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Non-Stop Clack Occupies Aiken Fans

MAGICAL EVENING -- Clay Aiken performed eight songs for top skaters in the Holiday Celebration on Ice taped Tuesday in Las Vegas. Graphic by Amazing_CA, photo by PermaSwooned

Not.Just.Us Stories Shared

Fans Replay Clay's Appearances

In the past two weeks, singer Clay Aiken made three highly visible appearances, and his fans are still replaying the events through the profusion of photo, video, and audio "clack."

Since their last venture two months ago, LAP (laptop) and LACIE (external hard drive) have been petitioning to pen another blog. They jumped when the opportunity presented itself today ...

LAP: On any other Blog Day, that gal would be waking me up early and typing away. Sounds to me like she and that little Roomba are dancing up a storm down the hall. Do you think we have been forgotten?

LACIE: Actually, they are cleaning house. No way have we been forgotten. Just look at all the new clack she's added from Clay's latest appearances -- "Holiday Celebration on Ice" taping, the Neil Sedaka tribute, and "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"

LAP: Not to mention the Kai "clack." Wasn't she working on a Paint Shop Pro training video yesterday?

LACIE: Yes, she checked out skin smoothing, noise reduction, and bevel frames. That little grandson has inspired new projects. I'm also the keeper of the photo collection, plug-ins, etc.

LAP: Well, we have been wanting to write another blog. This just may be our chance.

LACIE: We'd better dive in now because Carolina basketball season is just around the corner. I don't mind admitting I'm clueless on that subject -- except the guys wear cute little uniforms.

Tricky Roomba Step

LAP: Before we take another glide through the ice show, we have to tell the latest story about Caro and that little robot.

LACIE: LOL, Thursday morning she was double-checking Christmas music for her students while the Roomba cleaned the living room.

LAP: Admittedly, the ole girl is still figuring out how to set up the virtual walls.

LACIE: Well, I guess Grandma needs to take some lessons because she suddenly realized Mr. Roomba was headed straight for her and the piano.

LAP: Just in the nick of time she made a tunnel out of her legs, the little dude scooted right on through and started mapping out his new territory.

LACIE: You don't reckon Roomba wants in on this blog-writing, do you?

PHOTO INTERLUDE: The clickable graphics feature the latest appearances by Clay. Visual artists represented include Amazing_CA, photos by Farouche, 1; Cindilu2, screen caps by BigAppleForClay, 2; ACA, 3 and 5; ACA, screen caps by SecretlyLovesClay, 4.

Boards Laud Ice Show Performance

LAP: Since Tuesday's "Holiday on Ice Celebration" taping, CA fans have analyzed everything from the singer's fashionable attire, comedic acting RE his skating abilities to the gracious applause, high-fives, and hugs shared among the performers.

LACIE: [Fans self] This picture of Clay and Shae-Lynn Bourne was taken by a friend of Drmchaser. Lawd Jesus, I'd like to get in line for one of those hugs!

LAP: Not you, too, Lace! You're going all fangirly and drifting into that Aiken Fog we've heard so much about!

LACIE: It is a little warm in here. [Sigh] Even though we weren't around, most Clay fans know that the Raleigh native and Carolina Hurricanes fan has been skating for years.

LAP: During Tuesday's final skate around and in a "lesson" with Sasha Cohen, Clay pretended to be a novice. We can definitely add acting to his list of talents. The second photo below even made People online.

LACIE: For sure! [Swoons] Clay is #17 on the Top 25 Celebrity Hot List -- the most buzzed about stars this minute.

LAP: His appearances on "Fifth Grader," "Holiday Celebration on Ice," and the upcoming "Spamalot" role on Broadway contributed to the ranking.

Photos by Scruffy and People Magazine

LACIE: Most fans remember or have read about the December 2003 event during which children with and without disabilities spent the afternoon on the ice with the singer from Raleigh.

LAP: "Skate With Clay" was co-sponsored by The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and the Canes, for whom Clay sang the National Anthem several seasons.

2003 Skate with Clay

Not.Just.Us Stories Impress

NJU stories have been plentiful following Clay's appearances. These represent a sampling of experiences shared on several message boards.

me_myb: Several girls from our office had lunch with a former co-worker following AYSTAFG. One of the women has been rude in her comments about Clay. I ignore her, though I once told her I don't discuss anything of importance with her because I don't value her opinion.

