Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clay Aiken Fans Remember 'Papa'

'Beautiful Star' graphic by cindilu2 from video screencap by jojoct.

Fans Post Condolences for Family

Clay Nation Mourns 'Papa Aiken'

Condolences for Clay Aiken and his family continue to pour in following the death of the beloved grandfather known to thousands through the writings of his grandson and a very special moment at the 2005 Joyful Noise Tour Concert in Raleigh.

Joseph Alvis Aiken, 87, Papa to his family and throughout the Clay Nation, passed away Friday at his North Carolina home. Condolences currently fill 20 pages at Clayonline, the singer's official website. Messages for the family can also be posted at the Brooks & White Funeral Home website.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to Duke Community Hospice Services, 4321 Medical Park Dr., Suite 101, Durham, NC, 27704.

CA fans are also making National Inclusion Project donations in honor of Papa through America's Giving Challenge at Facebook. Next planned donation day is the 24-hour period beginning at 3 p.m. EST Sunday. Membership is not required, and each contribution of at least $10 counts towards the foundation's total number of donations for the day.

A tribute to Papa and his grandson, who co-founded the National Inclusion Project, while providing opportunities for children throughout the nation -- quite a memorial!

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In the 2004 bestseller Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music of Your Life, Clay wrote poignantly of his beloved grandfather:

My papa has Alzheimer's now. When we see each other, his eye widen with recognition, but he has trouble saying the words. We hug instead, and he doesn't let go for a long time.

Granny says he can't remember much about his past and has difficulty processing the present. But he does ask about me. And if I happen to be on TV at night, he'll sit up and watch, no matter how late.

Recently Granny told me that Papa doesn't listen to the Grand Ole Opry at bedtime anymore. He listens to my CD's. Every night she asks if he might like to hear something different, but he refuses. Instead, he puts in my music and pushes "play."

It's as if I am still there, like I was as a child, lying beside him and singing him to sleep as the darkness falls.
- Clay Aiken in 'LTS'

With those paragraphs, Papa claimed a special place in the hearts of Clay Aiken fans. Following the 2005 Raleigh Concert during which Clay fulfilled his grandfather's longtime request and performed a bluegrass song, Beautiful Star of Bethlehen, Papa was unofficially adopted by the Clay Nation.

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - Montage by Hosaa
In memory of Joseph Alvis Aiken, 1922 - 2009

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, Papa Aiken. May you rest in peace as your memory lives on in our hearts ...


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Ashes said...

Caro, Thank you for the beautiful tribute and memories of Clay Aiken's beloved 'Papa'. May he rest in peace.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Thank you for the beautiful blog Caro! Such great memories of Clay singing to his Papa! My thoughts and prayers go out to Clay and his family. I hope he knows the Clay Nation is thinking of him today.

katy said...

One of my my favorite concert memories was Clay singing "Beautiful Star" to his Papa. RIP, Papa.

Cindy said...

Beautiful blog, Caro. My condolences to Clay and his family.

PaulaBear said...

What a sad day for the Aiken family. Clay spoke very lovingly of his Papa in his book. And his singing of "Beautiful Star" to his grandfather was a wonderful memory for the fans. I hope Clay and his family find peace and comfort in their cherised memories of 'Papa' as they go through the next difficult days.

MAE said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to Clay's Papa and family. I love the "Beautiful Star" and Clay expressing his love for his Papa by singing it bluegrass style. I'm praying for the Aiken family today.

tnmtmama said...

Lovely blog and wonderful video of a very special moment. Rest in peace, Mr. Aiken.

Allegra said...

RIP Grandpa Aiken

Thank you for a beautiful blog in remembrance.

copingincalifornia said...

Papa was the only stable male figure in Clay's life.Sad that he is gone. Thank you for the lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job, thank you for the nice blog. I pray the family is doing alright. Tough time right now, I am sure. Knowing, gpa's memories will live on. Sad time. Wonderful ,beautiful tribute! ~Donna in Wi.

T said...

Thanks so much Caro for your beautiful tribute to Clay's grandfather. It's sad news and knowing how much Clay loves him. He's at peace now. My sincerest sympathy & prayers to Clay and his family.

Seeing the graphics and montage brought back so much fond memories. I'm so glad that Clay got the chance to sing "Beautiful Star" for his grandfather.


sandy said...

Tears are swelling in my eyes reading the tributes to Clay on the passing of his grandfather.

This is such a beautiful blog in memory of "Papa".

I loved when Clay sang " Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" to his Papa. You can really tell that there was a special bond between them.

R.I.P. Papa Aiken



Anonymous said...

Caro Awesome tribute for Papa Alken. Margaret5828

gerra said...

A beautiful tribute to Papa Aiken. My thoughts and prayers go out to Clay and his family.


Hi Caro. Thanks for all your help with my new blog. I saw your beautiful blog this morning but I had to come out and I could not tell you how beautiful it is. I am very saddened by the great loss of Clay, my condolences to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

As I sit here teary eyed reading your blog, I feel so sad for Clay and the Aiken Family. Their wonderful Memories of "PaPa Aiken" will live in their hearts forever.

Wonerful Blog......


queenmama247 said...

What a lovely tribute. Thank you for the memories. Clay singing to 'Papa' brought tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

So thrilled I could come here today. It's hard not being able to get onto the fan site, but this makes it easier to bare. Great blog! Loved watching and listening to Clay sing his Christmas song.
I've been anxious to check out the cookie contest. Glad we're still in first, but we'll have to watch it closely. Lois

ImGranny said...

Thank you for this wonderful blog. It brings back some good memories. One of my favorites was Clay Aiken singing "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" for his grandfather.

claysweetea said...

Thank you, caro, for such a beautiful tribute to Clay's "Papa." Clay singing Beautiful Star of Bethlehem for his grandfather in JNT 2005 is a wonderful memory.

SueReu said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Clay Aiken and his family at this time.

I'm sure Papa Aiken is at peace and smiling down on them all right now.

Lisette said...

What is there to say.?
Listening to your voice talking about your Papa, tells me that you're not overwhelmed by the pain and the sorrow...
It releives me.
Take care Little Drummer Boy...
"grandma!" ( 65 years old and I have 6 grandchildren and one grand grand children....)I won't talk to you as of when we will see you in tour...even though we all miss you so much!

MissSally said...

If I had to pick a favorite moment from any of Clay's Christmas tours, it would be this one.

Godspeed Papa, Shine On.