Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clay Aiken Marks First Father's Day

BABY OF MINE -- In this graphic design, Cindilu2 included the words to a lullaby Clay sang to his son Parker on "Good Morning, America."

Cyber Celebrations for Clay, Parker

Fans Fete First Father's Day

Clay Aiken will celebrate his first Father's Day with son Parker on Sunday, but his fans are already waxing poetic in posts throughout Cyberspace and commemorating the occasion with creative graphic designs and video montages.

A moving tribute by Jan Dillberg -- Father's Day - The first for Clay Aiken -- is featured at The Ideal Idol:

On August 8th, 2008, at 8:08AM, celebrity Clay Aiken and his dear friend and noted record producer Jaymes Foster became parents. On June 21st, 2009, Clay -along with other fathers around the country- will celebrate his own first Father's Day.

Clay has said many times in the past that he wanted children. After the birth of his son, he stated publicly that "coming out" was the first real decision he made as a father. He also said that he "could not raise a child to lie or hide things", and added that he wants his son to always be free to be who he is and to know that he is accepted.

Fans of 'Clay Aiken the Performer' know that he brings them joy when he sings - and laughter as he banters hilariously with the audience during his concerts. But just as importantly, 'Clay Aiken the Father' will bring joy, laughter and integrity to the very important job of parenting his own precious child.

Happy Father's Day, Clay!

Happy First Father's Day, Clay - Montage by Luluasst

The montage Happy First Father's Day, Clay combines photos and videos from Parker's first 10 months with the Brahms Lullaby sung in English and French by Celine Dion. The montage by Luluasst can be viewed at YouTube and downloaded with this Sendspace link.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Below are five Father's Day graphics from Parker's first year, featuring Fountaindawg, 1 and 5; Amazing_CA, photo by PermaSwooned, 2; Amazing_CA, 3; and Laura08, 4.

With permission, this is the Father's Day poem written for Clay by ymarie, a Clayveristy member:

For Your First Father's Day

by ymarie

He looks down at his son with pride
His heart is so full of love inside
For this precious, precious gift of love
Bestowed on him by God above.

I’m sure there’ll be times, as he dries his son’s tears,
When he’s suddenly plagued by doubts and fears.
Will he be able to teach him right from wrong?
Will he be able to help him grow up strong?

Will he always do what’s best for his child?
Will he grow up meek, will he grow up wild?
How will he know if he’s doing what’s right?
Will he know when to run, will he know when to fight?

Well, Clay, you’ll do what you’ve always done,
You’ll teach by example, and your small son
Will learn what it means to be a man
Of character and integrity, who will take a stand.

He’ll make mistakes, as we all do,
But you’ll be right there to help him through.
He’s already got the foundation he needs.
His father’s love will help him succeed.

So, Clay, on your very first Father’s Day,
I wish you such joy, more than I can say.
Enjoy your day with your sweet little son,
In the game of life, you’ve already won.

Below are clickables of new Father's Day graphics by Fountaindawg, 1 and 3, and the opening "Baby of Mine" design by cindilu2. Thnx to Gerwhisp and Ashes, a download of Clay singing Baby of Mine is also included:

As in seasons past, this blog pays homage to our family's Three Father Lions, whose narratives were shared here in 2007 and 2008.

This June I am delighted to include Father's Day greetings for a very special Singer Man. I wonder if Parker whipped out a credit card and purchased his Dad a new iPhone. *g*

Clickable by Sally

Wishing the Father Lions of your life a very memorable celebration. Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


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musicfan said...

Caro......thanks for this Father's Day blog. I bet Clay is already excited to be celebrating!!

Your blogs are always so interesting and I am so glad I have a chance to read them.

It's a beautiful........lets all celebrate Clay, the new father!!

Ashes said...

Lovely Father's Day blog, Caro.
Betcha Clay is very excited and proud to have his first Father's Day celebration.


lynnie said...

Great blog. Happy first Father's Day Clay....ENJOY

SueReu said...

Very nice blog!!! Happy Father's Day to Clay Aiken!!!

fgs said...

Beautiful graphics and nice blog for Clay's first father's day. I bet he is looking forward to it. He has a beautiful little baby boy!

MissSally said...
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MissSally said...

Jan Dillberg's tribute is beautifully written, thanks for posting it in your blog, Caro.

I'm so happy that Clay will be celebrating as a father himself on Sunday. Parker is blessed to have such a loving & caring daddy.

clayitagain said...

What a great blog..Thank you for sharing this...I love the picture montages as well.

I bet this will be such a special day for Clay and Parker... Clay will just be beaming....He wanted a child so badly....


katy said...

How exciting for Clay Aiken to be celebrating his first father's day. It's something he's always wanted, I believe.

lulu said...

Wonderful blog as usual. Guess it's a very good way to say Happy Fathers Day to Clay Aiken and all the other dads!!

kallie said...

Lovely blog, Caro. Thanks for recognizing Clay Aiken!!!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting ~ a new baby to love. Hope Clay enjoys his Day.You did a nice job and just love to see the pics! Thank U so much . God bless you and your family! Donna in Wi.

Truth Rules said...

This makes me all mushy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Father's Day blog.

Barbara said...

Caro, what a wonderful blog to in celebration of Clay's first Father's Day!

Hope he has a special and happy day this Sunday.

Enjoyed the montage by Luluasst. It's so sweet. Parker is a cutie.

Love and hugs,


deyabird said...

What a beautiful blog and tribute to Clay Aiken. I am so happy that he is celebrating his first father's day with that beautiful baby boy.

CLM said...

Oh Caro.........I love the new blends you added by Fountaindawg. They're beautiful.

Sandy said...

Thanks Caro for the time you take to put together such wonderful blogs! Clay and fatherhood are such a natural pairing, so it's great that he will celebrate his first father's day this year. Parker is such an adorable little boy and I can only imagine the loving relationship those two have! I just finished watching the video at Palo with flat Clay and we sometimes forget what a "comedien" Clay is! He most definitely would not need writers if he had his own talk show...the one liners come from no where!

Have a wonderful weekend!



LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blog Caro! Lots of great stuff! Happy Father's Day to Clay and to my Dad! Love to them both!

copingincalifornia said...

OK that poem really got to me. Thank you so much also Caro for including my fathers day montage. You are a gem.


Allegra said...

Terrific graphic of a very happy father. :) I hope both Clay and Parker have a beautiful day together.

Thanks for the lovely blog.

T said...

Great Father's Day blog. So special for Clay because this is his first Father's Day. Love the montage, poem and all the beautiful graphics.

Thanks so much Caro and cheers to you!

Chardonnay said...

Absolutely beautiful once again Caro! And you were so ahead of everyone with your Father's Day blog that it appeared pretty far down in my updates. So I almost missed it.

SO glad I didn't!

jbc4clay said...

This is such a special day for Clay.
It is a wonderful blog. Thanks Caro.

Happy Father's Day Clay!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Father's Day to ALL and most of all to Clay Aiken

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Yeah....I FINALLY got in!! For some reason IE kept kicking me out, I can not run the montage, but I will keep trying.

What a awesome First Father's Day blog for Clay. I just know he is having a GREAT day.

Hope your having a great weekend.......