Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Late Leap into 21st Century

Everyhing I Don't Need (Clay Aiken) montage by Gerwhisp

Adventures, Missteps Abound

A Late Leap into 21st Century

After diving into the Twitter social networking medium last weekend, I took another leap into the 21st century Tuesday with the installation of DIRECTV's seemingly limitless channels and my first ever DVR receiver.

Admittedly late to the party and college degree aside, I have discovered there is a learning curve for both. My fledgling missteps even have a theme song: Clay Aiken's "Everything I Don't Need." Featured in Gerwhisp's montage above, the EIDN video includes the singer's Sessions performance and can also be viewed on YouTube.

Since there's no right or wrong way to Twitter, I'm pretty safe there. However, every now and then I try to send a message and notice the board is way smarter than I. Has anyone else hit ENTER a second time only to read "What are doing? Tweet already sent!" or "Recipient not following you." Oops!!!

Scroll to the previous entry, "Twitter Mania Takes Over My Life," for a host of helpful links about twittering.

Somewhat appeasing is the knowledge that I'm not alone. This is a PM from another new "twitterer" I met on a Clay Aiken message board:

Just need to update you on my mental state. I have been too busy to concentrate for long -- that's my excuse! -- so yesterday I decided to give up for now. But THEN this morning in the Toronto Star, a columnist wrote about her learning agony on Twitter.

She told step by step how to "Tweet," so I tried again. Now I know how to post, but I never know where it's going to show up. Its hilarious; all of a sudden I find a post of mine where I didn't know anything existed.

I commented in the Star column and explained that because of her I'm trying again, but am doubtful. She replied, "If I can Tweet, anyone can Tweet!" Even thought I am having a mental and emotional meltdown, I'm having fun. Thanks for getting me started on my downfall. Just as I figured out Facebook ... now this. Oy!

So we're all in this together, LOL! If you get a chance, send @maddie99 a tweet. Also, here is the link for the columnist who convinced my friend to try again. Read Twitpics, retworts, hash tags and twicks by Antonia Zerbisias. You can also tweet @AntoniaZ at Twitter, or visit her at the Star.

I am following lots of interesting people on Twitter, none more helpful than a representative from my new TV supplier. Ten minutes after I tweeted that I was having a time figuring out what was playing on all the new channels at my disposal, @DIRECTV posted this Tweet:

@CarolinaClay we have an online guide at If you are registered, you can also set DVR recordings at home from this guide.

That's what I call service!

Now, my friend Sally, who ever so slightly twisted my arm to upgrade to the trial movie channels-DVR package, literally programs her daily recording schedule while exercising on the treadmill.

I'm definitely not that adept. This morning, sitting on a sofa, I double-booked and overlapped movies while missing a live report about President Obama's visit with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I knew MSNBC's @David Shuster would replay major segments on MSNBC's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and he did.

Meanwhile, I am streaming "Everything I Don't Need," my new theme song, as well as the title track and "Ashes" from Clay Aiken's On My Way Here CD, at his MySpace. The sound is fantastic, so give these songs a whirl.

No doubt many more 21st century-related adventures await me. A day early, but have a wonderful weekend, all!


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Click to stream CLAY AIKEN's MYSPACE


Sandy said...

Tweet, tweet! I read the paragraph about the blogger in the Toronto Star and this line stood out for sure - "Just as I figured out Facebook ... now this. Oy!"

Looks like a lot of fun to tweet, tweet! Hope I learn more this weekend.

Loved our visit from President Obama! He warmed the hearts of all of Ottawa (and Canada) for sure with his big beautiful smile that you know comes from his heart. Just like someone else we know *g*

Sandy :)

Chardonnay said...

Ack! You are all WAY to techno-savvy for me. I just only figured out FaceBook a bit ago so give me a bit of a break on Twitter in the meantime, kay?

Gosh... Luckily I'm not mom...

Ashes said...

RT@Caro..Oh, that's not done here, LOL. I have seen those messages..a gentle slap on the fingers!

Really enjoyed President Obama's visit today, very uplifting. A smile like that and an "I Love Canada", hey I'm toast!!

Makes me think of Clay singing 'show me that smile again...:)

Allegra said...

I just got a Facebook page and now there's Twitter. I truly can't keep up :crazy:. :)


LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, I always love your blog...but, I will admit I have not gotten into Twitter yet! I do love EIDN though!!!!!!!!!

Deona said...

Love the montage for "Everything I Don't Need".

Shyeyewitness said...

I'm ON it!!! Thanks Caro!!

hugs, shy

Anonymous said...

Hello Caro!
I've been meaning to stop by for days now but I finally found some time say HI!
Great blog as always.
I've been meaning to get a Facebook account for months now cuz' all my family and friends have been bugging me but ..... never seemed to get to it. Someday....maybe. As for Twitter I don't even want to go there, lol
Have a great weekend

MissSally said...

You said: "Now, my friend Sally, who ever so slightly twisted my arm to upgrade to the trial movie channels-DVR package, literally programs her daily recording schedule while exercising on the treadmill."..tis true.

Now I want to try treadmill exercising while tweeting from my cell phone. *g*


BTW: I wish your readers could hear some of our phone conversations while all of this techie talk is going on.

Anonymous said...

Fun and informative :)

Musicfan said...

I always know I will smile when I read the blog here. Thank you for sharing all the fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

You did it again! Another great blog. I'm not to sure about the "Twitter," maybe one day soon!!! I'm not to good at all the fancy "tec stuff."

Have a GREAT Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

You did it again! Another great blog. I'm not to sure about the "Twitter," maybe one day soon!!! I'm not to good at all the fancy "tec stuff."

Have a GREAT Weekend.


Barbara said...

Wonderful blog, Caro! I enjoyed so much reading about your leap into the 21st century with Direct TV and Twitter. Isn't all of this technology fun? LOL We sure have come a long way!

Both my sisters have Direct TV, but we have Comcast. Now nTelos has put lines in our neighborhood, too!

Love and Hugs,


tay71md said...

I tried leaving a message earlier (twice) and it didn't go through. I think I was having computer issues. Let me try one more time.

Hi Caro!

I sent a message to @maddie99 so hopefully she'll feel the love! I admit when using Twitter I am only using the basic features. I only update my status, reply and retweet. I haven't done the hash tags or anything like that. I really should read all the helpful tips. Retweeting gets a little confusing because you don't have much room to add your input. But if you just hit the reply button than the person you are replying to has no idea what you are talking about! I have been using this Firefox plug-in called twitty tunes and it is extremely useful. Whatever page I'm browsing I click on the twitty tunes and post to twitter. So I can post web pages, music links and videos that I'm watching.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. I love Gerwhisp's video!

Anonymous said...

I just came over to see if I could leave a comment, and if it worked like Joan's Blogspot. Seems to me I had trouble posting a comment the last time I was here. Or maybe not, because I can't remember a darn thing. I'm not ready for twitter yet, maybe some day. Lois

PaulaBear said...

I am still agonizing my way into the waters of Twitter! You give me hope. And you brightened my day with EIDN!!!

SueReu said...

I'M LATE TO THE PARTY!!!! (as always)

For those of you wondering about Twitter - it's MUCH EASIER than Facebook!! Give it a chance (and there's plenty of people to help)

Caro, welcome to the 21st Century!!! It's an exciting place (especially now that Clay's left RCA behind him)

Loved the EIDN video (just love EIDN in general)

Have a wonderful weekend!!