Monday, June 27, 2011

Clay Aiken Fans Catalog Song, Video Favorites

Clay Aiken performs 'It's Impossible.'
View montage by hosaa full screen at YouTube.
Download video with this Sendspace file.

On Clay Aiken Fan Boards

Drought Brings on 'Listomania'

For some Clay Aiken fans, the weeks the singer is not performing are just like the song -- impossible. For others, there is no such word in their vocabulary, and a kaleidoscope of activities has begun filling this go round of down time.

The opening montage by hosaa features clips from the singer's 2011 Tried & True Tour by farouche, Scarlett, goldarngirl, and MBlovesClay. Venues represented include Towson, Minneapolis, Glenside, Cleveland, Sarasota, Knoxville, and Houston.

This weekend, along with the usual recipe exchanges, family graduation/wedding posts, and latest photos of grandchildren, Clay Cyberspace celebrated New York's passage of the Marriage Equality Act Friday night.

And then, thankfully, there's the "listomania" phenomenon.

Fans Create 'Favorites' Lists

Polls have become an ideal pastime on fan boards. Perhaps you'd like to share your choices for two message board lists started this month by katymom.

Below are the guidelines, as well as her selections for the first list.

Songs for Singerman To Record

GUIDELINES: Clay must have performed the song at some time; he has not recorded it since 2003; and it is not a holiday song. Here are katymom's choices. What would yours be?
Where Do I Begin, Love Story Theme
Tears Run Dry
My Eyes Adored You
The Prayer
Fields of Gold
Those Magic Changes
I Will Be Here

Expandable graphic by AmazingCA with screencaps by Scarlett.

'Best of Clay Aiken' Tracks

Earlier this month katymom originated a "Best of Clay Aiken" album poll. Her listing, representing 12 non-holiday songs that Clay has recorded, includes tracks from the Measure of a Man, A Thousand Different Ways, On My Way Here, and Tried & True albums.
Sacrificial Love - OMWH
Ashes - OMWH
Where I Draw the Line - OMWH
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - TNT
Unchained Melody - TNT
Perfect Day - MOAM
Shine - MOAM
Everything I Do - ATDW
As Long As We're Here - OMWH
Suspicious Minds - TNT
Because You Loved Me - ATDW
The Way - MOAM

Scrpkym's photo links to Clay Gathers Clack.

Register Video/Montage Favorites

Taking this polling pastime a step farther, I'll pose the question. Choosing from Clay Aiken tours, concerts, TV performances, and montages, what are your 5-10 favorite videos?

In no particular order, my list begins with three from the Soft Place Hard Rock Tour. Remember when Clay turned the tables on Scarlett and used her camera to take his own clack?

That was the 8/16/07 Fort Myers, FL, concert of the SPHR Tour.
Always ready with a backup, the clack goddess pulled a second camera out of her bag and continued videoing.

Clay, Quiana sing 'Listen' in Sterling Heights, MI.
View video by goldarngirl/luckiest1 full screen at YouTube.

Impromptu Duet Performance Magical

One of the best examples of Clay's innate ability as an entertainer was the unplanned "Listen" duet he and Quiana Parler performed in Sterling Heights, MI.

Whether seated in the Freedom Hill Amphitheater at Sterling Hills, MI, or connected via a cellcert stream thousands of miles away, fans immediately recognized that the unscheduled duet by Clay and Quiana would long be remembered as one of the most incredible, magical moments in a long line of stellar performances.

Subbing for the ailing Angela Fisher, who nightly sang the "Dream Girls" song in concerts, the unrehearsed duo brought down the house and elicited exclamations that continue to this day wherever fans gather.

Totally unrehearsed, the glorious vocals soared with beautifully balanced harmonies.
At the conclusion, music director Jesse Vargas joined the amazed audience in a spontaneous standing ovation.

Photo by Irishbookgal links to IWTKWLI 'Trio.'

Orlando Duet Becomes Classic Trio

Scat singing, amazing vocal ranges, and uninhibited ad libs never had it so good as in the gorgeous "I Want To Know What Love Is" duet that evolved into a magnificent, classic trio in the Orlando, FL, finale of the SRHP Tour.

Throughout the tour, Quiana and Angela had cleverly teased Clay as to which of the two would be his duet partner on the song.

In Orlando, they both were.

If You Don't Know Me By Now - Clay Aiken
Montage by Aspiegril can be viewed full screen at YouTube.

Set to a bonus track from Clay's A Thousand Different Ways album, Aspiegirl's 2006 montage features video clips by gerwhisp, Scarlett, SecretlyLovesClay, and canfly172.

Also accompanying "If You Don't Know Me By Now" are photos and graphic designs by Sally, AmazingCA, fivegoldens, ABeautifulMind, and Ambassador of Love.

Clay Aiken Sings Signature 'Unchained Melody.'
View montage by Wowzers4Clay full screen at YouTube.

There are many wonderful videos of Clay performing his signature version of "Unchained Melody," arranged for the Tried & True album/tour by Ben Cohn.

I chose the 2/16/11 Atlanta Concert montage by Wowzers4Clay from the T&T Tour. Videographers represented include ImAllEars, MBLovesClay, goldarngirl, and Scarlett.

Now it's your turn.
1. List 10 songs you would like to hear Clay record.
2. List 12 tracks for a Best of Clay Aiken Album
3. Name/provide link for 5-10 favorite performance/montage videos.

New Fan Finds Clay Through NIP

A recent incident relayed by aikim demonstrates how information, videos, and montages attract and educate new Clay fans.
Last night in the OFC Chat Room I met a woman who is a new fan. She has a son with autism and was looking around the internet for information and found the National Inclusion Project.

