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Clay Train Travels Varied Route

CHARISMA AND TALENT -- Graphic artist ABeautifulMind celebrates the Clay Aiken's new CD with a very special design -- "A Thousand Different Ways."

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Clay Train Travels Varied Route

Clay Aiken is everywhere -- TV tapings, a teen magazine, an ESPN column, even in the middle of my 90-minute oboe sectional at East Davidson Friday. Mixed with a lesson on technique, musicality, and reed adjustment was an update of Clay's new CD, A Thousand Different Ways, and his future TV appearances.

The same class that was affected by highway gremlins two weeks ago (10/3 blog) happened to hit "senior cut day" this Friday, so I only had one student -- Gracie, a freshman who also takes private oboe and flute lessons at my home.

We were 2/3 of the way through the session when I remembered the "silly" I had planned to play on my sister's flute sectional upstairs. For the past two years, I occasionally and inadvertently interrupted Sis's class by dialing her cell phone in the midst of the weekly lesson. As soon as I was added to the Friday faculty, the older flute students joked that Mrs. B's sister wouldn't be ringing her in the middle of class this fall. LOL, those seniors gave me a great idea, and I have been planning just such an interruption ever since!

Gracie and I stepped outside and dialed Sis's cell phone. Well, the joke was on me because she didn't answer! However, Sis plans to join the fun next Friday; and the joke will be replayed when the senior flautists are present.

Broken Wings Is Tops With Teen

As we returned to our practice room, Gracie asked if I had ever gotten the Without You ringtone on my phone. Nope, but she did! I told her that many more songs from the ATDW track list are now available as ring tones.

This, in turn, led to a discussion of the various selections on ATDW. Gracie, who previously told me she and her friends listen to music from the 80's, listed several she really likes, ending with, "And I just L-O-V-E Broken Wings!"

I asked if she has heard Lover All Alone, and she has not; so I promised to send her a couple of links to montages that feature this beautiful song co-written by Clay. Fans of all ages seem to relate to this song. In fact, countless men, women, and teens outside the "blue haired" demographic -- which most critics and entertainment reporters believe describes the entire CA fan club -- love Clay's magnificent voice and his special take on ATDW's love song covers and originals.

It just so happens this freshman oboist is a fan of both "Grey's Anatomy" and "Gilmore Girls," TV shows that have received beautiful LAA treatments by various montage makers.

LAA graphic by Cindilu2

Montages Introduce Songs to Fans

Lover All Alone - Grey's Anatomy by AprilJolex has registered 11,000+ views and 55+ comments, most of whom recognized Clay's voice and knew he wrote the song. This montage has been availabe at YouTube since 9/23.

Lover All Alone by IHateChristopher deals with the heartbreak of the leading couple on "Gilmore Girls," Lorelai and Luke.

Most of the comments from the 1,300+ views are by GG fans who have never heard Clay sing and who knew nothing about the song prior to viewing this 10/9 montage. Here are a few examples:

1. Wow, that was a wonderful montage! The incredibly beautiful song combined with the video really conveyed the heartbreak that this couple is obviously going through. That song needs to be HEARD everywhere; it's awesome!

2. Love Gilmore Girls. Perfect song for L & L. The video with the song rips your heart out. So sad. Why haven't I heard this song on the radio? Wow!

3. I just watched this montage, and I have chills -- that song is INCREDIBLE! Is it available anywhere on CD?

Reply to #3 by a CA fan: You can only get the song if you buy Clay Aiken's A Thousand Different Ways from iTunes. It's a bonus if you buy the whole album.

BW blend by Amazing_CA

While sending my student the LAA links, I also included Aspiegirl's beautiful Broken Wings montage.Reckon that's enough because I do want this student to practice her oboe -- that is, once she returns home from a day of marching band competition!

PHOTO INTERMISSION: This photo interlude displays the talent of four graphic artists, including Ambassador of Love (1); Amazing_CA (2) and (5); ABeautifulMind (3); and Clayquebec1 (4).

ESPN Columnist Salutes Clay

On 10/12, Bill Simmons's ESPN column about Tiger Woods included this gem about a certain singer the 11th paragraph down:

This seems like a good time to mention my theory about celebrities: Take the dorkiest people on the planet, make them famous, and within four or five years, they wouldn't be dorky anymore. Why? As soon as they became famous, their entire lives revolve around awkward interactions with people who are either (A) terrified to meet them, (B) kissing up to them, (C) interviewing them, or (D) just as famous as they are. They become conditioned to it after awhile. Eventually, their confidence swells and they morph into someone else -- in any situation, in any room, they're usually the alpha dog and they know it.

The perfect example is Clay Aiken, the dorky crooner from "American Idol" who slowly morphed into this generation's Barry Manilow. Ever see Aiken on a talk show now? He's as smooth as Merv Griffin in his prime. That's what fame brings, a distinctive poise from being in control all the time. Eventually, you can't help but become secure and self-assured. It's inevitable.

Three-Year Anniversary for MOAM

Fans Celebrate MOAM Anniversary

Throughout cyberspace, CA fans are commemorating the third anniversary of Clay's first mainstream pop album, Measure of a Man, which dropped on 10/14/03. Nothing big -- just three candles and a few sentimental spins of songs that are still special on many playlists.

Among the fond recollections of 2003 is the text from the Hits Daily Double article regarding Clay's smash debut album: By any Measure, RCA’s Clay Aiken is the Man. The emerging star, who finished second to labelmate Ruben Studdard on the nationally televised talent show, debuted at #1 this week, with his Clive Davis-produced solo bow scoring more than 600k in sales.

Teen Meet & Greet Featured

In this "Star Tracks" scan from the 9/24-9/30 Teen People edition, Clay signs a CD for one of his younger fans at the Los Angeles Virgin Megastore on Hollywood & Highland:

Clickable 'Teen People' Scan,
Photo by John M. Heller

The Buzz Continues with Tyra

Clay fans awoke Saturday morning to many detailed reports from Clay's Friday night taping of the Tyra Banks Show in LA. Clay's Daily Double is currently featuring Spotlightlover's excellent recap, along with links to several others.

Apparently, the well-known Aiken-Kimmel chemistry has been challenged by the amazing rapport enjoyed by Clay and Tyra during Friday's taping.

Clay & Co. performed A Thousand Days from ATDW and Mary, Did You Know from the Christmas album, suggesting that this show will be scheduled closer to the holidays. No doubt Tyra's web site will be well-watched.

VIDEO TIP: Anyone still having trouble viewing the new Quick Time videos from the OFC should download the free VLC Media Player. My updated version of Quick Time is not only missing software to display the movie file, but what is needed is also unavailable on the QT server. Meanwhile, download the media files to your computer and the VLC Player works like a charm.

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation, and enjoy the ride!


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