Thursday, June 03, 2010

Clay Aiken's UM a Hot Topic

Clay Aiken sings 'Unchained Melody' on The View.
Watch on YouTube Download: UM Performance
Download: Interview and UM Performance

'Classy Key Change Slide'

Clay Aiken Adds Signature to UM

The Clay Nation aside, everybody everywhere seems to be talking, texting, tweeting about Clay Aiken's performance of "Unchained Melody" on 'The View' Wednesday.

Even the Examiner weighed in with props about the singer's "vocal skillz" in this treasure of a track from the new Tried & True Decca release which dropped Tuesday:

Today on The View, the ladies welcomed former American Idol star Clay Aiken on the show. He spoke with the hostesses and seemed to be continuing down the road of his career as a music artist.

After coming back from a commerical break, Clay Aiken performed the classic "Unchained Melody" for the audience, who swooned at his awesome vocal skillz.

Mosaic by LovesClaysVoice

I particularly like a musician's compliment on Ben Cohn's Facebook page about his orchestration and arrangement for the song:

Loving watching you on The View right now! Fantastic arrangement - did you do it? Really nice between the classical piano, the gorgeous strings, and then the almost military cadence from the drums.

Then the Sam Harris'esque (but so much classier) slide on the key change! Loved it.

Clay nails 'The Note' in UM performance. (Dancermom2 cap)

UM Feedback Proves Phenomenal

Clay's performance of "Unchained Melody" has easily been the hottest topic in town and not just on the message boards. Fans received amazing feedback from family, friends, and associates all day long.

The impact of Clay's beautiful rendition was also measured at Amazon and other venues selling T&T as the album climbed charts throughout the day. Clickable screencaps below are by Dancermom2, gerwhisp, and Cotton.

Here is a sampling of the water cooler moments Clay's performance set in motion:

K4Clay2: Just got a phone call from my "non-Clay fan" friend in Ohio. As soon as I answered the phone, she said "That was AWESOME!" She went on to say she had just seen Clay on "The View" and was completely captivated.

She said she had never heard him sing like that before and that he is gorgeous too! She was on her way out to look for his new CD. Another one bites the dust.

Tweet: Still the BEST, most crisp, lush voice out there. Just downloaded the new Clay Aiken album after listening to him on The View. Missed U, Clay!

me_myb: My adult kids don't follow Clay except for me. They enable me but really don't listen to him or care. But the most exciting thing just happened to me. My daughter texted me that she saw Clay on "The View." ("He did an awesome job! I taped it even!") This is huge!

brensmemaw: Last night I stopped at Barnes & Noble and bought one of their deluxe T&T CD's. I have two coming, but I just couldn't wait. After listening and watching, I took it to my hairdresser today. He loves Clay, and he and his partner are going with me to the Timeless Tour Concert in Biloxi.

He looked at the CD and said, "Oh, my favorite song in all the world - Unchained Melody!" I told him that he wouldn't believe Clay's version of it.

He immediately put it on the shop sound system and we listened to it. He couldn't believe it, and it was still playing when I left the shop.

neelie: Just got a text from my neighbor and best gal pal: "Saw your BF on The View this morning. He sang one of my faves, very well, too!

Promo Performance Raises Roof

snarkystripes: Yet ANOTHER co-worker is now listening to TNT on my iPod. She's listening to "Misty," and her head is now officially on her desk. Another one bites the dust.

shyeyewitness: I had a phone call last night from one of my customers that Clay was going to be on Joy Behar's Show, then one this morning from a different customer telling me he was on The View. Yesterday the husband of one of my customers told her, "Your hair stylist's boyfriend is on GMA."

cablegirl: Right after The View performance I had a business call so I couldn't post much more than "WOW!" While I was on the call, my cell phone rang and the caller left a message, which I retrieved when I was done.

The message was from my MIL, who has never said much about Clay. She is a country fan but always thought Clay was a nice guy.

She left me a message in tears telling me how beautiful UM was and how music had not moved her like that in a very long time and could I get her a copy of the CD.

I called her, and she cried again, saying, "Your boy is really good; I just never realized how good he is." I promised her I'd find her the CD as soon as possible.

