Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Clay Aiken, Linda Eder Dream Duet

Sprain Alters Blogging Routine

You would think with the sudden 24-7 free time I have that writing a blog about the latest agenda of Clay Aiken and his newly-released Tried & True CD would be a snap, but my brain can't seem to get past a throbbing, badly-sprained left ankle.

An unexpected fall in the bathtub Tuesday morning not only put an afternoon of music lessons on hold but assured that my ankle and I would spend the better part of the day being x-rayed, diagnosed, wrapped, and iced down.

Mapping maneuverability in my house suddenly became a major concern. My den, where I am headquartered with a laptop and a TV with lots of recorded movies, looks like a retirement home with a walker, my late mother's cane, and a wheel chair from my brother-in-law's church. The latter really comes in handy for carting meals/dishes to and from the kitchen.

Frozen Corn Takes Aim at Swelling

My sister chauffeured me to the doctor's office where I was told be to sure to ice the ankle. The cashier at my neighborhood market is the mother of a dancer, and her daughter and friends prefer packages of frozen peas. The store was out of peas, but frozen corn molds around ankles, too.

Several times a day I apply packages of corn to my ankle and knee. Blue and purple are the predominant color schemes all the way down my left side, and they seem to be much more dominant today than yesterday. Parents of my students have offered their assistance and medical advice, i.e., take lots of Vitamin C to heal.

Sleep, which evaded me through the night, has come easily all day long. All I have to do is press "play" for a movie and I am off to la-la land. So I'll make this quick ...

DREAM DUET: Linda Eder and Clay Aiken

If I were going to write a blog about Clay Aiken, I would spotlight The Voice, Linda Eder's official fan newsletter which focuses on "Crying" -- the Dream Duet -- by the two singers on the Tried & True CD and the PBS Special. Besides printed interviews, there are some wonderful comments in this issue.

There is also a new Artisan News video out in which Clay talks candidly about American Idol.

Clay Aiken talks about American Idol with Artisan News.

Decca Records has posted a video Clay's of "Unchained Melody" performance from The View on the label's website. So far, there have been 150 views and 30 comments.

Clay and Lauren Kennedy join News 14 Carolina's Tracy Early for a discussion of Bringing Broadway Home, star-studded event set for 8 p.m. at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't pass along Fountaindawg's latest compilations from recent activities. The clickables below include the the Artisan News video with screen caps by Hope, 1; the June 12 debut telecast of Tried & True - LIVE! on WTTW-11 in Chicago, 2; another Artisan News graphic with caps by Artquest and deemer, 3; and Clay's CNN interview with screen caps by Cotton, 4.

It's time for more corn. Have a great week, Clay Nation!



SueReu said...

OUCH CARO!!! Take Care!!!

I loved the dream duet, Clay Aiken & Linda Eder are perfection together!

Loved the Artisan interview and cannot wait for Part 4!!!!


claysweetea said...

That has to hurt!! Be careful and baby it. Glad you slept today. That is most important. Loved your description of your sick room set-up. LOL. Been there, done that.

So, you are still doing your blog. What a trooper! Thank you.

MissSally said...

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds". I know that is the postal carriers creed, but it fits you, dear Caro.

Bruised and battered, you still keep us informed if the important goings on in Clay Nation.

Please take very good care of yourself.

Gentle hugs,

Anonymous said...

What a trooper you are to write a blog when you are hurting so. And it's a very nice one, I might add.

Please take care, my dear friend.


Anonymous said...

You rest and take care of U. Even in pain here you are doing for Us. Please rest and take care.
Loved the pics and all but concerned about U! Donna in WI.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Nice blog Caro! I adore the dream duet!! Take care of yourself!

Sandy said...

Hope you are healing quickly and feeling much better today! I see that you are getting the rest you need so that is a good thing!

Linda Eder has some wonderful caring fans just like Clay. They sure do make sweet music together.

Entered the M & G today for Verona! Will keep my fingers crossed that I win!

You take care!


ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog. I'm amazed you wrote a blog after your injury. I hope you heal soon!

I LOVE the duet with Clay Aiken and Linda Eder! I hope they do more of them in the future!

reneti said...

I hope you heal quickly. Enjoy those movies. I loved all the links and interviews. Fountaindawgs compilations are the bomb!

Im not injured like you, but my car decided to quit on me the other day. Luckily it was in the driveway. Having to put off rejoining Ofc. Until I get the bill. Enjoying reading your blogs here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro.

I hope your ankle is feeling a little better, you must be going crazy not being able to get around. I hope you are at least getting some WELL DESERVED rest and relaxation. You are so put in a new blog, with feeling so bad. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

I love Clay and Linda Eder's duet, hope they do more together. It sure has been an exciting time in Clay Land.

Please take care of that ankle...hope your using lots of corn & peas. lol

Big Hugs,