Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Very Best of Clay Aiken

'The Very Best of Clay Aiken' CD will drop next month.

IT Anniversary, Playlist Update

Aiken Album Slated for March 31

On the heels of Sony Legacy's news about the March 31 release of remastered favorites for The Very Best of Clay Aiken, the singer's fans today are commemorating the anniversary of the opening concert of the very popular 2004 Independent Tour.

February 24 may be Fat Tuesday to Mardi Gras enthusiasts; but for the Clay Nation, it's an all-day rewind of the Charlotte, NC, IT show, accompanied by speculation about the TVBOCA.

The Sony Legacy label promises that each gem is given high quality treatment, "insuring as complete and compelling a package as possible."

By combining state-of-the-art remastering technology with comprehensive liner notes, track information and rare and historic photos, the Legacy name and moniker have become synonymous with musical excellence. Our work is recognized by critics and fans alike as top notch..

Not Just Reiussued ... Reimagined!

What fans know about the upcoming "very best" CD are pre-order sites, prices, and the fact that the tracks are remastered songs versus the compromised sound of MP3 files.

But what everyone wants to know is which songs will be included on the "very best" playlist!

UPDATE: Just one day after setting up the sidebar poll, we now have an official playlist. Still, it will be interesting to see how closely the Sony Legacy choices match those by fans. Our "very best" poll results will be posted following the March 3 end date.

Here is the TVBOCA track list released to Amazon:

A Thousand Days
The Way
Bridge Over Troubled Water
On My Way Here
This Is The Night
Here You Come Again
Measure Of A Man
The Real Me
Something About Us
On The Wings of Love
Mary, Did You Know

What are your 10 favorite tracks from Clay's mainstream albums -- Measure of a Man, A Thousand Different Ways, On My Way Here -- and singles? With the assistance of some CA friends, the Carolina blog created a sidebar poll to determine the 10 songs readers would most like to see on the TVBOCA playlist.

To start our very unscientific survey, friends Ashes, Barb55, and Amazing_CA shared their choices with very little duplication. Hopefully, your 10 songs are listed. Once polling begins, no additions to the list are allowed. However, I will keep tabs of songs listed in the comments and include them in the final tally on Tuesday, March 3.

You can pre-order the CD at Amazon for $9.99 (eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25; Target, $11.98; and CD Universe, $9.00. Also, if you need a reminder of the songs on Clay's previous CD's, see the titles on his Amazon page.

Here's to the "very best" of Singerman!

Double clickable IT
wallpapers by Fountaindawg

Looking Back: IT Opens in Charlotte

From Feb. 24 to April 16. 2004, Clay and Kelly Clarkson criss-crossed the country with their Independent Tour, kicking off in Charlotte, NC, and ended in St. Paul, MN.

Singing "Kyrie Eleison," Clay entered the arenas from a different point nightly. During the first concert in Charlotte, the audience could hear him; but only the backup singers were visible onstage. When fans finally spotted Clay singing and making his way to the stage, they cheered madly, reaching out to touch him as he walked by. "Rock Star Clay" had arrived!

After the first concert, the "surprise" entrance was expected with Clay and Kelly alternating as the show's opening act. However, with each venue, the exact entrance location was anyone's guess.

Making the media rounds, the co-headliners shared a bus, as well as backup band and singers. After performing their separate sets, the duo closed each concert with Journey's "Open Arms."

In addition to the popular opening and closing songs, Clay performed tracks from his Measure of a Man CD, an acoustic medley, "Without You" duet with Quiana Parler, and "When Doves Cry."

Clickable by Amazing_CA

Independent Tour Set List (Charlotte)

Kyrie Eleison
Perfect Day
I Will Carry You
All About Love
No More Sad Song
I Survived You (Atlanta, but not Charlotte)
When You Say You Love Me
Without You (duet w/Quiana Parler)
Run to Me
Measure of a Man
Fields of Gold
Carolina on My Mind
When I Need You
When Doves Cry
The Way
Open Arms (duet w/Kelly Clarkson)

For more information, see Independent Tour at the Clay Aiken Kids site.

Atlanta IT: Kyrie entrance and final bow.
(Clickable photos by Sally, 2/25/04)

Thank you for sharing your top 10 selections in "The Very Best of Clay Aiken" sidebar poll and/or in a blog comment.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

The Very Best of Clay Aiken--is everything! It's impossible to really choose, I did for the song poll though. BOTW holds such a special place in my heart I had to choose it.

It's mind boggling how busy Clay Aiken was in 2004..3 tours! The Independent, the NAT/Solo and the JNT. Thank goodness for the discovery of 'clack', and no wonder I tossed the old slow dial up internet for the cable! Dial up was just fine for "normal" things..but not for Clay, LOL.

Great blog, Thank you!!

fgs said...

