Monday, June 07, 2010

Clay Aiken 'Spin' Interview Tops

TRIED & TRUE: In this design, SueReu incorporated images
from the album's liner pages . Photos by Vincent Soyez.

Three T&T Songs on Radio!

Aiken, Flick Discuss Album, Life

Since Sunday afternoon, chatter around the Clay Nation has focused on Clay Aiken's in-depth interview with veteran Billboard editor/pop culture commentator Larry Flick, host of Feel the Spin Show on SIRIUS XM Radio.

The popular show, which airs on Sundays from 2-4 pm., features music from the current pop scene to the classics. The 45-minute segment with Clay began with the "Unchained Melody" track from his new Tried & True CD and quickly became the consensus "best interview ever" among his fans.

From album talk -- Clay's new home with Decca Records, producer David Novik, track selections, the recording of 15 songs in Germany in three days -- the discussion turned to Clay's personal life and the path he has traveled.

Fans Upload Interview to iPods

If you haven't already listened to the SIRIUS interview, download it with this Sendspace file. Some fans even have it on the iPods.

On the show, Larry, a former senior talent editor with Billboard, played three complete songs from T&T: "Unchained Melody, "What Kind of Fool Am I," and "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You."

Fan feedback has been phenomenal, surprising the host, who, according to several Tweets, was swamped with appreciative messages from Clay Aiken fans. Here is one of the tweets:

I am blown away by the love I've been shown by Clay Aiken fans. I've gotten hundreds of kind letters after yesterday's interview on Spin.

To email the 'Spin' host at SIRIUS, use Larry Flick.

Clay Aiken

'Spin' Session Still a Hot Topic

Monday morning the interview was still the hottest topic around Clay Cyberspace. BelieveInHim shared her thoughts about the singer, the seven-year journey, and Sunday's interview in a post at the Clay Aiken Fans site. With her permission, here is a reprint:

Is there anywhere you would rather be? Is there anywhere else you could be? I know the answer to that.

Truly, from the moment I heard the first note out of his mouth, it was a compulsion. Not, I think, in a bad, weirdo stalker sort of way. But a need to hear that voice, have it in my day to day. It was like a drug, a soothing one. It elicited feelings and manipulated my senses.

And once I discovered more of this remarkable man, I was in awe. Of not only his talent but his wit and wisdom, his strength of character, his strength of conviction. So much to admire and so much to keep me here loving him unconditionally. I'm still compelled to follow, still happy that I discovered this man that, for me, is magic.

This latest interview gave us even more of a glimpse into Clay Aiken, and it makes me even prouder to be a fan. He was relaxed and confident, open and extremely candid. One of his best ever and I thank Larry Flick for being so genuinely respectful and happy to have the chance to talk to Clay. He is a wonderful interviewer, and I hope Clay will visit his show again sometime in the future.

I'm kind of proud of all of us who stuck by Clay as well. It hasn't been fun and games every day and sometimes there were long stretches where it was downright depressing dealing with all the crap not only thrown at Clay but at us as well.

But really, where else would we rather have been? It's all been so worth it! Boy has it ever!!!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Premiere week graphics from Clay's Tried & True appearance at GMA, The View, and the Early Show, as well as designs of the CD cover, are featured in this interlude. They include Fountaindawg, 1, 3, 5; SueReu, 2; and AmazingCA, 4.

Clay Aiken: Old Songs, New Life

Making the media rounds is an excellent article about Clay by AP writer Martha Waggoner, Clay Aiken Finds Comfort in Old Songs, New Life. You may have already seen it at Yahoo, a newspaper website, or on Facebook. If not, it's definitely worth the read!

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) ― For Clay Aiken, life now is about being comfortable, from the songs he sings to the life he lives.

Aiken's CD "Tried and True," released last week, is a collection of 13 songs from the 1950s and 1960s, all of which predate the 31-year-old Aiken. But Aiken feels intimately familiar with the music that he heard as a child, while riding in the car with his mother.

The songs, including "Mack the Knife," ''Unchained Melody" and "Moon River," are not merely standards, but songs Aiken wants to sing live. And since many singers make their bread and butter from touring these days, Aiken says he never wants to record another song that he won't perform live in concert.

