Monday, November 03, 2008

The Campaign for Change

Barack Obama campaigns for the presidency.

Historical Election

Americans Celebrate Democracy

Tracking polls, traditional model, expanded model, registered voters, likely voters, undecided voters, independents, phonebankers, GOTV, ground game, unprecedented early voting, red states, blue states, battleground, swing, toss-up, robocalls -- we "political junkies" will be retiring a huge chunk of our vocabulary
after Tuesday's elections.

Destined for an historical first -- either an African-American president or a female vice-president -- the 2008 US elections have for months monopolized headlines, conversations, my laptop's normally "all Clay Aiken" trays.

The political phenomenon of choosing new national, state, and local leaders has literally taken over television, print media, the Internet, billboards, yard signs, car decals, even my front door!

Ground Game Comes to Class

During a violin lesson Wednesday, the Obama ground game literally bounded into my living room in the form of a very enthusiastic canvasser. After asking two music moms about my yard sign, "Ms. Ground Game" determined that the homeowner was in the living room.

And in she came to leave some campaign info. For sure, an unusual interruption; but later that night I was very excited to inform my Democratic friends in other states that an organized ground game is alive and well in North Carolina.

Getting out the vote!

Early Voting Breaks Records

In my state, 3/4 of the total number of citizens voting in 2004 have participated in this season's early polls. As in the 31 other early voting states, many stood in line for hours and hours. Driving home from my teaching gig on Oct. 24, I fortunately was able to vote in 15 minutes. Halloween night I took the same route home, and the polling lines at the town hall were unbelievably long.

The presidential and vice-presidential candidates -- Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin -- have spent months making their case for change.

For all the junkies about to enter "election withdrawal" with me, 23/6 has provided a very entertaining Presidential Campaign in a Minute. It's a trip -- you betcha!

On a serious note, here are two excellent articles: The World Hopes for Its First President from Newsweek and Eugene Robinson's Op-Ed column, A New Kind of Pride, in the Washington-Post.

In May, AshFoals created a moving montage Obama for Change - Grace of God, set to a cut from Clay Aiken's On My Way Here album. The images and message could apply to either party, but that's why we vote.

Obama for Change - Grace of God

To learn more about the Democratic and Republican candidates, check out their websites: Barack Obama and John McCain. Other Clay Blogs marking the US elections include The ConCLAYve: Barack Obama and the American Dream and WebWeaver's World: One day to go... .

No matter who you support, it's almost time for regular TV programming, a new set of buzz words ... and Carolina Blue basketball!

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation, as we Americans celebrate democracy and change!


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Ashes said...

Wonderful reading this morning. It's great so many are getting out to vote. It is time for change.
Thanks for the videos and links.

claniac24 said...

Thanks, Carolina. Wonderful blog and touching, tear inducing video. Clay's "Grace of God" was the perfect song to accompany the visuals and to support Obama's vision for our future. Only 1 more day to go!

MissSally said...

Thank you, Caro, for posting AshFoals’ montage and Berkley’s eloquent words in your blog. I’ve been teary since last night as I watch the polls, and hear Mr Obama speak. I wasn’t old enough to vote for President Kennedy in his initial run for office, and eagerly looked forward to his reelection when I would have been of age. Sadly, we all know how that turned out.

Now, I’m been given a chance to vote for a man who can truly unite and lead our country out of the dark hole we’re in. What a blessing and a gift Barak is; to his family, to our country, and to the world!

There are so many wonderful images and reasons to be hopeful now, but the most inspiring for me was a little red-haired girl I saw last week. I was waiting in line at my county’s early voting place, and she was standing with her mother a few people behind me. Momma was pushing a stroller with an infant inside, and this beautiful child was standing beside her, lovingly holding & cradling her doll – a black baby doll. I live in Georgia, and for me, this was a glimpse into a very bright future.


BTW: I’ll call that “You betcha” and raise you two “Double-Mavericks. *g*

katy said...

Caro, as usual an inspiring blob and I so love Grace of God. I think the viral campaigning is certainly helping the get out to vote this year.
misssally, I remember JFK and the excitement in our system, and I feel excited about the future with Barack.

SueReu said...

great job Caro!! (as always)

Looking forward to election day!! It should be an interesting one!!

What ever your political affiliation - GET OUT AND VOTE! Our system does not work on apathy. Your voice makes a difference!

*off soap box*

I Love Grace of God - you're right, the message transcends political policy and should be words for all humanity to live by.

(hopefully I didn't have too many typos, at work, small window *hee hee*)

Sandy said...

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, history will be made. Voter turnout is astonishing, considering we had just a 59% turnout at our election in October. Once again we got a minority government, but thank goodness our Liberal leader stepped down to make way to elect a new leader of this party. Change is always good!

Thank you for the wonderful congratulations card. Yesterday my son and daughter in-law couldn't wait to tell me what her name is going to be - Alyssa May Sandra. I burst into tears knowing she will carry my name into the next generation. How happy that made me!!!

Have a wonderful week Caro and may your dreams come true tomorrow!


redca40 said...

I hope American's Use Their Voice tomorrow and vote! Clay's Grace of God was a great montage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,
What a wonderful blog as always....Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, and Our Country and The World need a BIG Change, and I believe Barack Obama can help with that. He gives me hope.
The "Grace of God" video is awesome, and as you said can go for either political party.
Have a Great Week.

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

Just voted - it was a wonderful feeling to participate in this historic election. Thanks for your blog!