Choosing one song on that list is almost impossible. One of my favorite songs on the list was Lonely No More, but that one probably won't make it since it had absolutely no attention even though Clay had a hand in writing it. I'll have to think about it for awhile.

Sandy said...

I have to agree with Ashes...the very best of Clay Aiken is everything! Which is why I am praying there is some new material on this CD that was recorded but never made any of the previous released CD's. We can dream can't we! I have this strong feeling that on the heels of this release will be notice of a tour??? Just saying!

Have a great week!

Sandy :)

Chardonnay said...

Ack... it would only let me vote for one at a time. I don't have to vote 10 seperate times, do I?

But those would have been some of my favorite picks, and sorry Caro about the earlier request... but I just got home from work! *g*

The thing is though, that the latest album was produced much better than the others I think, so I'd rather concentrate on some of the earlier tracks that weren't produced quite as well.. to save trackage space and all.

Are we allowed to choose Christmas tracks? Like AIW or OCOCE? Cause I'd choose those.

And then I'd also add RTM, EIH and TOA. No need wishin' for Touch, i suppose.

His earlier demos however are some of my very favorites! But again... no need to waste space. Because thems were probably some of the best produced to date. heh

Anyway! Amazing blog as always!

musicfan said...

I could not get 10 votes.....so I am waiting to vote until I can do it correctly. The dot just cancels when I click on the next one.

I love this blog. You always come up with such fun things.

Thanks for the time you spend on all of this!!!

Chardonnay said...

Oh yes. And I forgot to say what it was that I intended to say in the first place. Which was... I don't think that any of these songs really need to be redone. I mean, each one of them remain to me exactly what they were at the time. With each one playing their part in keeping me totally riveted for these past six years. So I am perfectly happy with all of them...just the way they are.

I want new ones!

But this is a really fun game anyway!

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for your votes and interest in "The Very Best of Clay Aiken."

If you will hold off voting for about 10 minutes, I will have another poll up. I inadvertently missed the box that allows you to vote more than once.

Again, thnx for your visit! Come back in a few ... and all will be fixed!


fgs said...

I voted, but only for nine. I want Run To Me on the Best of CD!

clayam said...

Impossible to choose what songs are my favorite Clay Aiken songs, I love each and every one for a different reason, I pre ordered the Cd and can't wait to get my hands on it!

T said...

Another great, interesting & fun blog here! It's hard to choose because Clay always brings so much power and emotion in every song. "I Survived You" was not one of my favorite in MOAM album but when I heard him sing it LIVE - it became my favorite.

Brilliant idea with the poll and seeing the results. :)

Thanks Caro!


SueReu said...

VOTED!!!! :D

Can't wait to see the playlist for this CD (and hoping against hope we get a new song). I would love to hear some of the MOAM stuff remastered - with Clay's amazing voice brought to the forefront of the music.

:D thanks Caro!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wow! What a Fun Blog......however, do you know how hard it is to pick "just 10?" I Love Them ALL!!! lol BOTW is at the top of my list, WISYS, not on list, but another favorite, I know I could go on and on, as I said, I LOVE THEM ALL!

I can not wait to see what Clay has in mind for 2009....Patience!!

Thanks again for another GREAT Blog.


zanyforclay said...

It really was very difficult to choose only 10 since they are all great! It'll be interesting to see what "they" have chosen to include as "The Very Best". Thanks again for another fun blog!

Ashes said...

Cool! I just saw the playlist for the CD..I am pleased for sure. It has an excellent variety.

musicfan said...

I finally got my 10 votes in. It is hard to choose. I like all the songs!!!

Allegra said...

I'm easy---a new Clay Aiken CD--I am so there. The tracklist is better than I thought it would be and I still hold out hope that some of the songs will be remastered.


Barbara said...

Caro, I just voted for my favorite 10 songs, I think! LOL There was a tie between several. It's interesting to see the results of what fans are voting for.

Thanks again for letting me know about the tracklist earlier today!

Love and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this album. Anything with Clay's name on it, I fold like a wet suit!

katy said...

This will be a fun album to have and to hear (remastered). I've forgotten about OTWOL. Remember when that was the only recorded song from Clay?

Anonymous said...

A few of my favorite Clay Aiken songs are not list or CD. It was hard for me to pick.
Great blog-BTW

Chardonnay said...

I didn't end up voting... because I figured I didn't have a say! lol

But I'm happy with the tracks I guess. Because this will force me to listen to them with all new ears, which will then cause me to fall in love with him all over again for the 2,892,567th time.

But still, sometimes I yearn to go back to that first time, ya know?

CCOL4HIM said...

Wow! I had a hard time picking just 10 songs on the poll! Great blog. 2009 sounds exciting for Clay and the Clay Nation! Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

hosaa said...

I think the "Best of" playlist represents Clay well, but it was disappointing not to see the masterpiece "Lover All Alone" there. If the market for the CD is people who haven't yet been exposed to that much Clay, it's a shame they would not get the truly very best (IMO).