out in a solitary mode, but perks up when he and his crew mull over which cover he should choose for an upcoming DVD release.

A long day of 'Tried & True' promos begins for Clay.

In addition to the singer's appearance on The View, June 2 also included promo stops at ABC and CNN, concluding with an interview for Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf. For this episode, Clay traded in his coat and tie for a plaid shirt and suspenders.

The article provides insights into the long hours an artist puts into promotion, the down time on his iPad between interviews, and a lot of information about the T&T CD, as well as the July-August Timeless Tour with Ruben Studdard.

A Day in the Life video was edited by Tristan Waldrop. Double click on the photo below to view the video portion of the Popeater feature.

Clay chats with Cat Greenleaf on the Stoop.

Via Twitter, CA fans have passed along props for the incredible photos Diana Levine took of Singer Man. If she toured the countless message boards dedicated to Clay, she would be amazed at how many fans now have a Diana Levine avatar. You can check out her website here.

A Day in the Life is currently the third of nine stories on the AOL home page news slide.

Below are samples of the 63 photos. All are clickable, and some are larger than others. The first two are graphics by cindilu2 and the last two are wallpapers by Fountaindawg, all using Diana Levine photos. Enjoy!

Family Loses Special Lady

Thursday our family lost a very special lady. Josie Tomlinson, my mother's cousin, died from head injuries sustained in a car accident on Memorial Day. She is now at peace.

Josie, who taught Spanish in public schools and at Queen's College, began as children's librarian for Wilson County in 1962 and served as library director from 1971 until her retirement in 1985. She was an active volunteer in her church and the community.

Her mother, my Great Aunt Lill, was my mentor. She taught piano until age 96, and has been the subject of a couple of Carolina blogs: Aunt Lill's Potato Rolls and Musical Heritage Passed Down. Josie didn't inherit the family's musical strain, but she put her own gifts to good use. I was a school girl when she went to Bolivia to teach English.

She kept tabs on Clay's performance dates on TV. Many a morning I have received an email to be sure and watch him on The View or GMA. Josie always delighted in new photos of Kai, Lia, and her other "grand" cousins. She was 84, and, although sad about her loss, our family is glad she is at peace.

Ankle Takes Slight Turn

Knock on wood, but I believe my badly-sprained ankle, which the doc predicted would be "better in a week," maybe got the message on the 10th day. There is slightly less pain, but I am still sticking to the frozen corn-elevation routine.

In fact, the mother of Ora and Jeremy, violin and piano students taking makeup lessons today, brought the teacher some groceries and a new package of corn to replace the first batch, which has seen better days.

A note to all you Facebook users: watch out for grandson Kai. I understand our two-year-old (3 in September) loves playing "Bejeweled" and "Family Feud." So much so that one of his mother's friends commented on her wall that she must really love "the Feud"!

Below is a clickable of cindilu2's opening graphic:

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clay Aiken Brings Broadway Home

Clay Aiken helps bring Broadway home. - Graphic by Fountaindawg

Bringing Broadway Home

Clay Nation Celebrates Clack!

Ankle recuperation in the slow lane and a full teaching schedule Tuesday have me arriving late to Clay Aiken's performance at Bringing Broadway Home, benefit concert for NC Theatre in Raleigh Monday night.

If you read this blog, you are no doubt a Clay Aiken fan, have absorbed countless message board recaps, and are in the process of downloading all available clack.

Clay Cyberspace went into temporary stress mode when it was reported that Scarlett's luggage failed to arrive in Raleigh the same time she did. There was a collective sigh of relief when the report was amended that the "clack goddess" did, however, have her camera!

Donate to CU as Clack Downloads

Between Scarlett, toni7babe, deborah760, and others, the Clay Nation is basking in audio and video clack from Monday's performance. If you download at Clack Unlimited, be sure to make a donation or sign up for a subscription in support of the site's fund drive. BBH is under "Special Appearances."

Below is a double clickable of Monday's BBH program:

In addition to Clay, BBH performers included Lauren Kennedy, Terrence Mann, Sharon Lawrence, and Quiana Parler.

The Terrence Mann fans have discovered Clack Unlimited, and this LiveJournal blog --
Bringing Broadway Home - OMG Yay! -- provides an excellent recap of the evening.

Toni has uploaded some of her video to her YouTube Channel. Don't miss "Those Magic Changes" and "Home." Her photos will eventually be stored in the BBH album of her SmugMug account, so bookmark this link.

For the record, Scarlett's luggage arrived at the hotel at 1:30 a.m. Monday. Many thnx to all all who shared the concert with the thousands of fans who could not attend.

'Moments' Montage Fuses Past, Present

One of my favorite videos from the Broadway performance is the "Moments" montage by Fountaindawg in which she incorporated audio pieces from the 1997 "Pieces of Gold," Wake County talent showcase in which Clay received accolades his "This Is the Moment" performance; the Durham Herald-Sun review of the show; an "early Clay" clip from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2004; plus Toni's video of Clay singing the song at Monday's benefit concert.

