Thursday, September 15, 2011

Clay Aiken, Inclusion Fans Plan September Rally

I Am NORM initiative seeks Pepsi grant for inclusion.

Secretariat-Style Finish

I Am NORM Sets $50k Grant Goal

Entering the second half of September's Pepsi Refresh at #41, I Am NORM, youth initiative of the National Inclusion Project, is in position for a Secretariat-like finish in this month's campaign for a $50,000 grant.

Just as the legendary thoroughbred thrived on coming from behind, I Am NORM must follow suit. NORM doesn't have to be #1 to win, but the organization must finish in the top 10 charities of the $50k category for a grant.

To accomplish this, all supporters of inclusion -- fans of singer Clay Aiken, co-founder of the National Inclusion Project; followers of I Am NORM; persons and organizations who have benefited from programs, Let's ALL Play Camps, and funding from the Inclusion Project -- need to mount a no-holds-barred effort.

1. Engage the aid of friends, family, and associates in collecting as many Pepsi/Diet Pepsi power codes as you can locate in your area.
The 10-character codes from the yellow caps or canned carton tops immediately convert single votes from 5 - 100 points. The more power votes the quicker this campaign becomes a horse race with I Am NORM closing in on Sept. 30 celebration.

2. Vote for I Am NORM three ways in the Pepsi Refresh, and encourage others to do the same.
(a) At the Pepsi site
(b) Via Facebook
(c) By texting 109076 to 73774 (PEPSI) daily.

The above link takes you to NORM's Pepsi page, but you can also use the widget at the top of the Carolina sidebar.

Other charities on the widget are partners who are casting reciprocal votes with NORM. Be sure to leave a comment so the groups know to return a vote for I Am NORM. A sample comment is on the "How To Vote" panel.

In a statement during Labor Day Weekend, Jerry Aiken, executive director of the National Inclusion Project, urged inclusion supporters to participate in this campaign:
WE are I AM Norm. This is a program within National Inclusion. We work in conjunction with other funders and are focusing on youth movement to build awareness about inclusion. National Inclusion receives the funds and manages the program.

Power Codes Prove Pepsi X-Factor

No matter how you slice it, the key to being in the winner's circle of the Pepsi competition lies with power codes. Here are a few suggestions for gathering the magical caps.
1. Contact all your Pepsi-drinking friends for assistance in obtaining these codes.

2. Befriend your cleaning lady and ask her to keep watch for the power code caps with other clients. Do the same with cafeteria workers at work/school.

3. A friend or contact working at a bottle recycling plant might agree to gather the yellow caps for you.

4. If your school, daycare, or sports team is having an event, offer to provide drinks. Solicit assistance from other fans to help record the power codes.

5. Ask acquaintances to report the availability/sales of Pepsi products with yellow power caps in your area.

6. Accept donations from supporters who live in (a) other countries or (b) areas where yellow caps are depleted and purchase the Pepsi products for them.

7. Hold an online Power Vote Party in a message board thread, Facebook Chat, OFC Chat, etc. Serve "refreshments" and provide entertainment/clack while participants vote the codes. Post party totals on Facebook and in NORM threads.

8. Host a challenge for "the most interesting picture of clack" (t-shirts, pins, anything) with a backdrop of Pepsi power caps.

9. Host an all-night online clack party that requires Pepsi so participants can stay awake watching.

10. Make this list grow with your suggestions in the comments below.

POWER OF YOUTH - The bold beginning for I Am NORM, a youth-led movement of inclusion throughout the US. View more videos at the I Am NORM YouTube Channel.

NORM Promotes Inclusion of Youth

Designed to promote the acceptance, respect, and full inclusion of all youth, I Am NORM was formed on a wintry January 2010 weekend in Washington, DC, by 20 young people with and without disabilities from diverse backgrounds and places throughout the United States.

These paragraphs from NORM's website outline the bold mission of these young people:

We are united in our commitment to a world where people of various abilities have equal opportunities. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and that discrimination breaks us down.

We know that hatred is a learned behavior and that we can all strive to rise above fear and prejudice. We understand firsthand what we gain when everyone is included in our schools and our communities and how much we lose when anyone is left out.

The organization's work is driven by a Youth Inclusion Task Force and supported by a coalition of youth-serving partner organizations.

If successful in the Pepsi drive, the charity will utilize the $50k grant for hosting the 2012 Youth Summit, presenting the I Am NORM program at other youth conferences, and advertising the cause to the youth demographic.

Read more about the cause at the I Am NORM Pepsi Page and at the
I am NORM Share It website.

There is much more information about 1973 Triple Crown winner here. View the movie Secretariat on Starz and Neflix. Be sure Pepsi products are served for refreshments.

Have an awesome rest of the week, Clay Nation. Let's win this horse race!



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Hi Caro,

Another very informative blog...Thank You. I loved the YouTube, what a great idea,

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Hope they rethink the way they do the program, jmo.I understand it but just think it is hard for many ppl. But love the information from your blog. Have a nice wk.end! Wi.

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Awesome! I sure hope that this charity finishes in the top ten!

So much work is being done by so many great people!

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