Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Clay Aiken Fans Cheer for Charity

Power of the Dream - National Inclusion Project
Montage by LovesClaysVoice

Current Giveaway Leader

NIP Receives Exceptional Rating

How's this for a red letter week for the National Inclusion Project, Clay Aiken, and his fans?

  • Fans Campaign for Top Giveaway Prize

    Shortly after 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, the National Inclusion Project slipped into first place in the Christie Cookies Charity Giveaway. The close race to claim the top prize of $10,000 for the charity co-founded in 2003 by Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel continues through 11:59 p.m. CST on Oct. 15.

  • Charity Evaluator Awards Four Stars

    On Sunday, Oct. 4, Charity Navigator awarded the National Inclusion Project a coveted four-star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow finances. The "exceptional" designation from America's premier charity evaluator differentiates NIP from its peers. You can view the full report at the evaluation site here.

  • Foundation Lists Gala Auction Items

    Dinner with Clay Aiken and friends for 10 people, framed sheet music for "You Won't Succeed on Broadway" from Spamalot, and a LuAnn Book autographed by author Greg Evans and Clay are among the scores of live/silent auction items that will be available at the Oct. 17 Champions Gala, attendees learned in an email Tuesday. See Champions Gala Auction for a complete listing.

  • MySpace Streams Surpass 2.5 Million

    Streams of "On My Way Here," the title track for Clay's 2008 album, hit the 2.5 million mark at the singer's MySpace page Tuesday afternoon. Amid milestone celebrations, streaming continues and the numbers are still rising.

Clickables of cindilu2's new October calendar and the same graphic without dates celebrate the new month with gems from the past. Widescreen versions can be downloaded at her Yuku site.

Tax Deed Deserves Bullet, Too!

As much as my 2008 income tax project has consumed this week, I probably should include a bullet for the fact that the deed is finally finished and in the afternoon mail.

During the ritual that annually commemorates my propensity for procrastination, I took brief, occasional breaks to cruise CA message boards, Twitter, and the ongoing charity giveaway.

I missed the #1 cresting, but cheered the progress all week. The NIP link takes you to the results page for the latest tallies:

1. National Inclusion Project Raleigh, NC
2. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Lenexa, KS
3. Young Singers Foundation Tulsa, OK
4. Child Advocacy Center Murfreesboro, TN
5. Ronald McDonald House Winston-Salem, NC

In the days remaining, inclusion supporters are busily recruiting more email votes to maintain the new lead. On Oct. 15, the top two charities will receive $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, with the next 10 winning $1,000 each.

Click on the image above or this voting link to cast additional email ballots at the Charity Giveaway site. The “National Inclusion Project” is in the pull-down menu.

In a post Tuesday, CA fan LadyD shared the thank-you email she prepared for friends and relatives supporting NIP. Included is info about the foundation with links to the National Inclusion Project, Charity Navigator, and Christie Cookie Charity Giveaway websites, as well as montages and videos on YouTube.

Suggestions for the latter include Power of the Dream by LCV, National Inclusion Project by SueReu, and What It's All About, Clay's speech at the 2008 Gala, posted by Wowzers4Clay.

Naturally, during my preoccupation with numbers, new pictures of grandchildren Lia, one week shy of 5 months, and Kai, 2, arrived. The clickable photos are from Kai's September birthday party.

It's great to be back online. Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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PaulaBear said...

Thanks, caro, for updating all the exciting Clay Aiken news this week!! I love your new pics of Kai and Lia ... absolutely beautiful children!!

fgs said...

There's a variety of things going on right now with the Christie's Cookies contest, the great news about the high rating for NIP from Charity Navigator, and the Gala coming up in just over a week. Add in a few beautiful graphics and the wonderful montage from LCV and you have a wonderful blog.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Thank you Caro for always keeping us up to date on everything Clay Aiken! I am so proud of Clay and the National Inclusion Project! Not to mention the Clay Nation for pulling ahead in the Christie Cookie Contest! Hopefully we can keep the lead and win the $10,000 for the foundation! Thanks for featuring my montage and for the beautiful graphics! Your grandchildren are gorgeous!!!

Ashes said...

Yeh for Clay Aiken and the National Inclusion Project!! It's great to see all the milestones listed that have been happening the last few days. The Christie Cookie contest is solid proof that networking is still a great way to spread the word.

Thank you for the darling photos of the grandkids!!

Good to see you back :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wow! Another wonderful blog from you. I think LCV's montage is one of my favorites, I think Clay should see it and it should be played at the Gala. It is wonderful!!