"There are certain songs I've recorded that I've never sung since the studio," says Aiken, who starts a tour in July with good friend Ruben Studdard, to whom he came in second on "American Idol" in 2003. "So every song on this album is a song that I enjoy singing and love doing live." [snip]

His newly redesigned Website still has promotions for his favorite projects — UNICEF and The Inclusion Project. But now it also includes GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which focuses on safe schools for all students.

The entire article can be read at this link.

Clay Aiken: Tried & True Live! cover design
Double clickable enhanced by cindilu2


TUESDAY, JUNE 8: Chelsey Lately on E! 11 p.m. EDT
* Clay Aiken is here, seriously, with his new CD Tried and True. Comedians Ben Gleib, Loni Love, and Gary Valentine also guest.

THURSDAY, JUNE 10: Canada AM (check local listings)
* Canada AM cathes up with American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken in New York.
See canadaam.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12: WTTW-Chicago PBS, 7 p.m. CDT
* Preview of Clay Aiken Tried & True Live! at Chicago PBS station ONLY.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21: Bringing Broadway Home, 8 p.m.
* One Night Only, Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Ticket Info

July 27: Release of Clay Aiken: Tried & True Live! DVD
* Pre-order at Amazon now.

Summer music lessons begin Tuesday, and the teacher sure hopes there's some practicing going on in the Triad. Meanwhile, A/C relief arrived Monday afternoon!

Sly Kai Emails Grandma

Grandson Kai, who will be 3 in September, sent me an email Monday night; but he didn't type a thing. Everyone else was otherwise occupied, so he REPLIED to his sister's Jacquie Lawson birthday card.

I thought it was strange that there was no message, so I dialed the phone number to see what was up. Sure enough, his mother was feeding Lia and didn't even know he was on the computer!

Kai knows how to log into the sites of his favorite kiddie shows. Now to get him to press some keys when he "writes" to Grandma, LOL!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



SueReu said...

Best Clay Aiken interview EVER!!! So much time taken on his music and then the intelligent, thoughtful discussion about his path to self realization, dealing with his family, and finally coming out to the public. Clay Aiken is, and always has been, an articulate, funny, caring man. I believe Clay's journey led him to Larry Flick, who, with his intelligence, understanding and professionalism, set the stage for Clay to be candid and open. Thank you so much Larry!

(and, speaking strictly on a superficial level, Clay looks GORGEOUS in all the blends!!)

gerra said...

Great blog, as always. The Spin interview was one of the best Clay has ever given, and a real treat to listen to. The AP article was also really nice.

Love the photo interludes you have on your blogs. Thanks to everyone who makes them possible.

Believeinhim,, excellent post!

anaturegirl said...

Larry Flick's interview with Clay Aiken was wonderful Clay sounded so relaxed and happy. And we were given a bit more insight into Clay's life. Thanks for the download.

This Cd has really given him so much joy and it seems like he is really enjoying himself on T&T promos.

Cindy said...

Ahhhh, it's good to be a Clay Aiken fan!

On a shallow note, I would kiss the feet of anyone who could get me a hi-res version of the background photo in the opening graphic. By far my favorite of the CD booklet.

I wants it! Preciousss!

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog Caro!
Thanks so much for the sendspace link!!! Downloading now, and I can't wait to give it a listen.

I LOVE the blends! All are very beautiful, but SueRue's just made my day since I haven't received my cd yet lol Very nice!
Ohhhh and I can completely relate to BelieveInHim's comments...I need to hear that voice too ♥
I'm really enjoying all the excitement in Clayland :)
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I'm with SueReu "Best Clay Aiken interview EVER!!!" I would have loved to Peek at Parker's photo!

All the photos and blends are awesome.

Thank You for another WONDERFUL Blog.

Big Hugs.

T said...

Caro, another terrific blog. That interview with Larry Flick was one of the best for me. Clay was so candid and gave me a better perspective of why I really admire him.

All the photos and graphics are beautiful. I've also enjoyed reading the post from Believeinhim. That was great!

