Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clay Aiken Montage Honors Special Moments

Clay Aiken - This Is the Moment
View montage by SueReu full screen at YouTube.
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Montage of Magical Moments

Video Pays Tribute to Eight Years

It's impossible for one montage to capture all the stellar moments of Clay Aiken's eight-year career in the entertainment business, but SueReu's new montage of the singer's "This Is the Moment" performance comes very close.

Superimposed onto Scarlett's video of Clay's 2010 Bringing Broadway Home performance are highlights of a public career that began with the Atlanta audition during Season 2 of American Idol.

Among the amazing moments SueReu included are the double platinum plaque awarded Clay the second week of
Measure of Man album sales, the Big Apple's mega autograph party for his New York Times best seller Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life, a starring role in Spamalot, and testifying before Congress on behalf of GLBT youth and children with disabilities.

There have been magical moments in concert, on television and in print. Mixed in are also moments of caring -- from the formation of the National Inclusion Project to being named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

The climax or closing scene is typical Clay, whose longtime desire to become a father was realized on Aug. 8, 2008, with the birth of his son Parker.

Events Mark June Anniversaries

Among the special moments marking anniversaries this month are the premiere performance of the PBS Special, Tried & True ~ LIVE at WTTW-TV (June 12); Bringing Broadway Home, NC Theater Benefit Concert (June 21); and this, the 400th week of tracking Measure of a Man CD sales.

Read about these and many other events through the
Year at Glance section at the Clay Aiken Kids site.

Below are graphics that highlight occasions of the past eight years, including AmazingCA, CD promo photos by Diana Levine, 1; PBS Special screen caps by Scarlett, 2; UNICEF, 8; Fountiandawg, 3 (DVD cover), 4 (BBH), 5 (MOAM 400), 7 (Washington, DC); cindilu2, photos by Levine, 6, and UNICEF animated design, 9. All but the last one are expandable.

Good Vibes Greatly Appreciated

Many thnx for the good vibes in your constant flow of messages, posts, thoughts, candles, prayers, and inquiries RE my melanoma surgery. Much ado about a small place on my right shoulder that, thankfully, was removed at Wake Forest University Medical Center Monday.

I am fortunate family members accompanied me for the main event. My BIL, a minister, was with me during pre-op and used his "direct line" to offer up a prayer. My sister, who spent the afternoon, evening, and next morning with me, said the surgeon is very optimistic.

I will return for a two-week checkup on the 28th. Meanwhile, I am at times loopy from pain killers, wearing a sling on my right arm as a reminder not to use the shoulder, and looking forward to teaching my summer piano/violin students at Wesleyan Christian Academy on Friday.

Who knew? I was planning to keep Tuesday's teaching schedule, but the "no driving" time frame changed that. The sling may be short-lived, however, as it feels like wearing a saxophone neck strap 24-7!

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



bonniecarmen said...

So nice to know all went well! Thx for sharing ongoing memories with Clay! Thinking of you! Bonnie

SueReu said...

Hey Caro - first and foremost, I am so glad that your surgery went well (or as well as surgery can go) and that the surgeon is optimistic. Those positive thoughts will continue to be sent your way. In the meantime, take it easy woman!!! ;-)

As always, what a beautiful blog. I love the graphics by AmazingCA, Fountiandawg & cindilu2. It always amazes me how talented the Clay Nation is!!! Kudos to all!!

Thank you for including my video. There were so many memorable moments I couldn't possibly include them all, but I tried.

Have a good rest of your week!

gerra said...

{{{Caro}}}, so glad things went well with the surgery.

A beautiful blog, as always. Love all the graphics. {{{Caro}}}, so glad things went well with the surgery.

A beautiful blog, as always. Love all the graphics. Bring back many wonderful memories.
they bring back many wonderful memories.

limey said...

Caro, Lovely blog. I am glad that your surgery is over and all went well. I loved the Montage. I miss him!

Anonymous said...

Such a trooper U r but now g/f, do not over due ,please! Take care of U!!!! We are grateful for U caring and doing but we need U well! Love the blog as usual!! Pics r great! Wi.

joanie said...

Glad you surgery went well Caro. For sure there were many of us sending good thoughts for your speedy recovery.

Thanks for posting SueReu's latest montage. It is so beautiful and one of her best. What a great ending with Clay holding his precious baby....Special Moment indeed for Clay.

Anonymous said...

So glad that your surgery went well. As usual, just loved your blog. Suereu has done it again..only this time I think is one of her best. Love that montage..especially the ending when Clay is holding little Parker in his arms. I have a feeling that was the greatest moment in his life. Take care and get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

First and formost.....SO HAPPY your surgery went well and I will continue to have you in my Prayers.

What wonderful memories in this blog and SueReu's montage is one of her best and graphics by AmazingCA, Fountiandawg & cindilu2 are awesome. Thanks to all of them and especially you for putting this blog together for us as you recover. But, please, please do not overdue it.

Big Hugs,

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for your kind comments about SueReu's wonderful montage and the graphics by Fountaindawg, AmazingCA, and cindilu2. Because of them (and Clay, of course), this was a fun blog to put together.

I appreciate your healing thoughts about the surgery. Now if I can just obey orders and not use my right arm, lol!

Have an awesome week, all!


Sally said...

Thanks for sharing the awesome graphics and montage. The talent among Clay's fans continues to amaze me.

You are such a trooper, blogging less than 72 hours after major surgery.

I'm so glad that the reports are optimistic. Please do take care of yourself, Caro, and follow the doctor's orders.

SueReu said...

Caro, are you taking it easy??? hummmm?????? ;-)

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the nice comments. Clay is, well, he's - I cannot think of a superlative BIG enough to describe Clay =)