Monday, January 24, 2011

Clay Aiken Talks Tour, Hockey, American Idol, Charities

TRIED & TRUE MAGIC-- AmazingCA lived up to her screen name when she took several of Scarlett's T&T ~ LIVE screen caps from the previous entry and produced this handsome graphic. There's another one at the bottom. Both are double-clickable.

National Inclusion Grant 'Official'

Clay To Sing SSB for NHL All-Stars

Clay Aiken will take a break from Tried & True Tour preparations to sing the American National Anthem at the National Hockey League All-Star Game Sunday at the RBC Center in Raleigh, NC. The Canadian Tenors will perform their country's anthem.

A longtime hockey fan, Clay has sung the "Star-Spangled Banner" to open numerous hockey games since the Carolina Hurricanes arrived in Raleigh in 1997.

Like most residents of the Triangle area, he is excited that his hometown is hosting the all-star game. "We built a brand-new airport. It specifically opened Sunday to be ready for the all-star game," he said.

AP Photo by Karl DeBlaker

In addition to Sunday's festivities, Brian Mansfield's story for USA Today also includes previews from Clay about the T&T Tour:
"I like being relatively laid-back and casual," he says. "This is Moon River, Unchained Melody and What Kind of Fool Am I. These songs don't need a lot of flashy light stuff. I like to come out and sing the songs, and I like talking to the audience."

Most of Clay's set will focus on tunes from his recent albums of standards, but he says he has a few surprises up his sleeve.

"Most of these songs are big-band types songs," he says. "I think we're going to do a medley of songs that are on the radio today, but we're going to do them in a big-band style."

Such as? Lady Gaga's Poker Face is on the short list. So is Kenny Chesney's She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy.

"They're definitely songs you would not expect to hear in big-band style."

WKNO: A Conversation with Clay Aiken
View Pierre Kimsey's interview full screen at YouTube.

Memphis PBS Chat Covers Bases

WKNO producer Pierre Kimsey's interview with Clay Aiken was a hit when it first aired on the Memphis PBS station last fall. Already on YouTube, the interview has this week begun airing on other stations throughout the PBS network.

Kimsey's chat with Clay covers all the bases -- performing, sudden fame, the National Inclusion Project, UNICEF, family, fans, connection with former teachers, the Tried & True PBS Special, Broadway -- and much more.

Promo for the interview provides an excellent overview of the chat between Clay and the WKNO producer:

WKNO Producer Pierre Kimsey talks with singer Clay Aiken. The North Carolina native was beginning a career as an educator working with special-needs children when he took an opportunity to audition for the TV show American Idol, then in its second season.

His life was transformed as a finalist, and he has emerged as one of the most successful singers to have been launched by the show.

Aiken has used his celebrity on behalf of the international charity UNICEF and has traveled to Somalia, Afghanistan, and other countries where children have been impacted by war.

IT's OFFICIAL! The National Inclusion Project has been informed
that December's $50k Pepsi grant win was certified Friday.
Double click on the NIP Pepsi banner to view full size.

NIP Pepsi Grant Win 'Official'

Throughout Clay Cyberspace, fans are "dancing in the streets" with news that the National Inclusion Project's December $50k grant win has been declared official.

Jerry Aiken, executive director of the foundation, received word of the certification on Friday and shared the news with supporters via Facebook:
Thanks so much to everyone that helped us win. We will hold the drawing for the iPad early this week!

Most Inclusion Project supporters are still voting -- for the alliances and partners who helped bring home the $50,000 grant. As this sampling from the NIP Pepsi page shows, the daily votes have not gone unnoticed:
SHENAN ARTS: Hello, National Inclusion friends! Shenan Arts appreciates your continued support! You're the best. Thanks for any additional votes you can send. Congrats again, and thanks for all the support!

CRAVEN ARTS COUNCIL: Craven Arts Council thanks you, thanks you for your support!!! We so appreciate you continuing to vote for us. We need it!

VOMA: The Venue of Merging Arts can't thank you enough for remembering us and continuing to support our efforts.

LONG ISLAND RIDING for the HANDICAPPED: Hello, National Inclusion Project! Thanks so much for your continued support of LIRHA. We're now at #11!!

ROBERT MORRIS ELEM SCHOOL: On behalf of Robert Morris, I would like to Thank all who have been coming back and voting for us. You guys are the BEST!!!

Double clickable graphic by AmazingCA, caps by Scarlett.

Unlimited Clack Now on Facebook

There's a new "face" at the popular social networking site that should keep fans rolling in videos of the singer's performances. Visit the growing Unlimited Clack wall at Facebook, and join the fun.

Scroll through the Unlimited Clack widget in the Carolina sidebar that continuously reflects the latest additions with a page refresh.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Thank You for that interview “WKNO Pierre Kimsey’s: A Conversation with Clay Aiken” I love it, just listening to Clay talk. I loved it the first time and love it even more now.

Yeah for achieving the $50,000 for the NIP, I knew we could do it!!

Would have loved to be at that Hockey game and heard Clay singing the “American National Anthem.”

Have a great week Caro, and Thank You again for ALL you do.


Anonymous said...

The blends by AmazingCa are just beautiful. How lucky you get to use them in your blog. I still have no idea how they put those together.

Loved listening to Clay's very long interview. Never heard the whole thing before.

Hugs, Lois

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and hope the best for the coming up concerts, won't be long now when excitement will be rolling! Take care, D. in Wi.

claysweetea said...

Thanks,Caro, for the blog with the beautiful blend. What great news that Clay will be singing the National Anthem Sunday! It's so exciting!

Sandy said...

WOO HOO! Hockey and Clay, two of my favourite past times come together! Can hardly wait till Sunday! This is a nationally televised event here in Canada, so Clay will be seen by millions of Canadians! Ottawa is hosting the ALL STAR game next year and the city is ecstatic about it! The event generates millions of tourism dollars for the city that hosts it. All the best players in the NHL in one arena...a hockey fans delight! So there you go, a little bit of what it's all about!

Very exciting news to hear it's official that the NIP received the $50,000 grant! I am so happy for them!

Have a great week!


kta said...

What a great blog. Good things happening for Clay, NIP and fans! Thank you for all the great info. :)
I can't wait till Sunday. Clay is so great singing the National Anthem.

barb 55 said...

Hi, Caro! Great blog, as always! Thanks for all of the info. I'm so happy that the NIP won.

Enjoyed the interview and the lovely blends. Amazing CA does a beautiful job.

The excitement is building as the tour draws closer. Looking forward to more clack.

Take care and enjoy your week

Love and hugs,

Barbara :-)

ImGranny said...

Another great blog! What beautiful blends by Amazing CA, using caps by Scarlett. We sure do have some talented fans in the Clay Nation!

I've heard that interview with Pierry Kimsey several times and I enjoy it every time. He is a great interviewer! Clay is so interesting and personable tho, he must be an interviewer's dream!

I also would love to be at that hockey game to hear Clay singing the National Anthem! I hope someone can capture it for us.

It sure was nice to hear it has been made official that NIP won $50,000 in the Pepsi contest!

MissSally said...

Wow! This blog is chock-full of goodies. 2011 is shaping up to be a very good year for Clay Nation.

ACA certainly does live up to her name with these beautiful graphics. Special thanks to Scarlett for the screen caps, and to the supremely talented ACA for a dazzling morning.