Thanks so much for bringing all the excitement in your blog. It's wonderful! Cheers and have a nice week.



ImGranny said...

That was a fantastic Clay Aiken interview with Larry Flick. Love all the photos too. Clay sure seems to be in a happy place and that makes me very happy for him!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Larry Flick interview.

Love the DVD cover!

Love what BelievInHim said in her essay.

Love that the PBS special preview airing is coming soon!

Love the amazing graphics from our talented fans.

This comment brought to you by the word "love."


MissSally said...

Clay's was relaxed, open, honest and funny during Larry Flick's interview. I think AP writer, Martha Waggoner, said it very well, "For Clay Aiken, life now is about being comfortable, from the songs he sings to the life he lives".

Clay is singing the songs he wants to sing, and living the life he chooses; that contentment is reflected in every new interview and performance. It's so nice to see him comfortable in his own skin.

katy said...

Everything about the interview with Larry and Clay Aiken was excellent. Larry is skilled and was kind. Clay is funny, endearing and gave insight into his life and tribulations

musicfan said...

Caro.......another great blog. Thank you!!

It is so much fun reading and hearing all the Clay interviews. He is an amazing man and super talented.

I can't even count how many times I have listened to Tried & True.

Again. thanks for putting so much in one place for us to enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
Never wavered in my support for this wonderful man with his tremendous talent!! He never ceases to amaze me, from the new wonder music to the sirius interview. He's witty, talented and I will ALWAYS remain a fan. Thanks for putting all info in easy place to find. Also insite to your life. Hugs Claymategrandma

Anonymous said...

I am thinkning it won't be long and gma is gonna get real important emails! :) So cute!!! As far as the Caly interview, it was something different at least ,instead of the same answers to the same questions for sure! I wish Clay well, in all he does and sings! Thanks for the blog! Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I'm Back!!!

I llove the Kai story. sooooo cute!

It will not be long that he will be e-mailing Grandma lots of cute little notes. So true, Joan would have loved this story, and probably thought up a cute little blend to go along with it.

Re reading your blog, I garee with MissSally.....I think AP writer, Martha Waggoner, said it very well, "For Clay Aiken, life now is about being comfortable, from the songs he sings to the life he lives".

Have a great week and Thank You for sharing your Kai story.


barb 55 said...

Wonderful blog, Caro! I don't think I have ever heard Clay in an interview in which he was as relaxed as he was in this one. He spoke from his heart and was charming during his talk with Larry Flick. It was neat how Larry said he could talk to Clay for hours. He sure seemed to have a good time during the interview.

Believeinhim wrote an great post. Thanks for sharing it with us, as well as the lovely photos and graphics.

What a cute story about Kai! I love it!

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!

Love and hugs,

MissSally said...

Sly Kai indeed. Future super sleuth tactics, just testing you grandma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro
I see a reporter in the making, cute story.

I have been haunted by "Cyring" the last few days, I play it over and over.

I love and intelligent man and Clay sure is that. Especially when he talks about what is near and dear to him. Awesome blog.

Hugs Margaret

stargazer said...

That interview is one for the record books. Thanks for the great blog.

Sandy said...

One of the best interviews yet! It just goes to show if you ask the right questions and treat the guest with respect then you get all the rewards and get respect back! It's a two way street!
Works all the time!

Some wonderful graphics in your photo interlude! What a wonderful, beautiful man he is!

I had to laugh at your story about Kai! Don't worry grandma...he'll be sending you e-mails in no time! They learn so quickly at this early age.

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Heeee. So funny that Kai e-mailed you. I think he is going to be a lil computer guru. lol

Love Clays interview. Very heartfelt. Thanks for another wonderful blog and for sharing Kai's lil adventure rr mis-adventure with us. heee.

((HUGS)) Kathy/Aspiegirl

katy said...

Thanks for your blog, Caro. Clay Aiken is certainly impressive in his interviews while supporting Tried and True.

claysweetea said...

This has got to be the best interview ever that Clay has done. How refreshing to have the interviewer let Clay finish his thought and also to respect him. Clay touched my heart with this one once again.