Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Clay Aiken Videos Create Traffic Jam at YouTube

Clay Aiken on the Tried & True Tour trail.
Double click to expand graphic by queen.

YouTube Round the Clock

Past Performances in Full Swing

Clay Aiken may not be on tour, but videos and montages of his past performances definitely are as round the clock traffic to the singer's incredible vocals and humorous concert banter is in full swing at YouTube.

The varied selection of videos and montages are entertaining, funny, moving, and highly addictive; so be sure to block some time for a YouTube adventure. Because of the "research" required for this entry, I am speaking from personal experience.

Selections in this blog link to performances from 1999 to American Idol 2 and subsequent tours. Some of Clay's vocals are combined with current events or TV shows while others feature concert clips and the singer's charitable endeavors with the National Inclusion Project and UNICEF.

Dancing With the Stars Season 12
'Suspicious Minds' by Clay Aiken
View montage by LCV full screen at YouTube.

Dancing With the Stars seems a natural fit for Clay's songs. In the montage above, LovesClaysVoice partnered DWTS Season 12 dancers Lil' Romeo and Chelsie Hightower, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and "Suspicious Minds" from the Tried & True album.

DWTS Season 11 - Viennese Waltz
'Unchained Melody' by Clay Aiken.
Montage by LCV can be viewed full screen at YouTube.

In the second DWTS montage, LovesClaysVoice combined the Viennese waltz routines of Season 11 contestants with Clay's signature version of "Unchained Melody" as performed on The View.

Dancers include Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke, Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Montage Spotlights Royal Wedding

Montages frequently blend newsworthy events with Clay's tracks. An excellent example from the On My Way Here CD is "Something About Us," which accompanies visual art from the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Kate - Something About Us
'On My Way Here' Vocals by Clay Aiken
View LCV's montage full screen at YouTube.

Another popular "Something About Us" montage is Hotshortie's compilation featuring images of the First Family set the Clay's OMWH track. To date, An Obama Love Story has registered 766,166 views.

Clay Aiken, a Retrospective, Part 1 - The Music
See four-part montage series by SueReu at YouTube.

Encompassing 2003-2009, SueReu's retrospective videos of Clay's career are subtitled "The Music," "Small Screen Fun," "A Special Guest," and "Photographs & Memories."

View all four videos in the Retrospesctive Playlist at SueReu's YouTube Channel.

Clay Aiken's AI5 BUZZ
View montage by zimarazi full screen at YouTube.

AI5 Appearance Epitome of BUZZ

A fan favorite since it was uploaded in 2007, zimarazi's montage presents an overview of the hoopla surrounding Clay's surprise performance at the AI5 Finale.

As the video shows, there was much more buzz about Clay Aikn around water coolers the next morning than the announcement of the Season 5 winner.

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Clay Aiken
Montage by Aspiegirl can be viewed full screen at YouTube.

Set to a bonus track from Clay's A Thousand Different Ways album, Aspiegirl's 2006 montage features video clips by gerwhisp, Scarlett, canfly172, and SecretlyLovesClay with photos/graphic art by Sally, AmazingCA, ABeautifulMind, and fivegoldens.

Here are more montages you may enjoy. Suggested in the comments will be added to the list.

Clay Aiken's Atlanta Audition Reconstruction by hosaa does exactly what the title implies and shows the singer as he began the Idol journey.

As Long As We're Here by Aspiegirl. From the OMWH CD, this song incorporates Clay's charitable endeavors with the National Inclusion Project and UNICEF.

Solitaire Then and Now by SueReu features Clay performing the Neil Sedaka hit on American Idol 3 (2004) and during the 2011 Tried and True Tour.

Dancing With the Stars Season 10 by LCV highlights "Everything I Have," another OMWH track.

Clay Aiken Is 'Still the One' by Hope/Wowzers4Clay includes performances of the song from 1999-2010.

Reserve a block of time, and enjoy! Have a great week, Clay Nation!



Anonymous said...

Very talented ppl we have and enjoy every minute of it all! Thanks!!! to each and everyone of yah!! Clay Aiken keep Us entertained!!!!!! D. in Wi.

kta said...

Gotta love all the Clack/videos. Clay has the most talented fans. Thank You!!

SueReu said...

There are some incredibly talented people who are part of this great nation.

A big thanks to all who take the video, compile the videos, upload the videos and share the videos!

Same for the photos - we have some very talented photographers and very talented artists who put them together into blends for the rest of us to enjoy. Thanks to all of them too!

Thanks for the blog Caro - it's great to see all this Clay Aiken in one spot (because you cannot possibly ever get enough Clay Aiken)

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic video about Clay's appearance on the AI5 show. I guess I never knew there was so much buzz about it. I guess I know now. It really was a big deal at the time.

Hugs, Lois

Cindy said...

Some great montages in this blog, Caro. Talented folks honoring a talented guy! Love the BUZZ created over the AI5 appearance (even with the rather unfortunate thumbnail for the video :-p).

One can never get enough Clay Aiken!

Carolina Clay said...


I'm glad you enjoyed the sampling of montages in this entry. There are three T&T montages in the previous entry.

The Clay Aiken fandom is most blessed with many talented visual artists. This blog provided a great opportunity to thank several of them.

Cindy, you are so right. Love the BUZZ montage, but what an unfortunate cap for the post!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


barb 55 said...

Caro, loved your blog, as always! It's amazing how well Clay's music goes with the DWTS routines. It would be awesome if he got a chance to sing on the show.

Earlier, I was watching a video of Clay singing UM on the T&T tour. Contantine sang the song on AI last night, and there is no comparison; sure wish it would have been Clay instead.

There are very talented people in the Claynation that do a wonderful job creating videos for us to enjoy, as well as the ones who design graphics, and the ones who are great writers like you.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Love and hugs, ♥♥
Barbara :-)

Anonymous said...

Love all the videos. IYDKMBN is one of my favorite all time songs by Clay Aiken.


T said...

Great blog Caro with all the special treats from the opening graphic (I love queen's work and admire her banners too) to the montages which is a delight to watch with songs from Clay Aiken. So many talented people out there and it's so nice to see them share that with us.

Thanks so much and it's always a pleasure visiting your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro......I think I'm all caught up! Love "light up blue campaign for Autism." from your last blog.

and....this blog is fantastic with all the wonderful memories. I must say I did not know there was so much buss, but as someone said, "I guess I know now."

I can't say enough about all the vedios....the talent is all amazing.

Thank You again and again for all you do....


MissSally said...

Clay and DWTS are a terrific fit. I would love to see him appear as a guest on the show.

The AI5 moment is one of the best ever. Thanks featuring it again.

couponsforzipcodes said...

Great videos...!!! All can enjoy every moment of it