Monday, January 26, 2009

Voice, Heart Win Aiken Fans

Clay Aiken - Measure of a Man (UNICEF) Montage

Golfing for Inclusion Updates

It's All About the Voice, Heart

We came for the voice but stayed for the man.

An anonymous phrase coined early in Clay Aiken's career remains the mantra of fans six years later. Throughout the spring of 2003, the singer's incredible pipes wooed legions of followers as week after week he progressed to the finale of American Idol 2.

By mid-summer when Clay and Diane Bubel founded The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, officially turning a college blueprint into an organization working to bridge the gap between young people with special needs and the world around them, supporters knew a little more about the heart of the man.

The title track and "I Will Carry You" from Measure of a Man, Clay's first album, have practically become theme songs for his charitable projects of inclusion and worldwide endeavors as a UNICEF Ambassador. The latter are portrayed in the 2007 Measure of a Man montage above by Gerwhisp.

IN ALL THINGS, LOVE -- Animated graphic by cindilu2.

TBAF Hosts Golfing for Inclusion

Monday Clay and PGA professional Wayne Player co-hosted the 2nd Annual Golfing for Inclusion, a fundraiser for TBAF, at the Mirasol Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The day-long event featured a festive day of golf, auctions, and a formal evening of exquisite cuisine and entertainment by the singer. Pianist was Ben Cohn, currently assistant conductor and first keyboardist for the Broadway show Wicked.

Below is Scarlett's video of "This Is the Moment" from the 2009 GFT program.

This Is the Moment - Clay Aiken, 2009 GFI

At YouTube, fans can view videos of This Is the Moment (Scarlett), as well as I Don't Have the Heart, Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word, Mandy, Right Here Wating , and Proud of Your Boy by Goldarngirl.

These Sendspace links are audio files by Goldarngirl from Monday night's program:

I Don't Have the Heart To Hurt You

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word


This Is the Moment

Right Here Waiting

Proud of Your Boy

PHOTO INTERLUDE - This clickable interlude provides glimpses from the 2009 Golfing for Inclusion, as well as two graphics from the 2008 event. Featured are photos of Clay and Wayne Player on the golf course by Katy4Clay, 1, 2; evening festivities photo by Shamrock, 3; 2008 graphics by Clayquebec1, 4, and Amazing_CA, 5.

Sunday ymarie, a Clayversity member, said all this much better than I. With her permission, here is her special summary of the Measure of a Man.


Is it the hip-hop singer who cries foul when he doesn't win? Or the pop-singer who came in second and was nothing but happy for the friend who won.

Is it the man who dances half-naked in semi-pornographic videos? Or the man who gently picks up a lady from her wheelchair to dance with her on stage.

Is it the man who yells at a child for crying? Or the man who sings softly to a child to calm her fears.

Is it the man who laments "Why me"? Or the man who asks "Why not?"

Is it the star who won't share the stage with anyone who might take the focus off him? Or the star who is excited to show off the talent of those he calls friends.

Is it the star who is three hours late, then can't understand why his fans are upset? Or the star who holds onto a stool for dear life so he wouldn't disappoint his fans.

Is it the man who tells the world how great he is? Or the man who gets embarrassed when others tell him how much he means to them.

Is it the man who owns 300 pairs of jeans, just because he can? Or the man who recycles clothes so as not to be wasteful.

Is it the man who demands to be waited on hand and foot? Or the man who believes in a life of service to others.

Is it the man who writes a memoir to brag about his accomplishments? Or the man who bared his soul about his early life in hopes it would help someone else.

Is it the man who blames others for his failings? Or the man who keeps trying until he succeeds.

Is it the man who holds a press conference to announce he is donating a new wing to the hospital? Or the man who quietly visits a sick child in the hospital, with only the family and a night nurse to witness it.

Is it the rap-star that begs the Arab oil-producing nations to give him a break because the gas for his private jet costs too much? Or the UNICEF Ambassador who travels to dangerous areas of the world at his own expense, to bring awareness to the deplorable conditions children face.

Is it the man who doesn't want to have to deal with fans? Or the man who lets his fans verbally abuse him, then quietly sings he will be right here waiting with open arms, if and when they are ready to come back.

Is it the man who won't take responsibility for the children he's fathered? Or the man who risked everything to be able to live an honest and open life for his son.

Is it the size of his ego? Or the size of his heart.

If you took all those other men and rolled them together, they still wouldn't measure up to 1/10th of the man Clay Aiken is.

Obama Inauguration Offers Hope

LovesClaysVoice chose Clay's
I Will Carry You to accompany her montage about the hope new US President Barack Obama brings to the nation and the entire world.

Spotlighted are photos from the Jan. 20 inaugural ceremony, parade, and balls. You can download the montage with this IWCY Sendspace.

President Barack Obama - I Will Carry You Montage

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


Other blogs covering TBAF's 2009 Golfing for Inclusion: Clay Aiken News Network and There Was a Man.

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SueReu said...

I absolutely stayed for the man (and the voice too LOL!!!)

I love everything about this blog and thanks Caro!!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, what a wonderful blog! Clay is definitely the measure of a man! I have stayed for 6 years because of his voice and the man that he is. I hope he has a great time at the GFI today and raises tons of money for the BAF! Thank you once again for including my IWCY montage!

clayam said...

Clay Aiken is a wonderful man, who gives so much of himself to charities, he truly is the measure of a man.

jbc4clay said...

My phrase under the title of my blog is "The voice, the heart, the man". Just about says it all. Came for the "voice" love his "heart" - stayed for the "man".

Thank you for a wonderful blog!

Ashes said...

What a wonderful way to start the day--a ten star blog about the man..thank you Caro.

Thank you!

Truth Rules said...

I never get tired of listening to Clay's voice and I can't say that about any other singer out there.

However, it's the man, who he is and what he does that keeps me interested. He's so much more than just a singer.

That Measure of a Man essay does a wonderful job of describing who Clay is. Great blog!

dee said...

A beautiful , beautiful blog . Thanks for bringing together all these lovely words and pictures

tnmtmama said...

Great blog and so true. That voice is one in a billion, but the heart is just as unique.

kimfreeuk said...

Caro - beautiful blog, as always. He is the measure of a man for sure and I'm around, although not from the beginning, I will guarantee for a long time to come!

claniac24 said...

Great blog, as always, Carolina. Thank you for all you do in support of Clay.

IamMesmerized said...

Caro, another masterpiece. I thank you and your clack gatherers for providing us with this wonderful and inspiring blog.

I just wish some of those who walked away would read this and realize what a mistake they have made in putting such emphasis on something that is completely and totally irrelevant. I think the phrase that someone coined a long time ago says it all ... "We came for the music and stayed for the man." And what a man we have stayed for ........

Anonymous said...


As always, your blog is amazing. The Montages were wonderful.....and Clay is The True Measure Of A Man!


Ashes said...

Caro, thanks for the updates, I just love watching Clay sing :)

Allegra said...

It's certainly been a busy few days in ClayNation. It was wonderful to hear Clay sing again, esp a new song and a song he sung in HS. It was quite a treat.

Looking forward to the next six years.

Thanks for the link. :)