The lunch honoree was very excited to tell me she had seen Clay on TV. "He was great, and I did not know how very witty and funny he is. I knew about his great voice, but not the other."

"Ms. Rudeness" had to listen to all the praise, but kept quiet. I was thrilled to see a new Clayvert thud over Clay and know that she will now seek out every one of his appearances.

Jojoct: My coworker couldn't wait to tell me about how great Clay was on AYSTAFG. When I had the temerity to wish that Clay had trusted his instincts and gone for the $500,000, he was quick to defend Clay's decision. Interesting that someone who might have picked on Clay a little in the past is now defending him ... from me!

CrazyAboutClay: I just had a nice conversation about Clay with our administrative assistant. She asked me if I saw AYSTAFG last night. I told her I didn't, but I saw it last week with Clay.

She said, "Oh, I saw that, too. He was so wonderful! He was so good with those kids and very smart." She started to talk about last night's show, but then went back to Clay's appearance. Suffice to say, she was impressed.

Niece Emails Praise for Clay

Beagle3: I received an email from my niece, a very casual fan. She wrote, "I've been meaning to write you to let you know I watched Clay on AYSTAFG and he was amazing. It was really fun watching him on it.

"What a man of true character and sincerity. He has a great personality and I am sure that anyone who watched that show that night thought the same about him afterward and had a new respect for him.

All that money going to those charities was wonderful. Just think of all he did for them. Even though he quit before that last question and could have won more for them, he did an amazing job! Very smart guy!"

KSChristian4Clay: We took a person who had never seen Clay live to the ice show taping. She was curious about what a pre-party was like and what Clay was like in person. She is now coming to Wichita and is also making plans to go see "Spamalot" with us.

PinayRN4Clay: I have no doubt that Clay impressed the NJU crowd at the Sedaka tribute. The thunderous ovation that erupted after his performance shook the house. The video that BigAppleforClay posted captured the moment in all its glory, and the audience definitely appreciated it all right.

In the elevator, I unabashedly eavesdropped on conversations. A couple gushed about Clay's performance. Both had never heard Clay sing before, and they were quite amazed and enthralled. The wife commented about his looks -- lean, handsome, and adorable. The husband said, "My jaw dropped. Wow, he just ran away with the song!"

At 11 p.m., the subway was still packed.
Two men came as Neil Sedaka fans, but both listed Clay's as their favorite performance aside from Neil's.

SKATING INTERLUDE -- Photographers and videographers have supplied Clay fans with countless scenes from Tuesday night's Holiday on Ice taping at Orleans Arena. Featured below are photos by SmartyPantsSuz, 1, 2, 4, and 5; and KSChristian4Clay, 3.

Some Weekend Surprises

LAP: Since most fan clack focuses on Clay, it will be interesting to see the skaters during the NBC telecast on Christmas Day.

LACIE: This Celebration on Ice Slide Show by MUNICHAMH provides a bit of a sneak peek.

AI2 Rewind Clickable Screen Caps by CAP121

LAP: We have a few more surprises. The "Hollywood -- Part 1" edition of AI2 Rewind airs this weekend instead of the previous listing, "Best of the Worst."

LACIE: Besides the screen caps above, we have two clips from the episode that Clay fans are going to just LURVE. I get all schmoopie when I hear that man sing.

LAP: There you go "using their words." Lace, you have really become a Claymate!

LACIE: To download Clay singing two songs from the Hollywood segment, click on these video links: Superstar and Unchained Melody.

LAP: That just about does it for us. Roomba seems to be done until the charge revs him up again, so we're signing off. Grandma Caro would probably share this clickable of Kai, who apparently is recharging, too.

LACIE: We sure did pick an entry filled with codes, but it's been fun.

LAP: We'll try to sneak in a blog when Tar Heel basketball has Caro glued to the TV.

LACIE: We know the drill. Below is a clickable of Amazing_CA's lead graphic:

LAP: Have a great weekend, Clay Nation!

LACIE: Now that I'm a Claymate, I guess that means me, too. HEEEE!!!!!


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