Saturday, April 02, 2011

Clay Aiken Montages Spotlight Tried & True Tour

NOW AND THEN: Fountaindawg's expandable graphic utilizes similar shots with an American Idol 2 screen cap from 2003 and a 2011 Tried & True Tour photo by PermaSwooned.

Blue Lights Up Autism Awareness Day

Montages Replay Tried & True 2

During the weeks after a very popular Clay Aiken tour, fans can always expect a second version to commence online with montage collections from the ever expanding libraries of video clack.

Sure enough, Tried & True Take 2 is in full swing with high definition videos, a series of "best of" compilations, photos and graphics, still popping up daily in Clay Cyberspace.

Below are three such videos spotlighting the many T&T versions of "Who's Sorry Now," the finale of an eight-part highlight collection, and a montage on the auto-tune series. Special thnx to
melobru, forgetyou1276, and mrbaconclayaiken17, respectively.

The Best of 'Who's Sorry Now' from Tried & True Tour.
View montage by melobru full screen at YouTube.

Videographers whose clips comprise the eight-video series below include Thankful4Clay, MBlovesClay, Mee4Clay, goldarngirl, hereforclay58, canfly172, Scarlett, hosaa, farouche, ClayIzzaQT, toni7babe, and dlh7777.

Tried and True Highlights, Part 8 (AZ, CA)
View all eight montages by forgetyou1276 at YouTube.

Tried & True Auto-Tune Memories
View montage by mrbaconclayaiken17 full screen at YouTube.

April Ushers in Autism Awareness

National Autism Awareness Month received a special kick-off Saturday with prominent buildings around the world lit in bright blue shades of hope.

Among the global sites heralding World Autism Awareness Day with the Light It Up Blue Campaign are the Empire State Building, Willis Tower in Chicago, Staples Center in Los Angeles, Niagra Falls, CN Tower in Canada, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The blue light of hope can also be seen in participating airports, bridges, museums, concert halls, schools/universities, restaurants, and retail stores.

Throughout April, the National Basketball Association is partnering with international organization Autism Speaks to increase awareness and raise research/treatment funding.

For an in depth report on autism, the events of April 2, and Autism Awareness Month, see the Clay News Network blog.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!



Ginger Scarlett said...

Yay for the new batch of montages from Tried and True!!! *clap! clap! clap* ...Watching the Final 4 and thinking how apropos the "Light It Up Blue Campaign" would have been for your home teams!

Thanks for another fun and informative blog! ... and omg, what a beautiful opening pic!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great videos.

I have lost interest in the Final 4 since both my favorite teams are out.


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the Clack, montages, and all, and the talent so many among Us have!!! And U Caro, r included , thanks to ALL who make it so much fun!!!! Clay Aiken is a fun subject and person to enjoy his talent, and his kindness to so many he has helped! Hope we hear soon ~ from the man himself! ~ D. in Wi.

jbc4clay said...

Another fun and informative blog!
Thanks Caro!!

katy said...

Well, it's now 3 teams standing and a short time til 2. Always interesting, but I'd never pick it correctly.
Love the video montages. Thanks to all who make them.

Anonymous said...

Caro: Thank you for your informative blogs. Always enjoy them.

That Then and Now pictures of Clay is adorable. He sure has turned into such a handsome man.

Also, enjoyed the video's. Very funny! I watch everything from the TnT Tour..and never get tired of it.

Great idea for the light up blue campaign for Autism. As, usual, thank you for blog.


claysweetea said...

Thanks so much for another great blog! I am loving the TnT Clack!

Anonymous said...

That was so nice. It's Sunday afternoon, and I was so bored, so I came on the computer and, of course, came upon your blog. Listening to Clay just made my day so much nicer. I always love coming here, and visiting for a while. Thanks again, Caro. Lois

Sandy said...

Always a fun time in Clay land! Watching these montages reinforces what a wonderful entertainer Clay is.

How awesome to see these prominent buildings all lit up in blue in awareness of Autism. This disease is getting more and more attention which is great news!

Have a great week!


MissSally said...

Now that the T&T is over we can look forward to Take 2's hi-def videos. This is also a delightful time to enjoy the many creations of Clay Nation's gifted artists.

Makes me think of the happy days after a Thanksgiving meal when we can feast on the delicious leftovers.

Thanks for another great blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Caro - love the videos, graphics and all the clack that goes with it. I was in San Francisco for the last concert of the TNT Tour. It was outstanding. I was afraid he wasn't going to be able to out do the Reno concert with Ruben. But boy was I wrong, it was outstanding! Row 3 up close and personal and I finally got my shirt tug!!!
Great Job Caro - as always!
Thanks a bunch!
I'm having Clay withdrawals already......