The Fans Did It!! Christie's Cookies contest #1....now we just have to keep it there for another week. We Can Do It!!!

Your grandchildren are both so adorable, I'll bet you miss them. I think it's time for another visit.

I haven't been to the OFC to much this week, just checking in on and off.

Hope your having a great week, now that taxes are done.


Anonymous said...

Your grandkids are so cute!

Thanks for the updates on Clay and NIP. Wish we could all go to the gala. All those who are going, have a great time!


Anonymous said...

Love your blogs, thanks! for the info always! Cute g.children! And sure will be happy to hear from Clay....whenever that happens...but those getting to go to Gala, sure hope they have fun and do not forget the rest of Us! (hoping for clack)Great blog, have a good wk.end .A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

musicfan said...

What a great blog. You have all the important Clay news in one blog.

I am so proud to be a Clay Aiken fan. Clay does so many wonderful things and his fans do so many wonderful things.

I hope I can find more fans that are willing to use their e-mails for votes

Caro........thank you for this great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Exciting news for Clay Aiken and his fans. The fans have worked hard on the Christie Cookie contest. And NIP earned a well deserved 4 star rating!!

Anonymous said...

Caro, thanks for another great blog about Clay Aiken and all the news about what is going on with NIP, Christie's Cookies and the Gala!!

Sharon said...

Wonderful blog caro. It's so great to see the success of the National Inclusion Project as it continues to make a difference in the lives of children across the country.

Congratulations to Clay, Diane Bubel and everyone involved with the Inclusion Project.

copingincalifornia said...

How wonderful for the Inclusion Project! I hope we keep it at the top and they win the money.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, love the montage especially. Nice looking grandkids, you must be proud!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Thanks for your blog. I just called my sister and will be helping her vote for NIP this weekend. One day baybe she can have a camp to go to also. That is my dream. :)

Love your adorable pictures of Kai and Lia. They are both adorable. When they visit, you now have two lil piano students to teach or chase from the piano. Heee.

Off to vote now.



katy said...

I love your blog & supporting Naional Inclusion Project. Also other charitable interest helping Clay Aiken's foundation.

Kallie said...

I'm proud that the NIP received the highest rating from Charity Navigator. It is well run by Clay and his people.

lulu said...

Your blogs continue to be top rate. I'm happy to see there are some new ways to promote NIP, Christie's Cookes, America's Giving Challenge, and the Gala for Clay Aiken..

katarina said...

Yea for the totals on Christie's Cookies for the National Inclusion Project!! Clay Aiken will be pleased to promote more inclusion!

clayam said...

This is exciting times for Clay Aiken fans, hope we earn lots of money for his National Inclusion Project!

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken and his fans - making a difference in the lives of children.

Proud to support him and his causes. He is just the best.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project highly rated! What else could we expect from this wonderful man!

Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news. I am more proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken than I've ever been. And his fans are the best!

PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken's fans continue to keep his charity out in front in the Christie Cookie competition!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great info! I am so proud of Clay Aiken and his foundation right now. It's a wonderful time to be a Clay fan.

ImGranny said...

What a great rating the National Inclusion Project got from Charity Navigator. I'm sure that made Clay Aiken and others in his charity very proud!

Anonymous said...

Clay is such a sincere and giving individual that he inspires others to do the same. His Inclusion Project tells a lot about the person he is and how important inclusion is to his vision of society.

claysweetea said...

Only 1 week until the Gala now. Cant wait. Thanks so much for this great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dianne!!!
Thanks so much for the Bday card. It was just beautiful, the ones from you always are ♥
I can't thank you enough for keeping me in the loop with "All Things Aiken" lol I just love coming here and catching up :) Great blogs as always!!!
I've been voting using lots of emails, but I have to tell you it's been so nice to get replies from friends that vote just cuz I asked them to help out. Touches my heart ♥
I can not believe how BIG Kai is! Wow 2 already :) and your little granddaughter is such a CUTIE PIE!!!
I hope all is well with you, and again ...thanks for keeping me "in the loop"
Have an awesome weekend

T said...

Caro, great blog and always excited to read the updates about Clay. Cheers to Clay and the National Inclusion Project. The Gala is coming up soon and looking forward to the photos & videos.

Beautiful October calendar from Cindilu. Miss her works and it's a delight seeing this.

Adorable photos of Kai and Lia. Makes me smile always!

Have a wonderful weekend. :)