Friday, January 23, 2009

Clay Aiken Tackles Global Poverty

ON THEIR SIDE -- Fountaindawg's graphic about Clay Aiken's new blog echos the words of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." Photos by Nick Ysenburg, UNICEF.

Petitions President, Citizens of World

Singer Seeks Poverty Solutions

In his new blog "Believe in Zero," UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken petitioned President Barack Obama and citizens of the world to help conquer global poverty.

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is proud to be a partner of ONE. ONE has mobilized millions of Americans to speak up about the importance of tackling global poverty – saving and improving lives around the world.

I’ve had a chance to see many wonderful children, full of laughter and hope, in even the poorest places around the world. And I’ve seen the incredible work of UNICEF to help those children and their families survive and thrive.

But I have also seen children sick and dying from lack of basic nutrition and medicines. And I cannot forget that despite UNICEF’s work, 25,000 children die every day, mostly from preventable causes. I believe that number should be
zero – no child dying unnecessarily.

So I am asking President Barack Obama to launch a
Presidential Initiative to Accelerate Child Survival. And I am asking YOU to join me, by signing a petition to the President.

You can read Clay's complete blog here.

ONE Mobilizes Support

ONE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than two million people from around the globe and every walk of life who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

Cofounded by Bono, Bobby Shriver and other campaigners, and supported by Bob Geldof and other high profile activists, ONE is nonpartisan and works with activists from the left, right and center to mobilize public opinion in support of effective, proven initiatives that are delivering results: protecting families from preventable diseases like AIDS and malaria, putting kids in school, providing economic opportunity and stabilizing communities.

UNICEF Sets Zero Goal

Long an advocate of improving and saving the lives of children, UNICEF entreats all to adopt the "zero" goal.

At UNICEF, we believe in children. We believe deeply that every child - regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality or economic status - is equally deserving of a future. We believe that every child, not a percentage of children, should be afforded basic lifesaving vaccines, clean water, nutrition, protection from violence and a chance to survive to adulthood.

It all starts with child survival—ensuring that newborns, young children and their mothers have what they need to stay healthy and have the opportunity to grow up. Too many children don’t get that opportunity—every day, 25,000 children under the age of five die of preventable causes. They don’t have to die, but they do.

UNICEF believes it is possible to reach zero and encourages everyone to endorse the Presidential Initiative petition.

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured in this clickable interlude are graphics from Clay's 2008 UNICEF trips to Somalia and Kenya. Artists include Amazing_CA, 1; Claystruck, 2; Fountaindawg, double clickable of lead graphic, 3; Ashes, 4; and MNmeesh, 5.

Golfing for Inclusion Supports TBAF

Golfing enthusiasts are packing bags, practicing swings, and preparing to travel to Palm Beach Gardens, FL, for Monday's 2nd Annual Golfing for Inclusion, fundraising project of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Co-hosted by Clay Aiken and PGA professional Wayne Player, the event will feature a festive day of golf and a formal evening of extraordinary cuisine and entertainment by the singer.

For more information, this
TBAF page includes links for registration, reservations, and online auctions.

Co-founded in 2003 by Clay and Diane Bubel, TBAF seeks to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them by supporting communities with inclusive programs and working to create awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

Greetings from Grandson Kai

For Kai's fan club members, who have been dropping significant hints that it was past time for him to compose or make an appearance in his grandmother's blog, here is our family's special 16-month-old.

Kai on the move!

Measuring 32 inches tall at his January checkup, grandson is on his way to being the giant in this family of height-challenged musicians. Perhaps one day he will play basketball for his grandmother's beloved Tar Heels.

Kai's vocabulary expands daily as does his inclination to investigate everything new. He loves to "help" his mother with housework and carries extra loads of laundry to the washing machine for her. He has his own collection of plastic blowls housed in the dishwasher to "clean" while his mother clears the kitchen sink.

His favorite perch is atop the dining room table because from there he can see everything that's going on. The adults finally accepted that, no matter what, this willful little guy would find a way to the top, so an accessible chair is conveniently left in his climbing path.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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kimfreeuk said...

Thanks for the blog CarolinaClay - very interesting. Clay Aiken surely does live up to what he says he will do for kids...and I love him for it!

Kai is adorable - what a handsome little chap!

Ashes said...

Super blog Caro! Clay's work for the children of the world is so wonderful. Is it any wonder I love him more every day :)

Thank you for using my blend in your picture gallery,it's always an honour.

It's great to see Kai again! I was thinking of him the other day while I was waiting to see my Doc. There was a cute little guy of 18 months, who was having a ball entertaining everyone there. Sure made the time fly by and he had everyone in the waiting room grinning.

Thanks again for your beautifully written blog.

Allegra said...

Kai is getting so big. What a cutie.

Thanks for the blog. The more people that get the word out about the UNICEF projects the better.


Sandy said...

Hi Caro,
Wonderful blog!
Clay is doing such wonderful work for UNICEF. Such sad words...over 25,000 children die EACH DAY unnecessarily, when there shouldn't be one. The world still has so much work to do.

Little Kai is so adorable and not quite little anymore! He looks like he is just strutting his stuff and saying "Look at me"! We picked Connor up after work for the weekend and then after supper him and I made a trek over to Walmart so that he could pick up a baby shower gift for his soon to be born sister. He was excited and it was fun to watch him in the baby department. He made some nice choices, baby clothes not being any of them...LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Sandy :)

SueReu said...

Kai is TOO CUTE!!!! He's at such a wonderful age now (I kind of miss it)

Thank you for all the information about ONE - what an amazing organization.

and it goes without saying that Clay Aiken is an amazing and generous man. He's also talented, funny and easy on the eye ;-)

Thanks again!!!

Aspiegirl44 said...

Hi Caro. So awesome to read of Clays helping others again. I see he is busy as usual. I dont think he knows how to relax. Heeee

But it is so wonderful to hear of him helping others. A teacher he is - not just in words but in deeds also.

Love little but "tall" Kai's picture. He is so cute. What a ham for the camera too. :)



Truth Rules said...

That's what I love about this guy in addition to his singing voice. He uses his speaking voice to help others.

Great blog, as usual.

musicfan said...

Thank you for another wonderful blog. Clay is a very special young man and I am glad that you support him and all that he does for the world.

I always enjoy the blends that you post. They are so beautiful.

Kai is so darling. Thanks for including him !!

Ashes said...

Wishing you a Happy Sunday Caro, and thank you for the wonderful comment to my blog :)


Ashes said...

LOL!!! Yikes, my head must still be in the clouds, it just dawned on me this is honestly felt like Sunday. Oh well, at least I figured it out before the day was over..

Happy Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Awesome blog as always....checked out all the links, what great work Clay is doing.

Kai is so adorable, and growing so fast.

Have a great weekend.


T said...

Thanks so much for the great blog Caro! One thing you've achieved always in your blogs is bringing awareness and featuring Clay's work in Unicef is wonderful!

Kai's photo brings a smile always! Such a joy! He is growing fast and so handsome. What a cutie!

Chardonnay said...

Love, Love, LOVE the artwork in this one! So vibrant! Just like he is. Thank you once again for all the great information!

Kai just get's more handsome by the day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro !

Kai has grown so much! Now that he's walking he'll be a little fireball of energy.

I'm so proud of all the charity work Clay does.

Beautiful blog!
Hugs, Maddy