Saturday, June 05, 2010

Clay Aiken Previews T&T on CBS

Clay awakens weekenders on CBS Early Show Saturday.
Wallpapaer by Fountaindawg

Digital Age Saves Weekend Recap

Aiken's Album Reprises Classics

Guess who missed Clay Aiken's weekend appearance on both the Backstage Live stream and the televised performance on the CBS Saturday morning Early Show!

Definitely my fault with the online mix-up, but my local CBS station doesn't carry the national feed of the Saturday morning Early Show. Faithfully, I watched and taped what turned out to be two solid hours of local news and weather.

A video of Clay's Backstage Live interview with Shira Lazar, which also began at 7 a.m., is now online at CBS. They discussed Clay's new Decca CD release, his iPad, American Idol, UNICEF, and the July-August Timeless Tour with Ruben Studdard.

A/C Problems Hit Carolina Recap

Unfortunately, I don't need weather analysts to tell me it's HOT! My A/C is barely running, needs coolant, and won't be fixed until early Tuesday morning. With outdoor temps predicted to hit 90 degrees Saturday and Sunday, a large box fan and I will be best buds all weekend long -- a scorching reminder of my non A/C childhood in the humid South.

Saturday morning Amazon posted the deluxe album video of Clay discussing the making of Tried & True. It's very possible the online vendor is experiencing a bit of a heat wave, too.

Meanwhile, between the Digital Age, dancermom2, and Fountaindawg, the Carolina blog's report about Clay Aiken's latest promo performance came together. This blog's three videos have been merged on YouTube.

"There's a Kind of Hush" accompanied the promo leading into Clay's intro:

During the singer's introduction, you can hear "Mack the Knife" in the background. The main video also includes the shortened version of "Unchained Melody" and interview:

'Tried & True' a Homecoming for Clay

The CBS website is also featuring an excellent article by Melissa Castellanos about the singer and the Tried & True CD: Clay Aiken Album Like a Homecoming:
When "American Idol" season two favorite Clay Aiken belted out his touching 2003 rendition of Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," he won over the hearts of millions.

Now, seven years later, he's built his own bridge of success as a platinum-selling artist, Broadway actor, author and, more recently, a dad.

The down-to-earth, Raleigh, N.C. native just released his fifth studio album, "Tried and True," featuring classics from the '50s and '60s.

"It seems like a little bit of a departure from the last four albums I've made to some extent, but in truth, it's really more of a homecoming in a way, because it's really what I have always wanted to do," Aiken told

Aiken points out that the classics had more emphasis on the melody, lyrics and orchestration when compared to contemporary songs heard on the radio today.

"They are standards because they did set the standard for what's really excellent," he added.

Aiken stopped by "The Early Show on Saturday Morning"'s "Second Cup Cafe" to perform his version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" and "Mack the Knife."

Clay & Company accompanied CBS off the air with "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You":

So did Singerman sell some CD's this Saturday? At Clayversity, Rainlover posted the following:

A friend -- not a Clay fan -- just called. She hadn't seen GMA or The View, as she works Monday through Friday. She saw Clay on The Early Show this morning and loved it.

She said she is going to Borders today to get two copies of the CD, one for herself and one for her sister. And another one bites the dust!

Classic, Traditional Pop Suits Aiken

If you haven't read Napster's review of Tried & True, Clay's fifth studio album, be sure to check out the link. Here is a portion of the article:

Of course there are some jumping big-band arrangements like "Mack the Knife" that swing convincingly, but Aiken's at his best when wrapping himself in a tender ballad and making it his own, as with "It's Impossible" (again, once a big hit for Perry Como—see where he's going with this?), "Unchained Melody," or "Moon River."

It may seem a little early in Aiken's career for an album of standards, considering how others from Linda Ronstadt to Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow have played it, but this move to classic, traditional pop (complete with '60s-style album art) really suits him.

And more important, it works.

Below are clickables of the opening graphic by Fountaindawg and the Saturday Morning Show screen caps by dancermom2:

Before I uploaded this blog at the new Clay Aiken fan club website, I decided I'd better check my mailbox. BEDANG if the temps in my house haven't fired up the ole thermostat because ...


Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation. And, Lawd Jesus, please send some cool air this way, LOL!



SueReu said...

Clay looked great and sounded wonderful (if not a tad bit tired).

Can't wait until next week!! We already have one appearance (which should be interesting, to say the least).

Hope you can stay cool! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

What an exciting time in Clay Land....I'm so happy you included the likes to the Morning Show from this morning, I missed it!! Great interview, poor Clay must be exausted from his very busy week.

Oh My Goodness, no air conditioning! Poor is very Hot & Humid here also, thank goodness my air is working. I did not grow up with air conditioning, but I sure have gotten spoiled.

Thank You again for anothe AWESOME blog.

Try and keep cool....tuesday is coming.

Big Hugs,

claysweetea said...

Stay in front of your fan all weekend and spritz yourself with water. Good luck waiting for the A.C. guy!

Clay sounded fantastic and looked great as usual. Only his observant fans would have noticed he might have been under the weather.

Thanks for all the details since Ive missed a lot the past couple days.

Anonymous said...

He sure can sing, and so early in the mornin'...gotta love that! Clay has been busy and hope he continues to charm Us. I am happy he is out and about,up early and all doing singing all over the place! His album is fantastic! Kinda like the guy ! Thanks for the nice blog, love that even when U r suffering, hot, U come through for US !!!Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know why I read the boards when I can just come here and catch up on almost everything that transpires in Clayland.

I loved the outfit Clay wore for TES today. The jeans fit him quite well. Yes, they did...they surely did...

Where was I?...Oh,and the tie, jacket, and shirt complimented his coloring to a T. Love the longer hair and the stubble.Did I mention the shoulders?

And he sang, too!!!

Sorry about the AC not working...just be careful you don't get heatstroke watching all of these hawt Clay vids, Caro.


ImGranny said...

It amazes me how Clay Aiken can sound so good early in the morning. He HAS to be tired from all the flurry of activity lately. We know of some of the things going on right now, but I'm sure there is plenty going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. This is an exciting time and I hope many, many people discover the beauty of his voice on this album.

katy said...

Loved seeing Clay even this early in the morning. He sounded great and I'm liking the beard.

lulu said...

Sorry your AC is out..not good. Love that you are putting up all the videos. You work so hard for Clay!

Sandy said...

I had a date with my sisters yesterday and left early by train to Montreal for a day of shopping, so missed "The Early Show". I wasn't worried as I knew I could find all the news that I missed right here and was not disappointed. Thanks so very much for these clips. Clay sure sounded wonderful despite the "early" hours of the morning. I love hearing him talk of his friendship with Ruben, and the more he does, the more I am looking forward to seeing them together. Clay has never let his fans down when it comes to his concerts and I have a feeling he has lots of ideas up his sleeve on how he wants this concert to be. We could be in for some real surprises!

Have a wonderful Sunday! I am blowing some of our cool weather we are having down your way! Hope you are feeling it!


gerra said...

This has been the exciting week I remember in a long time. I've been listening to Clay's CD almost nonstop, and to read all the positive feedback is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

My daughter, son and daughter-in-law were visiting yesterday. They usually make fun of Clay and how I'm so crazy about him. I decided to force them to watch Clay's U.M. from the view. They were quiet through the whole thing, no funny remarks. After, my daughter said she would love to go to a Clay concert with me, if I'd ask her. I think they were stunned by the performance. This is big for me. Lois

MissSally said...

I'm really enjoying these reviews; Melissa Castellanos, Napster, USA Today, etc.. When Clay sings the songs he's most comfortable with, the even the critics sit up and take notice - finally!!!

Sending cold, icy thoughts my friend.

T said...

Hi Caro,

Anything I missed out, I'll surely catch-up from your blog. It's great to see Clay's latest TV appearance. He sounded great and love this album.

The opening graphic is beautiful and love seeing Clay's various expressions. I also enjoyed reading the reviews also.

Thanks so much for another outstanding blog. It's always a delight coming here.

Have a nice week. Cheers!