Friday, August 18, 2006

Fans Share Single With Others

A THOUSAND WAYS -- Like other graphic artists, Amazing_CA has created numerous blends and graphics from a handful of current poses. In this one, she showcases the "library picture," as well as screen caps from recent entertainment shows.

Rave Reviews for 'Without You'

Fans Share Single with Others

Visit any Clay Aiken message board, and the dizzying excitement for Without You, the first single from the soon-to-be released A Thousand Different Ways, shines through in post after post: "Glorious .. gorgeous ... sublime ... masterpiece ... blown away ... vocal prowess ... phenomenal ... an altering experience."

Other noteworthy reflections include: "Artistically interpreted and magnificently performed with those vocal dynamics ... WY really showcases Clay's voice. If we who have heard him a million times are taken aback, just think of those who haven't heard him recently ... This song is forevermore Clay Aiken's!"

JennaZ (Clayversity) penned this graph Thursday night: In this song, Clay proves that he can do what so many others can't. He can really sing -- with power, expression, and conviction. This is a showstopper, and I'll bet it will be extraordinary live.

If you haven't heard the full studio rendition of Without You, forget passing go and collecting $200. Just get cracking to Clay Aiken's MySpace page or Clay and listen for yourself to the song that has inspired these extraordinary comments from fans, as well as those with whom they have shared the link.

Enthusiasm Not.Just.Us!

The enthusiastic reactions to WY that Claymates have received from family, friends, and acquaintances of all ages would easily fill 10 blogs. These are just a few of the reviews collected at Clayversity Thursday evening:

Workingforclay: I teach 11th grade American History. The last 15 minutes of class, when the students had started their homework, I played Without You. They absolutely loved it. In fact they wanted to know who was singing and, when told, said he really rocked on AI. They even wanted to hear it again. I am so pumped!

Demeter added this comment from another board: So, there's a guy I work with (early 30s, married) who tolerates my fandom and lets me swoon about Clay without making fun of me. Anyway, I just played WY for him, and he said:

"Wow! I still have a hard time relating how he looked early on with the voice that comes out of him. I know he's good, but I still always expect the shallow kind of pop stuff you hear on the radio to come out of him because that's all you hear from pop stars, but he sings with so many layers and richness and depth. It's like nothing else you've ever heard. When he sings that song, it's not like anyone has ever sung it before. It's just his and sounds like he's owned it forever."

Grammiel: I just came in from the hairdressers. I had to leave my copy of WY there. I took it to play for my hairdresser of many, many years. As it started playing, he sat down and didn't move until the entire song had played. He looked at me and said, "That song is going to be a HUGE hit!"

ShakinAiken4: I started school yesterday, and I have a folder I carry to all my classes that has the library picture on it. A lot of people grabbed it, stared at it, and asked me who it was. I answered, "You know me. Who do you think it is?" For most of them, their eyes got wide and their mouths dropped open. They can't believe Clay looks like that! All of them said that the new look is an improvement, many claiming that he's now hot.

One guy, who has always made fun of Clay, walked into class with an identical haircut and looked at the picture. After I told him who it was, he stared for a few more seconds, then wordlessly placed the folder back down. Not a word! That's huge for him. These are all 13/14 year-olds, btw.

Rcknrllmom: My 14-year-old loves the song. She played it for one of her friends who also loved it, kept saying "wow," and now plans to buy the CD.

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Co-Workers Spreading the Word, Too!

Coopersgirl: Today I emailed some of my co-workers Clay's MySpace link, and they were freaking out. One of the ladies, listened to WY four times. She put an out-to-lunch sign on her door and turned off the lights. LOL, in the dark with Clay! She also sent the link to a ton of her friends. The way of the Internet!

Hanapepe: Anybody else unable to hear traffic noises because of the iPod earphones stuffed in their ears with WY playing on repeat all the way to work? Please tell me I wasn't the only loony driving to work this morning!

Yesterday one of the college students who works for me exited my office singing the song. Also, I got a great reaction from a non-Internet-connected male friend when I sent him the MySpace link. I got him and his wife tickets to the JNT2, so he likes Clay's voice but is definitely a casual fan. His response to me after hearing WY was: "Thanks for the song. I kept listening to it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!"

Lindylo: I play (actually blast) WY on repeat on my iPod through my car speakers all the way to work and home -- eight times each way.

Amazing_CA: Two office mates are already planning to purchase the album. They heard Without You, and all they could say to me is that his voice is just beautiful! Another office mate also said she had goose bumps when listening to that amazing voice.

Rainlover: I emailed the link to Clay's MySpace to a close friend who works in a large office complex. She is personal assistant to the gentleman who owns the company, so she can pretty much do as she pleases. She's been playing it over their PA system and said she can't get any work done for people coming in wanting to know: "WHO IS THAT SINGING THAT SONG?" She's telling them, "Clay Aiken -- and his new CD with that song on it will be out Sept. 19!"

AprilJoy, 23, a collegian who also posts at CV, reflected: I just now got the headphones out and listened to WY the way it needs to be listened to. I have chills and tears. I forget about promotion. I forget about radio. I forget where I am. I forget everything but what I can feel in my soul. The notes shoot straight into your heart like daggers. His voice, his pain, it breaks you, and he makes you his. More than that, the listener BELIEVES that he can't live WITHOUT YOU.

A Texas friend, who has lamented past recordings when instrumentals covered Clay's voice, sent me this email after listening to the new single: You are oh so right about Clay's WITHOUT YOU -- the voice is back! Just "fabulucious"! One of my all-time favorites B.C. (Before Clay)! In some places, his voice sounds as if it's turning somersaults.

Clay fans have always been a bonus marketing arm for publicizing their singer's CDs, performances, and charitable endeavors. Bet RCA Records doesn't mind at all!




Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog!! Loved it!! Your such a great writer! Thanks Caro!!


Vox Vixen said...

The Just Not Us stories are great. I think this CD and Clay's new look will garner him a lot of new fans.


marhaven said...

WOW, lovely tribute to a exquisite song. I agree with toni, don't know why you aren't writing books or articles. You are very talented and I love reading your blogs.

Are we getting excited, yet?? Woo Hoo.

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Clay looks cooooool! Look what success and money can do to you. Great blog!