Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Montages Broadcast Aiken Tunes

ON MY WAY HERE: Since May 6, Clay Aiken has promoted his beautiful new CD from the East Coast to the West. Graphic by Amazing_CA.

LAP & LACIE Take Charge

Montages Feature OMWH Songs

Clay Aiken's incredible new CD On My Way Here is an eclectic collection of beautiful songs, which many are sharing via superb new montages created by his talented fans.

LAP (laptop): So what do you think of that lead, Lace? I don't usually have to write these things; I just punch in the words.

LACIE (external hard drive): Right on, Lap! I think we should lend the busy Caro a hand and upload a new blog for her.

LAP: Caro is all over the place preparing for Wednesday's much-anticipated visit by her daughter and grandson Kai, so this is the least we can do. The plane arrives at 2:35 p.m. TODAY!

LACIE: Actually, we haven't blogged since the middle of February. OUCH -- that
girl is cleaning everything in sight, including us!

LAP: Some friends helped her rearrange furniture Monday, so we were offline from Sunday night until noon Tuesday.

LACIE: Hrumph, I noticed she plugged you in first.

LAP: But when she needed to download a montage, she punched your number.

LACIE: For those wondering about Sunday's big spring recital, everything went very well and the place was packed, so we hear.

Spring Recital in the Round

LAP: Not only were there friends and relatives in front of the students, but an equal number had to sit behind them, too.

LACIE: Recital in the round! HEEE!!!!!

LAP: Of course, we weren't present, but afterwards we heard Caro talking to students and parents and responding to email. Instruments represented included piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, and oboe.

LACIE: About half the 20 students were playing in their very first recital. I bet Bach, Mozart, and the gang would have been as pleased as the teach.

LAP: Uh huh, and everyone did the "hippopotamus" bow. Works like a charm every time!

LACIE: At the end of the recital, two students gave their teacher lovely flower bouquets.

LAP: A thunderstorm hit the area just as the recital ended. Caro was the last one out, and you can picture her with two huge bouquets, all her accompaniments, extra programs, music left by students, etc.

LACIE: She wisely waited for the storm to pass, walked to her car with her umbrella, and drove under the breezeway to load all the rest. Now that should catch everyone up on the big weekend musicale.

LAP: Sunday night Caro discovered several montages fans have created with songs from Clay Aiken's new CD, On My Way Here.

LACIE: Nobody sings like Clay, and I just lurve his blond hair! (Swoon!) Where's that church fan?

LAP: Sheesh, the Aiken Fog just moved in on Lacie! We'll be right back with the montage info following this photo interlude. Actually, I'll be back. Lacie will probably be down for the count after these graphics.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable interlude are graphics and photos by six visual artists: Amazing_CA, photos by Shineinnc, 1 and 5; Amazing_CA, photo by tiggy52wiggle, 2; Ambassador of Love, photo by Eric Ogden, 3; and ChaChaTrusty, photos by Eric Ogden, 4.

Montages Enter 'Viral' Arena

LAP: Clay's fans are sharing YouTube links to various OMWH montages so that others can hear his spectacular new songs. By emailing the links to friends and family, they are actively participating in an effective form of viral marketing.

LACIE: Just leading 'em down the path, IMO. Most people love the songs once they hear them, and his voice is the best!

LAP: The first one we recommend is a montage set to the title track by Aspiegirl. You can link to "On My Way Here" at YouTube with the cover photo below.

Photo links to "OMWH" montage by Aspiegirl.

China Earthquake Paired with GOG

LACIE: Northernguychina's slideshow of the recent earthquake in China was set to Clay's "Grace of God" by Renegade79. You can view it at YouTube: Grace of God.

LAP: Clay's songs really lend themselves to the Dancing With the Stars Show. First, here is
Apolo and Julianne: The Reunion accompanied by Clay's passionate "Something About Us," created by Betty897x.

LACIE: In a montage by musicg57, DWTS Season 6 contestants dance the Viennese waltz to another new CA song, Sacrificial Love.

LAP: And Yollie950's new montage, Reveal Me Completely, is set to another album song, "The Real Me."

LACIE: There is so much news we aren't covering -- OMWH cracking the Mediabase AC Top 30, Clay's interview with Steppin' Out Magazine in which he talks about his Idol fame and Broadway future.

LAP: Don't forget all the Clay-Ruben comparisons with Season 7's AI final two and the important voting going on at

Audience Awards Voting Continues

LACIE: Everyone needs to cast his/her vote for Clay in the 9th Annual Audience Awards at Singerman is nominated for both Favorite Breakthrough Performance (Male) and Favorite Replacement (Male).

LAP: Don't forgot Hannah Waddington as Favorite Replacement Female and Spamalot for Favorite Long-Running Broadway Show.

LACIE: Voting continues through midnight May 29, and winners will be announced the next day.

LAP: It is important to choose one winner in every category, and you can only vote once from your email address. Here is the ballot. Go, Clay, Hannah, and Spamalot!!!

LACIE: While we get to know Caro's grandson Kai, be sure to keep up with all the news at
Clay's Daily Double.

: Something tells us our little visitor will be writing his own blog during the month in Carolina.

LACIE: He sure can't post one without you, Lap; so I guess we'll help him out. He is our cousin, right?

Kai, the blogger! -- Graphic by Sally

LAP: I notice that Vibajajo requested a pix of Kai holding the new CD. We'd better put that on Caro's TO DO list. We also made a list of blogs that she will be visiting.

LACIE: As always, we've enjoyed catching up with all you Clay fans. Thnx for stopping by the Carolina corner

: We are letting the "vacationing" Clay Aiken have the final word with this graphic by Amazing_CA/photo by

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

THANK YOU CARO! Another total entertainment package :)

Lap & Lacie are going to keep me busy for the rest of the week with all the super links to follow up on.

HI to the arriving family!!


Sandy said...

Hi Caro,

My two favourite girls are back I see! And did you keep them busy or what! It’s no wonder they haven’t blogged since mid-February…you wear them out…LOL! I hope you are as busy as a bee and enjoying your wonderful grandson and daughter. I can hardly wait to see some pictures and hear all about the reunion. Connor is going to be here tomorrow and Saturday, so I thought I better get a comment out to you before then.

What a pot pourri of news and some very beautiful montages. I was so happy to see that Aspiegirl is back as her montages are awesome! I viewed her new one set to “On My Way Here” and to see the opening with the black and white kitchen floor really set the mood to watch this montage.

Congratulations on a successful recital! Are the lessons now over until the fall?

I am really missing Clay after all those months of seeing and hearing about him almost every day. He really deserves a well earned rest though. Knowing Clay, this rest will probably last a few weeks and then he’ll start to get antsy! Imagine though all the unfinished tasks that are now getting completed by us fans who also took a hiatus from the humdrum of housework and cooking through Clay’s run in Spamalot. I hear that cobwebs are getting dusted, baking is getting done…please Clay come and rescue us!

Our tickets to see the NY Yankees came by UPS the other day and you should have seen the grin on my husband’s face! I could have sworn I have never seen him that happy. Now I know what my face looks like when I head out to see Clay in concert…LOL! We are leaving for NYC on June 17 and staying until June 21 so we will have more time to take in some sightseeing than the girls and I had.

Have a great weekend!


CCOL4HIM said...

Those are some great pictures. Have fun with Kai. Take care and God bless. Love Always, Cynthia AKA ccol4him or crazy4clayntn.