Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Common Sense, Magic Prevail

SIGN-IN -- Clay Aiken signed hundreds of copies of his new CD, A Thousand Different Ways, at the 9/26 Virgin Megastore signing party, as conveyed in this lovely graphic by Katt45.

Amusing Techno Adventures

Common Sense, Magic Prevail

When my new laptop arrived a couple of months ago, I couldn't wait to launch this new machine. I even broke precedence and carefully read online and printed instructions before diving into the set-up process, something that normally makes way too much sense for my impatient nature.

Even with an occasional snafu from my AOL mix, I have been feeling rather smug about seamlessly easing from one computer to another. That is, until my friend Sally, who also owns a Toshiba laptop, hinted during one of our frequent telephone conversations that I needed to turn down Clay's volume with a certain control button.

On this end, the scene was quite comical as I looked high and low for the circular button she described. I turned on all lights in the room and searched under, around, and from every angle for this particular device. Hard-headed as ever, I finally gave myself five more minutes before walking across the room to the handbook that would immediately pinpoint the exact location.

Then, almost by accident, the quarter-sized thingy that I previously thought was a shiny decoration, spun when I touched it. Miraculously, the sound on my speakers decreased.

"I found my knob!!!" I squealed through the phone line. Sally kindly remarked that she would have heard that declaration all the way in Georgia with or without Ma Bell.

Plain as day, the dynamic little disk sits about an inch to the right of the keyboard's directional arrows; but for future conversations, I now know which button makes the music fade. I just have to remember that the Japanese-designed knob crescendos louder to the left and decrescendos softer to the right, the exact opposite of this American musician's way of thinking.

Still, definite progress and a memorable milestone of my week!

Conquering Another Techno Mountain

This must has been my week for technological adventures because 14 days ago, no matter what I tried, I could not coerce a new iRiver mp3 player to sync with my computer's music library. Putting this little problem aside for a week to complete income tax preparation, I finally called the iRiver Clix support team the next time I opened the box. The bugger still wouldn't budge; and what's more, I was having to use a paper clip to reset the device after each USB connection.

Sunday I pulled the player from safekeeping and started the process again. I had read the instructions many times and decided to leave them alone this go-round. Someone must have waved a magic wand in my direction because everything worked like a charm, and I have been transferring music ever since. So far -- knock on wood -- no paper clip needed either!

Luck or perseverance, I think I'm on a roll. Any minute now, Publisher's Clearing House is bound to ring my doorbell with a boatload of money for Clay Aiken's ATDW Tour!

PHOTO INTERMISSION: This clickable interlude features graphics by the talented Amazing_CA (1, 4); Clayquebec1 (2); ABeautifulMind (3); and Fivegoldens (5).

Michael Orland Reflects on Clay

In an interview published in the August issue of Image magazine, American Idol pianist/accompanist Michael Orland provided humorous and insightful reflections into Clay's appearance on the AI5 Finale (he didn't recognize his friend backstage while staring straight at him!), Clay's generosity in sharing the spotlight with others, and a prediction for our singer's future.

"I think Clay's new, great look is indicative of what's about to break for his future. He'll be hitting the music scene with fresh material in a big way. He's just got it -- he's that talented and that different."

Typically, the Image article bounced around Clay Cyberspace this past weekend. Anyone who missed it can read Orland's thoughts about Clay in the clickable scan below:

Clickable Image Magazine Scan

South Korean Fan Creates ATD Montage

One way international fans stay in touch with their favorite singer is through YouTube. Loveholic6364 of South Korea has created a beautiful montage by blending Clay's performances of A Thousand Days from this fall's Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Martha Stewart appearances.

This is copied from Loveholic's montage intro at YouTube: Claymates in Korea are not as big as that in US. But, we love Clay and his songs very much, just like you. We're very sorry for not releasing 'A Thousand Days.' Actually, we couldn't wait for this; so one of the Claymates in Korea made 'A Thousand Days' M/V on her own.

A very special montage, the three-concert A Thousand Days video is artistically constructed and includes lyrics in both English and Korean.

On a related topic, there are several very handsome photos from Clay's 9/26 JKL Mini-Concert at the 1iota website.

Cickable from JKL Mini-Concert,
1iota Productions Photo

OFC Links for Blogs

If you ever need a problem solved, Galadriel and Lisa1068 of the Official Fan Club are your team. With the unveiling of the new CA website on 9/14, they discovered there was no link to member blogs from the message board. However, these Clay fans persisted and located not one, but two solutions.

Galadriel has included her partner's step-by-step instructions for a signature link in her current OFC blog, A Solution Has Been Found, and homepage directions in her previous entry, A Mystery To Be Solved.

For the latter, insert your OFC [or other] blog link as your homepage in EDIT PROFILE. When members click on another person's screen name, up to six options appear -- view public profile, send a PM, send an email, etc., with the fourth item being the homepage/blog link.

Currently, the catch with the homepage link is that when you log out, you must reset it in EDIT PROFILE under MY ACCOUNT upon returning. OFC admins, however, are tackling that little glitch as I type.

These perks should prove helpful for members who enjoy spending time on both sides of the OFC. Special thnx to Galadriel and Lisa1068 for hanging tough with this project and sharing their findings!

Have a great week, Clay Nation!


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