She knew nothing about Clay, never watches American Idol, but mentioned him to someone she knows and they turned her on to his music. Now she is hooked!

It was so much fun talking to someone who doesn't know anything of the last 8 years and is just a fan of his voice. Her husband has been deployed, and she is home with her kids. Clay has become a diversion, but a good one.

We explained some terminology, and she got a laugh out of that. She doesn't know anything about the message boards, Right now she is lost at YouTube watching clack.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation, and Happy Listomania!



Anonymous said... much to to do here!! It will take all weekend! Everyone have a great 4th....Hugs Cookie

kta said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog. I needed this! :)

hosaa said...

Caro, thank you for including one of my montages! I enjoy seeing what other fans are up to also.

Hugs -

Rhode Island Fan said...

Here are 12 songs that he has performed live but not recorded that I'd love to have him record.

Those Magic Changes
Where Do I Begin
I Know How the River Feels
The Prayer
I Will Be Here
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
In My Life
Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Ginger Scarlett said...

Hi Caro! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't yet posted my lists because I'm currently whittling down my lists of favorites. For instance, this is just one playlist and it contains over 50 videos...
Chris Playlist
and this one contains 84 clips Liked 110607!

See you soon... :)

Lots of hugs,

katy said...

Hope everyone can post at least one you'd like him to record that he has performed and one song he has recorded to be on a classic, best album. Nobody will be graded! ;-)

zanyforclay said...

Always love your blog!! Will have lots of fun watching all these videos and reliving the memories! Have a great 4th.


jbc4clay said...

Here is my list - I reserve the right to change my mind.

Those Magic Changes
Where Do I Begin
In My Life
Fields of Gold
Back For More
Both Side Now
Only Fools Rush In
Where The Streets Have No Name
Chain of Fools

Oops - I have 14 now.

SueReu said...

Here's my list (of the unrecorded music - kind of, sort of, in a way)

To Love Somebody
Build Me Up Buttercup (because we got a live version and not a studio version)
Back For More (one that we can all hear, not just one or two people)
I Can't Make You Love Me
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Love Me Tender
More Than a Feeling
Those Magic Changes
End of the Road
Both Sides Now

(and like a good Clay Aiken fan, I reserve the right to change my mind)

Many thanks to Hosaa, Aspiegirl, Wowzers4Clay, Irishbookgal, goldarngirl/luckiest1, Scarlett & AmazingCA for sharing their amazing talents - we just wouldn't be the same without them!!!

Thanks Caro!!

Ginger Scarlett said...

Hi again! Sending lots of hugs and prayers and good thoughts for today's trip to the doctor... {{{hugs}}}

This is the next installment, as promised... video lists!

1. TnT Cleveland MTK
2. NAT Raleigh Solitaire
3. JBT Burlington Suspicious minds
4. TT LA The Revival
5. TT Clearwater WISYS

2. JBT Toledo ATDW
3. JNT04 San Jose DSIAFCD
4. DCAT Fort Myers Camera Banter
5. TT Clearwater STO
7. TT Glenside PreIML+IML (Canfly)
8. BB Home
10. WTTW Chicago MTK
11. TheView UM
12. CITH Erie OHN
13. NAT Raleigh Solitaire
15. FCC Ft Lauderdale KeynoteSpeech

Lots of hugs,

ymarie said...

Wonderful blog, Caro. So many good memories.

My top 12:

Those Magic Changes
Where Do I Begin
I Know How the River Feels
More Than A Feeling
I Will Be Here
In My Life
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
To Love Somebody
Tears Run Dry

Anonymous said...

Caro, There, is one song that I would like for Clay to record again. I understand that he recorded it before AI but I had never heard it til a few wks ago. It is just beautiful. It has a
Country Flair. "Im not Supposed
to Love You Anymore" As time passes I will have more to add.
Caro thanks for all you do

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still around, but just haven't been going on the computer as often.

One of my all time favorite songs by Clay is "I know where the River goes". It also was before AI. I love the way he uses his lower voice in this song. There's something special about the way he sounds in this one.

Take care. Lois

Anonymous said...

Here's my lists:
10 Songs to Record:
1.These Magic Changes 2.Home 3.The Prayer 4.Both Sides Now 5.I'll Take Romance 6.When a Man Loves A Woman 7.Eso Beso 8.Hello 9.Addicted To Love 10.Slow Hand

Twelve Tracks..Best Of Clay Aiken:
1.ISY Moam 2.Misty TNT 3.WY ATDW 4.TOA ATDW 5.Ashes OMWH 6.EIDN OMWH 7.Falling OMWH 8.SAU OMWH 9.FIEKY OMWH 10.It's Impossible TNT 11.Crying TNT 12.UM TNT

5 Favorite Montages: 1.These Magic Changes-Suereu 2.It's Impossible-Hosa 3.UM-Atlanta-Hope 4.It's Only Make Believe-Suereu 5.Where Do I Begin-Hope

Anonymous said...

Caro, here is a few more from me.
"If you don't know me by now". I
understand that was recorded as a
bonus track for Thousand different
ways which I have but not the bonus
Also "to Love somebody"

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Oh My Goodness.....I have to come back as I must think, I have so many. I have grandchildren all week, so I will finish your blog this weekend.

As always, your blog is wonderful.

Big,Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Caro, can you help in telling me how I can go about getting this Demo album of clay singing " I'm
not suppose to Love you Anymore"
as well as "If you don't know me
by now. If anyone reading these Blogs know the answers, pls respond
Surely they are available somewhere
Thanks, Lorene

T said...

Beautiful blog with so many special videos. It's a joy always! Again, many thanks for bringing a wonderful blog for us to enjoy.

Take care and Happy 4th of July.