There is probably no better gauge of Clay's performance at the Broadway benefit concert than these random tweets:

I don't care what you think of Clay Aiken's sexuality, he can sing his face off in Showtunes!! Damn. He stood his own against Tony winners!

Oh My God. I know I'm annoying with this stuff, but Clay Aiken was AMAZING!!!! Saw Bringing Broadway Home.

I wasn't a Clay Aiken fan until tonight. But, I heard him sing live, and he truly has #thevoice.

Below are clickables of Fountaindawg's BBH graphics with photos by toni7babe:

Clay Aiken Ready for Tour, Idol

Gary Graff's Billboard article (June 23) features the Tried & True CD, the PBS Special, the Timeless Tour with Ruben Studdard, and Clay's notion that he would be the best replacement for departing judge Simon Cowell.

American Idol's" second season runner-up Clay Aiken has his own idea of what the show should do to replace departing judge Simon Cowell. [snip]

Aiken, however, has plenty of singing to do before having that discussion. The North Carolina-based singer released his fifth album, "Tried & True," on June 1; the collection of pop standards -- including "Unchained Melody," "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," "Misty," "Mack The Knife" and "Moon River" (with Vince Gill) -- marks his first release away from the "American Idol" enclave of 19 Recordings and Sony Music (he's now with Decca), and Aiken feels it shows the measure of the man better than his previous releases.

To read the complete story, see Clay Aiken Ready for Tour, Would Return to 'Idol' as Judge at Billboard.

First Day Back an Adjustment

Keeping an injured ankle elevated and walking gingerly through the house for the bare necessities is a whole lot different from the way I spent my first day back teaching six violin and piano lessons on Tuesday.

No matter how careful I was leaning over the tub to wash my hair, I thoroughly soaked my dress and the all-important ankle wrap. Fortunately, three hours later, the wrap was dry when I stuffed my enlarged left foot into a tennis shoe for the 30-minute drive to teach six students.

Earlier I had pared down the books, student info sheets, etc., that I carry into the academy. Since the ankle sprain, I do most of my carrying by pushing all in the seat of a wheelchair. Walking to the car wasn't so bad, and I took along my late mother's cane for support.

Dr. Mike Jarrett, head of the Wesleyan Studios, couldn't have been more accommodating. First, he unlocked a side door, greatly shortening the walk to my room. He even produced an abandoned wheel chair, so I loaded my music bags and followed routine.

WV Grandmother a Clay Fan

During the two violin lessons, I accompanied students at the piano and could not prop up my ankle. Dr. Jarrett supplied several variations for me to try during the piano lessons, and a drum case worked really well as a footstool.

When my fourth student (Jay) arrived with his grandmother, I learned that she is from Morgantown, WV, and a Clay Aiken fan from way back. We talked briefly about the new "Tried & True" CD, the upcoming PBS Special, and a good friend, xxx4clay, who shared the West Virginian's love for Clay and the Moutaineers until her untimely death last summer.

After six hours, my ankle and knee were screaming for frozen corn and elevation. Recovery came slowly, but I am finally back in my groove. Next Tuesday is six days way, and I hope to be in a faster lane by then.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Clay Aiken Fans Honor Special Dads

FATHER'S DAY -- In this graphic design, cindilu2 included the words to a "Baby of Mine," as lullaby Clay sang to his son Parker on Good Morning, America almost two years ago.

Second Dad's Day for Clay!

Clay Nation Celebrates Fathers

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad. - Anne Geddes

Happy Father's Day to Clay Aiken and to all dads everywhere, those still with us and those who live in our hearts!

As high profile parents, Clay and Jaymes Foster keep their son Parker out of the limelight; so the few published photos of the 22-month-old are more than a year old.

Below are clickables of graphics by Fountaindawg, 1, 3, 4, and the opening "Baby of Mine" design by cindilu2, 2.

Long before the birth of his son, Clay Aiken's love for children and advocacy on their behalf played a major role in his life. In 2003, he and Diane Bubel co-founded the National Inclusion Project providing opportunities for children with and without disabilities to participate in community activities while raising public consciousness about the needs and benefits of inclusion.

In 2004, Clay became a UNICEF Ambassador committed to supporting health and educational programs benefiting children around the world. On behalf of UNICEF, he has visited Indonesia, northern Uganda, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Mexico.

The singer's advocacy for children is provided in this pictorial interlude. Included are graphics by Claystruck, 1; AmazingCA, 2 and 5; UNICEF photo, 3; and ClaysTouch, 4.

In today's Clay Aiken News Network edition, SueReu quoted Clarence Budington Kelland in describing Parker's father:

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it. - Clarence Budington Kelland

In so many ways, this quote also applies to the three special fathers in my life -- my dad, my father-in-law, and the father of our daughter. This blog pays homage to our family's Three Father Lions, whose narratives were shared here in 2007 and 2008.

