Sunday, September 25, 2011

Clay Aiken Photos, Montages Jazz Up Fan Sites

Clay Aiken - New photo from Curtis Brown shoot.
Expandable image edited by Sally.

Clay Nation Celebrates Designs

'Aiken' for a New Screen Saver?

Last week Clay Aiken changed his profile photo at Facebook and inspired a flurry of artistic activity throughout the fandom.

The photo leads countless message boards across Clay Cyberspace, while fans easily may have set a record for photo reposts at the social networking site.

You have to look closely to detect the minute alterations by Sally. One step removed the contact lens circle in the singer's eyes. Can you locate another slight edit?

Fountaindawg created widescreen/regular graphics of the photo, and longstanding computer screen savers were promptly changed. Both thumbnails of the Curtis Brown photo are clickable:

Anyone for a new screen saver?

DWTS Couples Waltz to Aiken Favorite

It was a very good week for Clay Aiken montages, too.

Dancing With the Stars fans can always count on LovesClaysVoice for exquisite montages of the current season's contestants accompanied by a variety of Clay Aiken songs.

The one below features three Season 13 couples waltzing to the singer's rendition of "She Said Yes.

Dancing With the Stars: 'She Said Yes' by Clay Aiken.
View montage by LovesClaysVoice full screen at YouTube.

Season 13 dancers in the above montage include Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani, David Arquette and Kym Johnson, and Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

To view LCV's montages from past DWTS seasons, check out her YouTube Channel. Among Clay Aiken songs featured are "Suspicious Minds," "Those Magic Moments, "Unchained Melody," "Everything I Have," "Touch," "When You Say You Love Me," and "Sacrificial Love."

UNICEF - 'It's In Every One of Us' by Clay Aiken.
View SueReu's montage full screen at YouTube.

Montage, Song Speak to Human Race

Appropriately, David Pomeranz's "love song to the human race" backs SueReu's montage about UNICEF's "Believe in Zero" campaign. Clay, a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004 and one of many artists who have recorded the inspirational song, included the track on his On My Way Here CD.

In just half a century, child mortality rates have been cut by 60%. However, there are still 21,000 children who die every day due to preventable causes.

With innovative programs focusing on nutrition, education, immunization, health care, clean water and protection from exploitation, UNICEF is leading the way to cutting that number to zero.

In 150 countries around the world, UNICEF is on the ground, working daily to meet the needs of children.

Translated into numerous languages and recorded by a long list of artists, It's in Every One of Us has been heard around the globe through recordings, concerts, churches, synagogues, school choirs, hospitals, charities, corporate/personal growth seminars, the Olympics, you name it.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!

To order a Clay Aiken Calendar, see 2012 Clay Aiken Calendar Set for Gala Return.

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SueReu said...

YIPEE!! I'm first =)

Love the wallpaper by fountaindawg, absolutely stunning (of course the subject matter is pretty spectacular)

I adore LCV's DWTS video - she does such amazing work!!!!!

Thanks Caro! Hope you had a fantastic weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Awesome "new" profile photo of Clay!

Love both montages....

Great Blog as always.


Sandy said...

Stunning montages! Both LCV and SueRue did a spectacular job!

Clay is sure one handsome man! Love the wallpaper!

Have a wonderful week Caro!


chel4clay said...

The wallpapers are just gorgeous, love them both and the montages are just wonderful to watch and listen to that voice. Good work by all.

katy said...

Love Clay Aiken's new profile pic and LCV's DWTS montage. Thanks!

Sally said...

The picture is yummy!

Great montages by LCV and SueRue.

Great blog as usual! ☺

katy said...

Love the pure singing of SSY that Clay recorded. Beautiful, low voice.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, what a beautiful picture of Clay. I could stare at that for a long, long time. Glad you put it in your blog so I could enjoy it. Lois