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Pre-Orders Spur Aiken's 'TBD'

BROADWAY STAR - Clay Aiken triumphs in "Spamalot," as pre-orders for his new CD top Amazon's charts. Amazing_CA's graphic features a photo by Catsmomsny.

Amazon Pre-Orders Roll

Aiken's 'TBD' Album Tops Charts

Within hours of becoming available for Amazon pre-orders on March 6, Clay Aiken's new CD, currently titled "To Be Determined," was ranked #1 among New Releases.

Since then, TBD has stayed in the #1 position or among the top 10 in various Amazon categories, including Best Sellers in Music, Hot New Releases, and Movers & Shakers.

The Best Sellers listing changes hourly, and Movers & Shakers every 24 hours. TBD hit the pinnacle of the M&S list on March 6 with these figures: Up 1,635,300% ... Sales Rank in Music: 1 (was 16,354).

Price of the album at Amazon is $9.99. Clay's new CD is also listed at, Barnes&Noble, Best Buy, Borders, CD Universe, and Target. The CD has also been added to the
Pause & Play site.

ORDER VIA GOOD SHOP: Pre-order Clay's new CD through Good Shop and a percentage of the purchase will be donated to The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. For example, pre-orders with these stores yield the following donations: Amazon, 1.5 %; Barnes&Noble, 2.5 %; and Target, 3.5 %.

Be sure to select TBAF as your charity before shopping. Since inception, supporters have raised $7,677.25 for TBAF through Good Search and Good Shop.

Hannah 'Orders' New CD, Too

In Spamalot news, Hannah Waddington is profiled in the Fresh Face feature at The daughter of British opera singer, Melodie Waddingham, the "Lady of the Lake" no doubt was born with musical theater in her genes.

In the interview, she was very complimentary of Clay:

By the time Waddingham's visa came through, her debut was set to coincide with Clay Aiken's as Sir Robin. “He's a triumph in the show,” she says of the American Idol runner-up. “His accent is flawless and his voice is beautiful. In fact, I said to him, ‘You must get this all the time, but I'm your colleague now, so can I have one of your CDs please?'”

As for herself, “Coming out of that floor [as the Lady of the Lake] and thinking, ‘I'm on Broadway,' is everything I dreamed it would be.”

Clay Fans 'Spam' Playbill

CA fans are keeping the Spamalot Playbill staff extremely busy with mail orders for the colorful memento. Following a shipping inquiry, Sweet Carolina Girl received an email with the info that a staff of five had taken eight hours to label, pack, and send more than 1,000 orders on their way.

To place an order, go to
Playbill Store. The March 2008 issue with color photo and CA feature article sells for $10.

In addition to the headline article about Clay, the singer-actor is billed on the title page of the production credits section. A headshot and bio are also included inside the booklet.

Broadway Box Alert

Tickets for a number of shows through April 27 can be purchased at a reduced rate at
Broadway Offers. This is the info about Spamalot:

Don't miss your chance to save on Clay Aiken in Monty Python's SPAMALOT. The international singing sensation has joined those legendary knights of the round table in their quest taking on flying cows, taunting Frenchmen and a killer rabbit! Come see why audiences LAUGHALOT at SPAMALOT!

$70 Orchestra & Mezzanine Seats! $45 Balcony Seats!
Tue. - Thurs. at 8; Sat. at 2; Sun. at 2 & 7
Valid for performances now through April 27

Visit the Broadway Offers link and enter the code SPBBX25, or call 212-947-8844 and mention code SPBBX25.

Australian Writer Cites 'Spamalot'

Kelly, an ABC Australia reporter, includes props for Clay and "Spamalot" in her March 10 travel log. Her favorite show, however, was "Mary Poppins":

I have visited Broadway many a time since I arrived, and honestly New Yorkers are spoiled for choice (although I get the feeling the tourists fill the seats not the locals). I saw a wonderful production of a musical called "Curtains" starring David Hyde Pierce and Debra Monk, "Spamalot" starring Clay Aiken - an American Idol winner and huge over here ...

PHOTO INTERLUDE: This clickable interlude features the talents of six visual artists including Amazing_CA, photo by PermaSwooned, 1; Amazing_CA, photos by Catsmomsny, 2; ABeautifulMind, 3; Claystruck, photo by Catsmomsny, 4; and Amazing_CA, photo by Toni7babe, 5.

Claying It Forward on Broadway

When Clay says he has the best fans in the world, he's not kidding -- and he's right. Everyone in the fan community has either participated in or read about the "Claying It Forward" incidences that take place almost daily. Sometimes it's a CD or a DVD of performance clack; other times it's passing along an extra concert ticket.

You may have read about just such an incident at Spamalot in February. After seeing a nutshell of the chain of events, I looked up the original post at the OFC. With permission, this is the extraordinary experience of Canadian fan Mariedrummond:

On my birthday weekend, Feb. 16-17, I saw Spamalot four times. While I was waiting for the Sunday matinee, I met several Clay fans, and one introduced me to Scarlett. I just discovered Clay last December, and I thanked her profusely for all the great clack that has allowed me to reconstruct Clay's journey of the last five years.

Incredibly, Scarlett invited me, a total stranger, to sit with her for the evening show in seat A111. The ticket had originally belonged to Toni7babe, who had to fly home before the show that night.

I gave my E6 ticket to Michelle, a fan I met that weekend and who had a row K seat. Then I met Nikki, who had a row Q ticket, so I gave her the K seat.

