Thursday, September 08, 2011

Clay Aiken Montage Reflects 9-11 Anniversary

9-11-01 Tribute Montage by Yollie950
'Grace of God' and 'It's in Everyone of Us' by Clay Aiken.

The 10-Year Anniversary

America Remembers 9/11/01
In memory of the senseless devastation and tragic loss of lives in America 10 years ago today.

To the survivors of loved ones lost in the 9/11/01 terrorist invasion, know that America remembers. This country also pays tribute to the brave men and women whose heroic actions saved lives in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

"Grace of God" and "It's in Everyone of Us" by Clay Aiken are featured in the 9-11-01 Tribute Montage, which also can be viewed at YouTube.

One of final photos by the late Bill Biggart.

Photographer Leaves 9-11 Legacy

Professional photographer Bill Biggart died taking pictures when the second tower fell. In the aftermath, some of Biggart's digital photos were recovered from his camera's memory card.

You can read the story at Bill Biggart's Final Exposures. View a slide show of his amazing photos from Seeing the Horror. Expandable, the first is printed below.

God Bless America - Remembrance Flag is expandable.

In 2001, I wasn't in the habit of turning on the TV that early; but, for some reason, I was watching the TODAY Show that fateful morning. I remember with horror and disbelief as I watched the terrorists' planes fly into the twin towers and the terrible aftermath we witnessed in real time the rest of that day.

According to those who commented in the 9/11/2009 blog, Canada and other flew flags at half mast that fateful day in 2001. Jannet Moranz posted this reflection:
It was a day that no American living on this planet at the time will ever forget. Sometimes I measure my life in terms of before and after.

Anniversary Design Depicts Then, Now

Commissioned to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9-11, the drawing by EKTIMIS depicts through symbolism the New York city skyline and its reflection in the adjacent Hudson river.

The skyline illustrates the current city skyline, while the reflection in the river illustrates the same skyline prior to 9-11 with the World Trade Center standing.

One of three specially-commissioned artworks by EKTIMIS, the high grade 24" x 32" wall poster can be ordered at 9/11 Tenth Year. The sample below is clickable.

Poster commemorates 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The four eagles soaring in the top left corner of the drawing depict the four divisions of the U.S. armed forces that were dispatched abroad to protect the country, soon after the events on 9-11 - the U.S. Air Force, the Army, the Marines, and the Navy.

The two eagles hovering above the water (separated from the four above) represent the two divisions of the U.S. armed forces that stayed behind promptly after 9-11 to protect the U.S. homeland - the National Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard / Border Patrol.

The stems of red roses held tightly within the claws of one of the hovering eagles represent and memorialize the lives lost since 9-11. The falling red petals from the roses leave a visible trail in the water back to the image of the World Trade Center twin towers, further depicting the connection of the lives lost with the towers.

Gander, NF, hosted stranded travelers in 2001.- Clickable.

Canadian Town Honored at 9/11 Event

In her blog comment this week, Sandy Hall wrote about a little known part Canada played during the week of 9/11/01:
Our paper has been running articles all week. One story that touched my heart was about the friendships that were formed in Gander, Newfoundland, when the town became home to thousands of stranded travelers and welcomed these complete strangers into their homes.

The tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland, hosted passengers from 38 planes that were forced to land in Canada after the US was attacked. The town was honored for its help in a ceremony in Washington, DC, on Thursday. Read the complete story at the CBC News site.

Countless Remembering 9/11 galleries are featured at Life Magazine online. Also, see Revisiting 9/11, unplublished photos by James Nachtwey at Time.

Where were you on 9/11 10 years ago? Share your reflections and personal experiences in the comments below. Staying vigilant and united, we will never forget September 11, 2001.

God bless America!

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The 2010 9/11 entry paid tribute to the 343 fallen firefighters who gave their lives saving others at Ground Zero: Iron and Steel Brigades Honor 9/11 Fallen.

Thank you for sharing your 9/11 experiences in the blog comments. To leave a remark, scroll to the bottom of that section, click on the "Post a Comment" link, and write in the box provided.


chel4clay said...

I love the commemorative poster of that day, the day from hell. It's still hard to see these pictures and hear the stories. It tears at the heart and the memories are still so vivid. Beautiful montage, the song choices are perfect.

Anonymous said...

Remember being home with husband , he was getting ready for work . Our concern was where our son was. And on the phone we were. Terrible thing to happen and too sad. Was very proud of president Bush, how he stood up for the country and handled the situation at hand. Hope nothing like that happens again. Love the Wi.

Sally said...

Man's inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!
~Robert Burns

claysweetea said...

Thank you for this blog. There are no words.

Sandy said...

I was at work and remember as clear as day the horrible events of that day!

As all the planes were grounded, reality set in the next day as you looked up towards the sky and could actually feel the quietness in the skies and knew WHY!

Our paper has been running articles all week and one story that touched my heart was about the friendships that were formed in Gander, Newfoundland when the town became home to thousands of stranded travelers and welcomed these complete strangers into their homes.

Life Magazine on-line also has a pictorial spread from the days events.

I think many of us feel that we lost something so important that day that we'll never get back and that is our freedom.


Great blog Caro...thanks!

T said...

Caro, beautiful blog commemorating 9/11. Until now, it brings back vivid sad memories of what happened that day. I still grief for all the families who have lost their loved ones.

The opening video just speaks of it all especially with Clay's song "Grace of God". Just listening to the lyrics gave me goosebumps while watching this very touching video.

Thanks so much Caro for another great blog. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families that lost loved ones on this tragic event.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful blog Caro, you always know just how to put things to beautiful words. However, I am not able to open "9-11-01 Tribute Montage by Yollie950"...I guess YouTube took it off for some reason. I will never forget that tragic day and where I was.

Anyway, ANOTHER great blog Caro....

Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

hi caro, good blog. thanks for the link to Bill Biggart last picture. they said a lot.
I still can not comprehend why human being can decide to do such action & kill other human being.
I just can not understand.