Tweet: OMG!!! Clay Aiken on THE VIEW singing "Unchained Melody," and all the girls in my family are passing out on the floor. He's incredible!!!!!

joanie: I hope ABC called someone to repair the roof that was blown off this morning!

Buzz Sends 'T&T' Up Charts

Having spent 33 days in Amazon's Top 100, Tried & True (Deluxe) is currently #5 in Bestsellers in Pop, #1 in Vocal Pop, and #1 in Broadway & Vocalists. When this blog uploaded, the standard T&T CD was charting in the three categories at #14, #2, and #4, respectively.

Their stock depleted, brick and mortar stores are reportedly re-ordering CD's. Below are links to other ABC videos surround the Clay's visit at The View:

Clay Aiken 'Tried and True' (What's the Buzz, ABC, 6/2)
Clay and His iPad (Before The View, ABC, 6/2)

The View Exit Interviews (ABC, 6/2)

The promo train continues as Clay touts the Tried & True album and the Timeless Tour on various news broadcasts. The interview at Good Day Atlanta from WAGAFox - Clay Aiken Releases Fifth Studio Album - is followed by links to several others that occurred via satellite Thursday.

Clay Talks About CD, Tour Via Satellite

Fox31 Denver (scroll down)

KWGN Denver

Artisan News on YouTube


Fox59 Indianapolis

Fox40 Sacramento

June 5 Clay will appear on The Early Show Saturday Morning (CBS).

Happy Birthday to my Sis and good friend/former editor Paula! Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!



MissSally said...

With the incredible UM, Clay, seems to be the main "water cooler" subject once again. The timing reminds me of how he stole the AI5 finale. Choosing this song for "The View" was brilliant!

Lisa said...

Great blog as always! That UM was something you don't hear everyday! I love the control Clay has in his voice. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

UM is just awesome, and Clay was so handsome on the View. I am so excited for him, he deserves a huge succes with this CD. and it looks like he is going to get it.

Loved your blog and all the comments from everybody.
Hugs Margaret

LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, I am on clack overload! My head is spinning! But, I love it! I loved Clay on GMA and The View. UM was AMAZING!!!! No one sings like that man. NO ONE!!!

SueReu said...

Thanks Caro!! Yesterday was quite the day in the Clay Nation LOL!!

Now, I really must study, really....

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, enjoyed the news video, didn't see that one and loved UM , U do a awesome job and I thank U! Clay seems so relaxed and confident. I am happy for him and wish him the best! Sure enjoy seeing him out and about now!!Donna in Wi.

katy said...

Clay's performance of Unchained Melody on The View this week was spellbinding. He can certainly interpret music.

claysweetea said...

What a brilliant move for Clay to sing UM on The View! What control this man has. He is so confident and relaxed. He sang the heck out of Unchained Melody. Bring the Summer of Clay on!

lulu said...

These videos are so fun for us to have and others can see Clay Aiken's wit and intelligence.

sbleu said...

This media tour on tv is great to show people what Clay Aiken is doing and doing it better than ever, singing and performing.

katy said...

Unchained Melody and Clay Aiken = perfection.

musicfan said...

Caro....This is always a wonderful place to visit. Your blog always makes me feel good!!!

It is wonderful to read all the positive comments from all over the world. Thank you for putting them all in one place.

This has been a wonderful week! Thanks for all you have done for Clay and his fans!

MAE said...

Beautiful rendition!! Great blog!! Love Clay always!! Everything he does is pure gold!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Loved that performance of UM. It gives me the chills and brings a tear to my eye because it is so beautiful. I saw how his numbers kept going up on Amazon after the show. He is once more the talk of the town.

Anonymous said...

UM is always an ok song for me, not that special. But when I watched Clay sang UM, I almost's sooooooo beautiful..soooo into my heart. My friend who always tease me about my dedication to Clay Aiken can not say other than WOW when I showed him. But I have to wait & be really2 patient until Amazon delivered my CD & DVD in Aug :(.
***Puteri, Jakarta, Indonesia

MAE said...

Absolute perfection!! So beautiful, Clay and UM!! Great blog!! Thanks!!