Still holding the Q ticket, I went back to the SRO (standing room only) section and asked a mother and her young son if they would like to share the seat. It turned out that this was her son's 12th birthday, and he became very excited and started jumping up and down.

"Spamalot" on Feb. 17 turned out to be one amazing "Claying It Forward."

Photos by Scrpkym and ClazyChristina

Carolina Wins ACC Title

Wearing Carolina blue in many stage door appearances this week, Clay certainly did his part to inspire the Tar Heels to victory in Saturday's Tobacco Road victory over Duke, 76-68. The win made the team in powder blue the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season champions.

Eve Carson, UNC's student body president killed last week in what authorities are calling a random act, was remembered in a pre-game moment of silence and with Carolina blue ribbons worn by students of both campuses.

Following an afternoon rehearsal and facing an 8 a.m. call early Sunday (actually 7 a.m. on the first morning of Daylight Savings Time!), I wondered if I could even stay awake for the much- anticipated rematch.

Silly me -- it was getting to sleep afterwards that was the problem!

Early Wake-Up Call

A little sleepy, my oboe and I arrived at the 8 a.m. call in 28-degree temps. I didn't need the Weather Channel to tell me this 28 felt like 21.

The beautiful Lenten cantata -- Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey -- planned by my brother-in-law, the music director, warmed things up a bit. Also playing in the orchestra were my sister and my niece, so this was once again a family affair.

On the program were selections by Bach, Beethoven, Sibelius, Holst, and Monteverdi along with American hymn melodies arranged by John Rutter and Mack Wilberg, some of which were "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing," "Deep River," "Bound for the Promised Land," and the very moving "Come, Let Us Anew."

On a lighter note, this graphic of grandson Kai by Sally should up the degrees on any thermometer. For all who screamed "foul" when I left him out last week, here's the PG version from Margaritaville.

Wonder if Jimmy Buffet likes milk? - Graphic by Sally

Below is a clickable of Amazing_CA's opening graphic:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



Anonymous said...

Hi Caro! I just have to tell you thank you SO much for linking so many beautiful Clay graphics on your blog! I come here knowing that with each post you'll bring us more of the gahhhhh that he is! Oh, and your grandson is precious - he's growing up too fast! Thanks for letting us share your joy. Have a wonderful week! ~ PuddinsJoy

Anonymous said...

Your blogging is so excellent. I know where to come not only to catch up on Clay news but to see wonderful graphics.
Thanks for keeping us informed.
I used to read you on the OFC but since the new format it is too hard to find anything over there.
I really feel badly about that because I know I cannot be the only one having the problem.
Warm regards,

Sandy said...

Hi Caro,
Finally I have some time to sit and drop you a few lines! We have had Connor since Saturday as it’s Spring break here in Ontario and seeing as neither his mom nor his dad had any vacation days left, “Papa” who works for the government and has tons of vacation days and family days, took the time off so that he could take care of him. The only thing is that when he’s here he hogs my computer time. When I do get a chance to get on, I have to play catch up on all the boards.

I’ve been so busy with my son’s wedding which is now just around the corner (May 31). I finally found a dress that didn’t break the bank and that has been a big relief. I just hate putting money out for something I’m not going to get a lot of use of and would much rather have the extra cash for my Clay habit…LOL! I also have a wedding rehearsal dinner that I was asked to host and that has me wondering what in the heck am I going to do. My future daughter in-law informed me that there would be 25 people and I said “what”! I thought it was supposed to be just for them and their attendants, but found out it’s also for their attendant's spouses, two ministers and their wives. This being my son’s second wedding, the novelty has worn off and I am trying my hardest to show some enthusiasm.

I think Hannah and Clay have become very good friends and seem quite playful with each other. I loved the “butt” slap video that was all over the boards with “gifs” showing up everywhere. What is there not to like! Clay's easy demeanor and snarky, loving personality wins people over all the time.

It’s quite hard to believe that in just under two months, Clay’s new CD will be released. I so want a kick a$$ cover showing him smoldering hot! We all know he has the looks, he just needs a great photographer to capture that look. In my opinion Annie Leibovitz, who I know is a world class photographer, just didn’t capture that look for the ATDW album. As it was a CD about love songs, the look that Clay portrayed on that cover just didn’t have that feeling.

Here’s my story about “Claying it forward”. We picked up the mail today and in it was a package from Marlyne. She told me she picked up the NYC Guide with Clay’s picture on it for me, but also inside was a little envelope and when I opened it, she also bought me a Clay Spamalot magnet from the night she went to see Spamalot. As I was showing it to my husband, his words were “they can say what they want about you Clay fans, but from my experience you are the most loving fans in the universe and are really generous and kind with one another”. Yes - he definitely got that right! Clay has the best fans in the world!!!!

I went to Jen’s photobucket account to see all the pictures of Kai and they are sure cute and very well done! Do you have a date yet as to when they will be flying down. You must be getting very excited with the thought of seeing him! If he only knew how much he is loved by all the fans who have “adopted” him in cyberspace.

I will send you a few pictures that were taken of our “beautiful” winter wonderland after the storm that dumped 56 cm on us last weekend. These were taken by Anita at her home. My camera is at my dad’s so I wasn’t able to take any of the snow in our yard. But you get the picture! So far 411 centimeters (162 inches) of snow has fallen this winter and we need only another 33 centimeters to break the record. So now everyone wants the record to be broken and I say what the heck…what’s another 33 centimeters!

Take care! Looking forward to the next blog!

Sandy :)

GO Tarheels GO!

GO Sens GO!