Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aiken Concerts Celebrate Smiles

'When I See You Smile' with Flat Clay at Pala SRHP
Montage by Goldarngirl and Luckiest1

Twitter Spreads Weekend News

Fans Rewind Concert Videos

On a weekend when the world witnessed unbelievable fallout following the Iranian elections, I kept in touch via Twitter and alternated between viewing Clay Aiken concert videos and working my way through this spring's ever-expanding movie stash.

With much of mainstream media in "time out" Saturday, the major news of the day, the Iranian elections and aftermath, were covered brilliantly on The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan, Twitter (see #Iranelection and other trending topics), and Huffington Post.

Like many Americans, I also pushed the pause button to reflect on the first anniversary of the death of beloved TV journalist Tim Russert, described by NBC's Keith Olbermann as "the light" of the network.

Spontaneity Shines in Performances

The opening WISYS video from the 8/3/07 Pala Concert of the Soft Rock Hard Place Summer Tour is a favorite among Clay fans everywhere. An excellent example of the singer's ability to incorporate spontaneity and humor into his performances, the montage by Goldarngirl and Luckiest1 features the ensemble's serenade to Flat Clay, a life-sized cardboard version of Singerman.

If you have the time, here are some YouTube links that will provide hours of entertainment:

Clay Aiken AND Goldarngirl/Luckiest1

Clay Aiken AND Dreamlarge

Clay Aiken AND Banter

Clay Aiken AND Chardonnay

The latter includes the "Best of NACT Banter 2006" montages by Chardonnay. Featured in this player is 50's Banter/Unchained Melody, a Jukebox Tour compilation by Dreamlarge.

50's Banter/Unchained Melody - Montage by Dreamlarge
Atlantic City, Jukebox Tour, Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 2005

One Step Forward, Two Back

One of my summer goals is to view the gold mine of recorded movies on my DIRECTV receiver and make room for more. The only problem is that for every film I watch, I seem to program two or three more. Sometimes I pick a loser, but I've learned to be cold-hearted and quickly hit the DELETE button.

This weekend's winners have run the gamut from August Rush and Antwone Fisher to Deja Vu and 7 Things To Do Before I'm 30. I have even enjoyed some oldies I missed the first time around like The First Wives Club and Last Holiday.

In watching the opening credits for Choosing Mathias, I thought I recognized a name and promptly rewound to double-check. Sure enough, Gordon Hookailo, son of CA fan Marian, was in charge of sound for this 2001 movie.

As I type, my receiver is at 85% capacity. Reckon I'd better plan on a movie marathon tonight!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Below is a clickable interlude featuring graphics from the present, as well as the Jukebox and SRHP Tours. They include Amazing_CA, photos by Invisible926, 1, and toni7babe, 2; cindilu2, photo by Tasapio, 3; Amazing_CA, photos by Tasapio, 4; and Amazing_CA, 5.

Time Takes Toll on A/C Unit

It should be no surprise that the parts and parcels of my dwelling are winding down in a fashion similar to the human body. Friday I wrote a check for $233 to revive my home's cooling system.

The repairman informed me the A/C unit has been around for approximately 30 years and is so ancient that the company no longer manufactures replacement parts for the model.

His worksheet summary brought to mind parallels between machinery and humans: "It's still cooling, just not at new capacity."

Ain't it so!?!?!

In this final funny bone tickle, a tractor accompanies three guitars playing Sweet Georgia Brown. The very popular YouTube video was uploaded by janakeragnar.

Tractor Drums for 'Sweet Georgia Brown'

For more, see Train Goes Through Market and a whole play list of chuckles at Howl TV.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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SueReu said...

Hey Caro!! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi before I went to dinner (buffet - got on my sweats *hee hee*)

I'll be back to watch the wonderful vidoes when I get home!!!

Ashes said...

Wow Caro! Lots of entertainment here :)
There's enough to keep me busy all evening for sure.
Sorry about your AC, my old fans are going full blast here.
Neat find of Marian's son credit on the movie! You are so observant.

Thanks for the great blog!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Thanks for the blog Caro! I love Pala's WISYS! Clay at his very best! Beautiful graphics again too! Now off to watch the rest of the videos!

musicfan said... was fun to visit here today. I was lucky enough to have been at Pala and to have seen Clay sing to Flat Clay. It was really cute.

You have a lot of things here so I will have to come back tomorrow to see it all. I am babysitting my grandchildren tonight (twins-2 year olds)

Thank you so much for the time you spend to entertain and educate us!! And, you make it so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for a fun and interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, enjoyed it allot. Sorry the air cond. is on the fritz. Everything has to get old...:(
Love watching those videos! Thanks!~ Take care, A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

jeann11 said...

I wasn't at Pala, but I was lucky enough to be able to get a DVD of it.Great show!

copingincalifornia said...

I was at Pala! Clay was a birthday present to myself. Em, that didn't come out right!!

CLM said...

Excellent Blog Caro. I loved it as usual. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

A most interesting blog. Clay Aiken sure is fun in concert :)

Barbara said...

Caro, what a great blog! I enjoyed the videos and photo interlude. The Pala performance of WISYS is one of my favorites from the tour AEWCA.

Sounds like you'll be watching a lot of movies. Ron just went last night to the video store a check out more movies. Between that and the ones on TV, I think we will be entertained for awhile. LOL

Thanks for all of the special goodies you share with us in your entries!

Love and hugs,


Chardonnay said...

How did I miss this?!!! This blog was a treasure trove!

And thanks so much for the pimp! I was wondering why there was so much traffic whizzing by.

Anyway, just another amazing one Caro! I think I'm gonna come back and spend a couple of hours in here. And of course you'll know exactly HOW much time I spend won't you.. hahahahaha