Clickable by Sally

Wishing the Father Lions of your life a very memorable celebration. Have a very special weekend, Clay Nation!


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Friday, June 18, 2010

Clay Aiken Makes Interview Rounds

BRINGING BROADWAY HOME - Clay Aiken stopped by WRAL to promote Monday's benefit concert for the NC Theatre. Screen cap by Cotton links to the video at WRAL.

In WRAL, Insider Interviews

Clay Promotes Benefit, Album

With my bum ankle, I would have had a hard time keeping up with Clay Aiken Thursday as he made the interview rounds on television talking about Monday's NC Theatre benefit concert "Bringing Broadway Home," his new Tried & True CD, PBS Special, upcoming tour, and the changes in his life.

A click of the screen cap links to the WRAL video interview, which works great for those of us with ailing ankles.

While in the studios, Clay signed several autographs, one for the mother of a WRAL staffer who revealed a special story in his blog, A Clay Aiken Autograph Four Years in the Making.

Bringing Broadway Home
Clickable poster

Mix 101.5 has posted a podcast of the Bill and Lynda in the Morning Show on the WRAL website. Download Clay's portion of the show with this mp3 Sendspace file. From stubble, the topic shifted back to Clay's beard and preparations for his UNICEF Afghanistan trip.

Below are clickables of three WRAL screen caps by Cotton:

Later, in an interview with the The Insider, Clay talked about the his new Decca release, the PBS Special taped in his hometown, and fatherhood. To view the interview, click on Queen's screen cap below:

Screen cap by Queen links to Clay's interview on The Insider.

Below are other clickable caps by Queen from The Insider interview:

T&T Album Kindles NJU Stories

CA fans continue to share Not.Just.Us stories from family, friends, and associates excited about the new Tried & True CD, as well as the singer's appearances on TV. Here are a couple:

LADYD: I sometimes talk music with a guy I know through the VFW. He always tells me how he hates the type of music that's out there today, so I decided to gift him with a copy of Tried & True. I told him to give it a listen and let me know what he thinks of it. He said he would listen and return it to me. I told him that it was a gift and I didn't want it back.
He looked at me like I had grown two heads for giving him a new unopened CD. When his shock wore off, he thanked me and told me he'd let me know.

Yesterday he told me that he loves the CD and has been playing it non-stop in his car since I gave it to him. Because his young granddaughter was with him, rock music was playing; but he said as soon as he took her home, he'd be listening to Clay again.

janfan821: I always buy a copy of Clay's CD for my older brother, who is an attorney. He's always supported my love of Clay and his music as I have supported his hobby of astronomy. He also watches PBS faithfully and was very impressed when I told him Clay will have a special in August.

On Monday, I dropped by his office to deliver the CD. He was in court; so I left it with his receptionist to give to him. She looked at the cover and said, "We don't see much of him anymore." She then told me her friend had seen him on one of the morning TV shows and called her to let her know.

When I got to my car, it hit me. Her friend called her so she could tune in to see Clay? A fan!

A couple of hours later, my brother emailed me to thank me for the CD and said his receptionist told him she was trying to figure out ways to tear off the wrapper and look inside without him noticing.

Later that afternoon, my brother emailed again to tell me how much fun the CD is and that Clay is "wailing away" in his office. He again mentioned his receptionist's reaction.

The next morning I took the receptionist a CD (the only remaining one at our Target). I thought the woman was going to cry. She apparently was a huge fan after AI, and she and her friend went to some concerts, but she had drifted away over the years. Let's just say her "fan-girlyness" has been revived.

She asked me if she could pay me for the CD and I told her to buy one for her Clay-loving friend. I have a feeling she'll be doing just that!

American Idol News Spotlights CD, Tour

In a new article Friday, American Idol News is touting Clay Aiken: Tried, True, and Timeless. Besides listing the Deluxe CD tracks, the story also includes the Timeless Tour dates.
Clay Aiken recently released his fifth full length studio album, Tried & True.

The album includes classic songs performed by the Season 2 runner-up. In an interview about the album, Clay said Tried & True “is special to me simply because these are songs that everyone recognize. [snip]

This summer, Clay will tour the nation with his Season 2 pal, American Idol Ruben Studdard, on "The Timeless Tour." [snip]

But first, Clay will perform solo at the Progress Energy Center at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in his hometown of Raleigh, NC on June 21.

Sprain Yields Rainbow of Colors

Thank you for your good wishes for a speedy recovery from Tuesday's bathtub disaster. I am learning that coming back from a sprained ankle is slow, and I am a walking (somewhat) testament to the multiple shades of blue and purple on the color chart. Two of my favorite colors, at least!

New muscles join the "hurt" column daily, but I probably employed many that aren't normally required for writing a blog or teaching music lessons. My piano/violin students are supposedly practicing with plans to regroup next week.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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