Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clay Aiken Fans Exhibit Sleuthing Prowess

TRIED & TRUE WALLPAPER -- AmazingCA's Clay Aiken graphic using photo by dc4clay expands with a double-click.

Aided by Facebook, Twitter

Aiken Fans Prove Super Sleuths

Clay Aiken fans are among the world's best detectives. A casual tweet or twit pic and the Clay Nation is off and running with the singer's current filming locales, telecast dates, photos, you name it!

In past appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Clay has acknowledged the sleuthing prowess of his fans by jokingly offering the collective expertise in locating Osama Bin Laden.

Just in the past couple of weeks, amateur sleuths have uncovered interesting news bites with more forthcoming. For now, read about the singer's Season 3 appearance on Drop Dead Diva, and check out the photo with Tori Spelling on the Funny or Die set.

Fountaindawg's graphic below consolidates the current finds with earlier Tried and True Meet & Greet photo from Atlanta and concert pix by PermaSwooned.

Click to expand graphic by Fountaindawg to wallpaper size.

Allergies, Storms, U-verse Converge

Student spring breaks staggered over a three-week span couldn't have come at a better time, as in addition to music lessons, I am still battling seasonal allergies and, hopefully, fine tuning a new U-verse package that includes telephone, Internet, and TV.

The allergies just don't seem to want to leave, and my Internet connection with U-Verse hasn't figured out how to stay. I am very happy with the television part of the bundle, as I have enjoyed a multitude of new and old movies.

Phone Number Temporary No More

For anyone thinking of switching to U-verse, I highly recommend that you first make sure your phone number will not be changed, even temporarily. Mine took two weeks to finally be reinstated.

Thanks to Vonnie in Texas, Jake in Tennessee, Joe in the Triad, and a whole slew of other technicians with whom I have became acquainted, that is now behind me.

Next on the list is identifying the correct setting for my Internet connection. Just in the time it took to write this blog, the connection dropped three times; and mornings are usually the most trustworthy hours!

Late afternoons and evenings are the worst; but even then, everything sometimes works. The spring storms my state is experiencing may have something to do with adverse atmospheric conditions.

All I want is the steady consistency of my former AT&T wireless. Wonder if U-verse would consider a bundle with my old DSL connection?

Movie Meets in Cyberspace

Internet friends within the Clay Aiken fandom not only discuss the successes, news, and special causes of their favorite singer; they also share family events, health issues, recipes, and a variety of "off topic" subjects.

In the past week, Scarlett and I have discovered Cyberspace is a great arena for viewing movies together, even 1,125 miles apart! After syncing the Netflix and U-Verse films, we communicate via Facebook chat during a movie's run.

Such deep thoughts as "awwww" and "oh, no!" are better typed as the dialogue and action continue in parallel locations. So far, we have watched in tandem Heart and Souls, The Dream Team, and The Blind Side.

I was asked how we coordinate these events when one is streaming and the other is playing back a recorded movie via U-verse. The formula is something like this:
Caro: I'm paused on the movie title.
Scarlett: OK, I'm there. Go!

And that's as high tech as it gets ...

The next flick has not been determined, but The Cure, It's Complicated, and My Cousin Vinny are in the mix.

Clack Rendering Starts First

Rest assured, Clay fans, that at least two computers are always running in the home of the clack goddess. Before a movie is queued on one machine, rendering of remaining high definition Tried & True Tour videos is well underway on the other.

The Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Sarasota, and Mesa T&T tour shows have been completed in high def and are available in PLAYLISTS at the Wowzers4Clay YouTube Channel and for download at the Tried & True Tour doc on Google.

Charlotte is next, and other concerts will be finished as soon as possible. Do you have a preference? Scarlett reads the comments, so drop her a hint in this blog or at the above links.

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Clay Aiken
View montage by Hope/Wowzers4Clay full screen at YouTube.

Montages Highlight T&T Performances

Featured in this segment are montages by Hope/Wowzers4Clay of two Tried & True selections: "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and "Misty." Both montages incorporate footage from Tried & True ~ LIVE, as well as video/caps by dlh7777 from the WTTS PBS Special Concert in Chicago.

YDHTSYLM also utilizes video from T&T concerts in Minneapolis, MN (dlh7777), Charlotte, NC (Scarlett), and Glenside, PA (farouche) while "Misty" includes videos from the Pittsburgh and Atlanta shows shot by Scarlett.

