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Clay Aiken Charms Mullally Show

HOT ROCK GOD -- Clay Aiken and his "mates" were a hit on Thursday's Megan Mullally Show. Graphic by Amazing_CA.

His 'Mates' Rule, Too!

Clay Aiken Charms Mullally Show

BLOGGER FORUM: This week we started a FORUM FOR BLOGGERS on the Clay Aiken Official Fan Club Message Board, and the response has been amazing. Links and information are being shared, questions asked and answered. Hopefully, as the thread grows, it will prove an excellent source for new and veteran bloggers alike. Thnx to all who are spreading the word and lending their expertise to the forum! -- Caro

Anyone reading Clay Aiken message boards knows that fans bounced off the walls all day long following Thursday's appearance by Clay & Co. on the Megan Mullally Show.

Most Internet fans already had the scoop prior to the show due to in-depth recaps by those who attended Wednesday's taping. It was no surprise that Clay would demonstrate his absolute control over Claymate rowdiness (er enthusiasm) with conducting cut-offs, a gesture that amazed Megan during a commercial and one she asked him to exhibit again with the cameras rolling.

After the singer's performance of A Thousand Days from his new CD, A Thousand Different Ways, Clay and Megan discussed a variety of topics, one being his new look, which she first labeled "nerd chic" and then changed to "hot rock god."

On cue, the Claymate audience went bonkers. A congenial Clay jokingly quipped, "Now after that, they might be YOUR followers."

Apparently, Clay fans were as much a hit with the production crew as the host, and many were told they were by far the best -- most exciting -- audience the MMS has ever had. I think the staff would dial up a Claymate audience for every show if possible.

Some of Clay's interview can be seen on the Megan Mullally website. For best results, hold down the CTRL key, double click on the clip, and select full screen version.

Fan Experiences 'Clay Fog'

In her recap at Clayversity, SmartyPantsSuz shared the following report about a guest who experienced the singer in a live setting for the first time:

One of the people that attended with me was the receptionist from my office. She likes Clay, I've given her DVDs and CDs before, but she has never seen him in person. She left the show in that "Clay Fog" most of us experience the first time we see him up close. It's very cool to watch someone go through that for the first time -- to see that initial, personal comprehension of, and appreciation for, his charisma, talent, and the magic he weaves. In fact, as I was writing my recap, I received this email from her:

Just a quick note of thanks for the life-changing day. I truly understand why you have such strong feelings for Clay. I really don't know how to put into words how lucky I feel to have seen Clay in such a small venue the first time. I don't know if I'm making much sense right now, but I know you understand completely how I'm feeling.

I wonder how many more fogs Clay created in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday. It's for sure Megan's "HAWT ROCK GOD" phrase will be making the rounds on CA message boards for some time to come.

PHOTO INTERMISSION: Special thanks to all Clay fans who cap television appearances and share them online. These clickables from the Megan Mullally Show were provided by Mguffey5 and Gerwhisp:


11/17: Regis&Kelly Show: Co-host and Performer
11/21: American Music Awards: Presenter
11/22: Tyra Banks Show -- See Promo Here
11/28: Release of "All Is Well - Songs for Christmas" EP
12/1 - 12/23: Christmas Symphony Tour
12/22: Days of Our Lives (Performance: EIH and OHN)

Clickable Graphic by Cindilu2

ATDW Goes Gold!

Congratulations to Clay, whose new album, ATDW, has officially been certified "gold" (500,000 shipped in the US), as signified by the RIAA dot appearing next to the CD's current Billboard 200 listing in the clickable below.

From Billboard 200 (Clickable)

Fanbase Spans Decades

Among today's pop artists, Clay Aiken's legions of fans are a phenomenon, spanning multiple decades from young children and teens to seniors. My mother was a huge fan until her death at age 93; and my mother-in-law, a youngster in her 80s, enjoys watching Clay's performances on TV, as well as listening to his CDs.

The morning after the re-airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live my friend Sally received a phone call from her beloved Aunt Bosie (Florence) in Louisiana. Aunt Bosie, 84, is legally blind and often sits very close to her television set in order to watch a program.

"Honey, I saw your Clay Aiken fellow last night," she informed her niece. "I put my nose right up against the TV, and ... he's so CUTE!"

Sally agreed and began telling her aunt a little about Clay's Christian background and benevolent endeavors -- the Bubel/Aiken Foundation, UNICEF, presidential appointment, etc.

All met with Aunt Bosie's approval, but every time she returned to her original assessment, "And he's so CUTE!!!"

Pretty Singing Boy

Sunnydays recently shared the following story about her three-year-old niece at the Clackhouse and Clayversity:

My niece and nephew were visiting again this weekend. While taking her bath, my niece asked for some music. Clay was the only mellow, quiet, before-bed CD I had in the bathroom player, so I pushed "play." I was washing her hair as "Lonely No More" came on; she couldn't sit still and began moving to the music. So much for mellow. After putting on her pajamas and watching some TV, she came to me with her poodle blanket and said, "Put me to bed, and bring that pretty singing boy, too."

"Hot Rock God" and "Pretty Singing Boy" -- no arguments here. Have a great weekend, Clay Nation!


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Vox Vixen said...

Great Blog. I did one on the MM show also. I really liked his appearance on the show. He was gorgeous and funny.

I'll have to check out the bloggers thread on OFC. Can you direct me to it?

Yay for being certified Gold.

Take care,


touchstone2 said...

Fantastic blog! Thanks for recounting the show so well, and helping us to relive the magic.

I also appreciate all the lovely graphics you always feature; wonderful stuff!