Friday, February 06, 2009

Clay Aiken on High Energy!

Spirit Unobtrusive -- Montage by Aspiegirl

Aspiegirl's Latest Montage

Video Features Non-Stop Clay

Wow! Aspiegirl is back with a brand new Clay Aiken montage that is a rush of energy from start to finish. Hold onto your hat, Clay Nation, and enjoy the ride this talented fan provides with "Spirit Unobtrusive."

According to Aspiegirl, approximately half the montage utilizes a backwards gear; so after the first viewing, rewind and see how many flips you can spot in the video clips, photos, and graphics. If you'd like, list your finds in a comment, and we will keep a running tally.

Some hints from Aspie include:

I used a lot of clips running backwards. Many are from Tyra Banks Show, Good Morning America, A Thousand Different Ways, and in Insider photo shoot.

That's not counting reversed pictures. Some are buried in other clips, which means they are in layers. Also, some are dropped into other clips.

LOL, I'm lost already!

Contributing visual artists for the montage include Sally, Moaf99, Gerwhisp, Topaz, Kcudawg, Mustbeeme, Dancermom2, Spotlightlover, and SecretlyLovesClay.

You can view Spirit Unobtrusive here and at YouTube, as well as download the 85-meg montage with this Sendspace file.

Thank you, Aspiegirl, for an incredible ride!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Featured are graphics by Amazing_CA, two from the recent Golfing for Inclusion fundraiser of TBAF and one that appears in the Aspiegirl's montage. Katy4Clay took the photos in the GFI graphics.

Never a Dull Moment

My Friday afternoon music lessons at Wesleyan Christian Academy are never dull. Following a 1:30 makeup piano lesson, I knew I had a 20-minute break before my scheduled first lesson. Normally very prompt, the student is usually warming up when I arrive.

At five minutes past her lesson time, I dialed her father's cell phone. "We're still in Mexico," he told the surprised teacher. Hopefully, the piano books made the trip and my student is giving lots of "recitals" at her uncle's home.

Many have asked about my "swinging new sax student" introduced in the Feb. 1 blog entry. I sent him a link, and he read the blurb via his BlackBerry.

The poster child of adult students, Mr. Sax travels during the week and takes his instrument to practice in his motel room at night. He has noticed that management doesn't seem to be assigning guests in the adjacent rooms.

After almost a month of home practice in a townhouse that he and his wife are remodeling, my student decided to mention his saxophone lessons to his neighbor.

"Oh, so that's what that is!" his neighbor laughed. "I thought y'all were really getting with it on the renovations."

Despite the laughs, Mr. Sax is progressing very well. We just may have to provide some clack. *g*

Early Valentine Greetings!

Thnx to this graphic by Ashes, grandson Kai stopped by with some candy hearts to wish everyone an early Happy Valentine's Day!

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

Whew! That is quite the montage Aspiegirl made! That's going to take more than one viewing to find all the reverse parts..I saw one so far! LOL.

Thanks for sharing Kai's Valentine with everyone :)

Thanks to for visiting and commenting on my new blog♥♥

Happy Friday Caro!!

sbleu9 said...

Wow! Aspie has done it again. Very original and well done and high energy.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting montage by aspiegirl--it's very different than the usual pictures and clips we see and love the energy of it. It's fun to see montages to some upbeat songs. I couldn't even begin to count backwards clips, photos or anything else, but I enjoyed watching it!

SueReu said...


I saw a few reverse parts, but quite honestly I was too busy looking at Clay ;-) WELL DONE ASPIEGIRL (as always)

Kai is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!! and Ashes done tood!

T said...

Wow! Aspiegirl rules in every montage she makes. Awesome and very unique one. I really enjoyed watching it. It definitely gave me energy (which I really need now). Thanks so much for featuring this in your blog.

Beautiful Valentine graphic of Kai from Ashes. He's a cutie! Always makes me smile.

CCOL4HIM said...

That's an adorable picture of Kai, along with the great Clay pics. I once knew someone who's name was Guy but was pronounced like Kai. See you on the OFC site. Take care and God bless.
Love always, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

You've done it again and at such speed too. LOL! I actually planned to comment on 'Aiken Fans Log Net Finds' an awesome blog and so much to read but found this new one instead. WOW! Such great mixes of videos, blends and stories. Hmmm...and we have cutie-pie KAI as the icing on the cake:) Bravo Caro!


Anonymous said...

Aspiegirl, awesome montage!! It woke me up this morning! Caro, love your blog and Kai is adorable.


Chardonnay said...

That Aspiegirl has some amazing talent. Wow! Blew me away! I can only imagine the results if Clay's publicist would only allow his fans to do the publicizing...

And a happy and sweet Valentine's Day to your sweet valentine!

Sandy said...

Being a "young" rocker girl, I LOVED Aspiegirl's latest montage! She never fails to disappoint! WELL DONE!

Kai really has this loveable little grin doesn't he! He is just the cutest "Valentine".


Aspiegirl44 said...

Hi Caro. Heeeee. I am still laughing about the sax man "remodeling his townhouse" I am going to go and read your previous blogs to learn more of the sax mans musical adventures. :)

Love the new photo's graphics you shared. Just catching up on seeing alot of the new pictures out there. I cant help but share that I think Clay is hawt in black. :)

And lil Kai is adorable as always I feel like he is sort of family having watched him grow throughout your blog and the videos you have shared with us.

Thanks again for another wonderful blog and thank you also for sharing my montage in your blog.



Aspiegirl44 said...

PS: I am "I am borrowing pictures and recipes from your blogs too"

I mailed the recipes to my roomate and "kindly suggested" that she might want to -cook- I mean try them out. heeee

LovesClaysVoice said...

I always love your blog Caro! So much information and beautiful montages and graphics! Kai is adorable! Thank you for all you do for Clay!

musicfan said...

What an unusual and exciting montage. Thank you for including it in this blog.

And the early Valentine is precious.

Thank you for your wonderful blog and thank you for your support of Clay!!