Clay Aiken performs 'Misty' - Montage by Hope.
Link to YouTube for full screen view.

Have a wonderful Easter Week, Clay Nation!



Hope said...

Love the graphics.

T&T remaining concert preferences....Solitaire venues - Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Knoxville. *g* Would also love to see footage of the Greenville concert of which there is none available right now.

Thanks for including my montages.

Hope the allergies clear up pretty quick.

Hope said...

Strike Atlanta. Scarlett's complete Play List of the Atlanta concert is at my You Tube channel. What a mix-up on my part.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you very much for all you do in uploading Scarlett's videos but also in the outstanding montages you create.

I was very happy to feature your latest two. Looking forward to more and love the way you dropped some hints! *g*


janrph said...

I am anxiously awaiting high def videos of Waukegan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ALL you and Scarlett do.
Greatly appreciated!!

Will there be a concert video of
San Franciso coming in the near future?? That should would be great to go with the Mesa one!!

Judy L

kla said...

What a great blog. Thanks for all the video and fun stuff.

Deb said...

Thanks to Caro, Scarlett and Hope for all they do in bringing so much fun and great memories to us. I am patiently waiting to see clack from Waterbury and Glenside TnT. particularly the Jazzy Clay Aiken medlies. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I thank everyone of the clack gather ppl they are the BEST!
I hope your internet keeps working and thank U for all U do! Caro! Hope you and those allergies' get better!
Clay will be busy and for that I am happy, we can see him !! Take care, Happy Easter to ALl!!

Anonymous said...

Love the graphics of Clay! thud

clayam said...

as always a great blog, and love the graphics and videos of Clay Aiken.

Walla said...

How about the last one. San Francisco! I would love one from there. It was the only one I got to go to.

claysweetea said...

Scarlett asked me a couple weeks ago on FB, what my concert preference was. Since I gave my brother tickets for Mesa, I said that was my #1 choice. I am so thrilled that is one of the first completed. Thanks, Scarlett! We went to Cincinnati, Fort Wayne and Waukegan. So, of course, would love to have those also.

Thanks, Caro, for this blog. Glad you made your way through all the technical challenges.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Oh My, I am missing Mr Clay Aiken!!! Hurry Back Clay,

However thanks to You Caro, Scarlett, Hope and so may it is so much easier. Love the video, montages and graphics.

Sure hope those allergies are getting better and gone forever, I know they are bad here in N.J.

Have a great Easter Caro.....

Big Hugs,

T said...

Thanks so much for your blog and the delight you bring every time. Many thanks for the compliments on the graphic and also, loved Fountaindawg's graphic with the recent photos of Clay. The montages are awesome and Hope did great in doing these montages. I've enjoyed watching them.

Appreciate all the videos that Scarlett has brought to us. What would we do without the clack? We're so fortunate!

Again, many thanks for all that you bring us and hope the allergies clear up - it's the time of the year.

Take care and know how much we appreciate your blogs.


Sandy said...

I just decided that in my next life I want to come back as Scarlett! What in world would we do without the wonderful clack she provides us Clay fans with. From concert to concert, city to city, her tireless and effortless contributions are more than appreciated, much loved is more like it! In reading the boards during a cellcert, you can almost hear the silence whenever the red reports come up with the words "Scarlett's been busted"! Then a big sigh of relief when we find out that her camera was not touched! Thanks to both you and Scarlett for all you do!!

Happy Easter weekend and do hope your allergies clear up soon!


barb 55 said...

Caro, what a wonderful blog! Great wallpaper, videos, and info.! Scarlett did a great job! We all appreciate all that you and Scarlett do! You guys sure put in a lot of hard work and effort to bring us the most up-to-date info. and entertainment.

Sure hope your allergies are feeling much better! The mountainous areas with all of the dampness here in Virginia are hard on the sinuses and allergies, as I'm sure they are in North Carolina.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your Easter weekend!

Love and hugs, ♥♥
Barbara :-)

MissSally said...

Great blog, Caro, and a giant thanks to Scarlett for the high-res Atlanta show!

CCOL4HIM said...

Excellent blog. I' on ATT and I miss Comcast-it's more expensive but more reliable especially with wifi- but the account is in my mom's name and were on a tv, phone, mobile, and DirecTV bundle and it's much cheaper. Hope your allergies and internet problems are better soon. Happy Easter to you and yours Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia