Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Clay Aiken Serenades Chaotic Ride

Everything I Don't Need - Montage by Gerwhisp

Forewarning of Traffic Jam

EIDN Accompanies Hectic Day

Close adherence to schedule and a healthy dose of good luck are key ingredients for the days I teach music in a neighboring city. Monday my drive was bereft of the latter and everything I didn't need.

With Clay Aiken belting out his On My Way Here track Everything I Don't Need on my car's sound system, you could say I was forewarned that something was askew ...

Music books in tow, I hit the main drag between Greensboro and High Point 35 minutes before my 2:45 p.m. piano student at Wesleyan Christian Academy. Just one mile from my house, my car came to an abrupt standstill behind four lanes of non-moving vehicles as far as the eye could see, all trapped and going nowhere.

Frenzied Drive Follows Bottleneck

Weighing options, I noticed there were no vehicles in the approaching four lanes. At the rear of the inside lane, I happened to be in the right position to make a U-turn into an exit leading to an alternate route. The lazy, two-lane road I generally use for a peaceful drive home was nothing but hectic in the early afternoon.

Hoping to contact Brenda, my first piano student, I left messages at two academy numbers. At the first stop light, I frantically shuffled through student info sheets for the cell phone number of her father, dialed wrong, then correctly, and finally left him a message, too.

A similar traffic jam and resolution occurred last summer, but Monday's frenzied maneuvers played out in prime time for elementary school dismissal. My car quicly became the caboose for three school buses, each stopping 1-3 times before turning onto a side street.

Thank Goodness for Cell Phones!

I needed three sets of hands for this wacky trip, but thank goodness for cell phones! As the clock ticked towards to the first appointment, the studio director returned my call and I gave Brenda the assignment to warm up. A few minutes later, her father called. As I turned onto the Wesleyan's street, I was thanking him for waiting.

After the crazed drive, the lesson began only seven minutes late. The next student was tardy, and the buffer after his lesson came in handy.

Hours later while driving my normal two-lane route home, I called a friend to see if anything had appeared on the local news RE the traffic bottleneck.

Sure enough, an overturned tractor trailer was the culprit and the source of everything I didn't need Monday. Not just me -- but also the injured truckers and the hundreds of vehicles caught in the web that lasted several hours!

Clay Aiken Speaks at HRC Gala - Fountaindawg/Cotton

Clay-Ruben Concert in Biltmore Series

Meanwhile, Monday was a really good day for "Tried and True" CD news. According to a Twitter post, BeLikeWater Productions, a music production and artist management company, is in the midst of mastering Clay's TNT album.

BeLikeWaterProd: Vlado mastering the new Clay Aiken album for Decca. Dave Novik in the studio.

Not long after the Biltmore Concert Series for June-October was posted, news spread through Clay Cyberspace that Singer Man and Ruben Studdard are scheduled for the South Terrace on July 23.

Hopefully, just the first date of a cross-country summer tour promoting the TNT album!

Clay To Guest on 'Phineas and Ferb'

The kids upfront season began in earnest Tuesday night as Disney Channels Worldwide presented US advertisers and the press with its 2010-11 slate of programming for Disney Channel and Disney XD.
This summer both networks will premiere a new one-hour episode of Phineas and Ferb that features guest stars Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan.

'Turnaround' Highly Recommended

If you haven't read Living in Turnaround's take on Saturday's Human Rights Campaign Gala speeches by Clay and actor-producer Meredith Baxter, follow this link. Here's a hint:

As HRC's speechwriters found out when Aiken declined their assistance, you can't put words in the mouth of the kind of person Clay Aiken is.

He is an eloquent and gifted writer, a thoughtful, inspirational and funny speaker and I think it is obvious that, for the things to which he is deeply committed (inclusion for children with disabilities through the Project, support for children in crisis through UNICEF and now support of equal rights for the LGBT community), Clay speaks perfectly well for himself.

Clay Aiken is finally being recognized for his thoughtfulness, his intelligence, his humor, and his dedicated activism for the causes he believes in.

It's about damn time.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



SueReu said...

Sorry about the Monday traffic, that sounds like a hot mess (I was watching a Clay Aiken banter video this morning - can you tell?). Glad it all worked out and sending positive thoughts to the truck driver!

I can't make it to Ashville, so I hope that's the first of many concerts to be leaked, er, announced!!! but I DO watch Phineas & Ferb (thanks to a 12 year old son) so I'm really looking forward to the one hour show with Clay Aiken & Chaka Khan!

Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

So much great news about Clay Aiken. He is so talented whether singing or speaking. The Phineas & Ferb appearance sounds like it will be a lot of fun.


katy said...

I'm loving hearing all the tidbits about Clay Aiken. Phineas & Ferb, another experience I've never had. Will be watching.

lulu said...

2010 is going to be a banner year for Clay Aiken. TV, tour, special. I'm proud to be a fan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wow, your traffic nightmare, or should I say daymare, sounds like a real mess! Glad it all worked out for you.

My grandson loves Phineas & Ferb, gee, now I do to *lol*....looking forward to the one hour show with Clay.

I am going to be in Alaska until July 24th....I'm stressed!!! I can not believe Clay & Ruben's Concert is the 23rd at the Biltmore! Why couldn't it be another weekend? Clay, Ruben and The Biltmore would be awesome!! Sure hope this is the beginning of more concerts. My fingers and toes are crossed.

Hope your week is going much better then the way it started on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Clay's music certainly soothes the soul no matter what little or big kink is happening in life. I known I have used his voice many a time to calm me down.

I really don't know what remastering means, I assume it means fine tuning the sound, whatever gets us close to it debut is ok with me.

Great press for Clay. IADT

Hugs Margaret

Anonymous said...

2010 - the best ever year for Clay Aiken. Thanks for the updates! I always enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your traffic jam. I have been in many of those myself.

It is getting so exciting in Clayland lately. Clay and Rubin performing together in Ashville. This is one concert I am hoping to go to.

Also, the Phineas & Ferb show. My children are all grown up..but, hey, I'm not...just kidding. But, I will be tuned in. Thanks for the blog.

jbc4clay said...

Don't you just love days like that? Glad it ended on a better note.

I watched Phineas & Ferb for the first time yesterday - cute show. I bet it is going to be a fun one with Clay Aiken and Chaka Khan.

ImGranny said...

It's exciting to hear about the appearances for Clay Aiken that are starting to be leaked. I can't wait to log on every day to see if there has been even more news. It's like old times!

Anonymous said...

Love the blogs always, learn allot and thanks!! Donna in Wi.

MissSally said...

Miz Caro, you write like Clay sings - masterfully!
I love the "Everything I don't Need" story. It felt like you were on one of those wacky Disney World rides, and took me along with you.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us.