Sunday, May 31, 2009

Clay Aiken Headlines Insure Hits

Stylized graphic design of singer Clay Aiken by cindilu2.

No Quiet Vacation

Q&A Replies Prompt Media Blitz

Spring was supposed to be down time for singer Clay Aiken, but you would never know it from the media blitz prompted by the singer's replies to queries in the very popular Q&A thread at Clayonline, his official fan club site.

A gazillion news stories, blogs, and tweets have kept his opinion about the over-hyping of American Idol, a runner-up's song interpretation, etc., front and center for more than a week. Just like Season 2, his surprise appearance on the Season 5 finale, and the Season 8 remarks to his fans, Clay has inadvertently created media buzz meant for the actual winner.

Jan-May 09 Headlines
Clickable by Fountaindawg

Certainly, everyone on the planet does not appreciate Clay's vocal style, incredible pipes, and charitable work for children through The Bubel/Aiken Foundation and UNICEF; and that's their prerogative. But it's for sure, his name in headlines is an automatic magnet for hits and a widespread choice by fans and non-supporters alike.

The tags below a current eonline story and poll involving the Season 2 and 8 Idol runner-ups clearly ascribe to this theory:


No doubt you have already read Clay's very articulate reply to the fan board question about the Prop 8 ruling in California. If not, see When Clay Aiken Speaks, People Listen at the CA News Network.

The June calendar in the photo interlude pays homage to Clay's 2008 blond hairdo, which the singer says is probably passe. Featured are designs by graphic artists Amazing_CA, 1 and 5, the latter with Scrpkym photos; Fountaindawg, 2; and cindilu2, 3 and 4. For the wide screen version of the June calendar and opening graphic, see Cindy's Yuku site.

I had planned to write about my grandson Kai's latest escapades. Believe me, at 20 months, he's already testing the "terrible 2" waters. Those stories can wait until next time when, hopefully, the computer that relays photos of him and sister Lia to the Carolina clan is home from the shop.

Have an awesome week, Clay Nation!


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musicfan said...

Caro......another timely blog.

It is amazing how much press Clay gets for doing anything.

His answer about Prop.8 was so intelligent and well-written. I am glad that it is out there.

Thank you for this blog. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

SueReu said...

Kudos to Clay Aiken for an articulate and well thought out response to the very emotional issue of gay marriage.

He is one of a kind and I cannot admire him more.

Thanks for the blog and all the gorgeous blends!!

tnmtmama said...

musicfan said:It is amazing how much press Clay gets for doing anything.It's amazing how much press Clay Aiken gets even when he's doing nothing! A simple Q&A session generates a media storm!

Ashes said...

Caro, Kudos to you for a very professionally written blog. It's always a pleasure to read your posts.

I'd bet that Clay Aiken is the most well known of all idol seasons! He is the best :)

Wonderful graphics of our guy!

Have a great week.

copingincalifornia said...

this emotional subject. I hope he is able to marry in his lifetime in his home state.

gerra said...

I am not surprised at all that people are interested in what Clay says. He is very articulate and eloquent.

Love the graphics, as always :)

ps. Looking forward to the next installation of Kai's Adventures.

Chardonnay said...

Caro, Can't decide which I love more your blog words or the pretties! So much for the drought of '09 huh? Blesses to you and to your family gurrl and to little Kai and Lia!

jbc4clay said...

I certainly listen when Clay speaks. He is such an intelligent man. His post about Prop 8 was well thought out and spot on.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Love your blog Caro! When Clay talks people listen! He is intelligent and articulate...and so many other things! I love him!

Thanks for the great graphics too!

Pat said...

I could listen to Clay Aiken all day, every day - singing as only he can sing, or talking as only he can talk.

I LOVE an intelligent, thoughtful, thought-provoking, gorgeous to look at, handsome, articulate man.

In other words, I love me some Clay Aiken!

Thanks for all the neat pictures of him! :)

CLM said...

Thanks for the blog Caro. I love those blends. Clay Aiken sure does look especially handsome in those. Clay sure is a headline draw isn't he?? When Clay Aiken speaks, the media loves it.

Truth Rules said...

Oops, he did it again. Stole headlines from AI. They try so hard to ignore him but they just can't make him go away.

ImGranny said...

Thanks for another great blog. Clay Aiken is a media magnet. He is so intelligent and articulate. His answer to the fan question on his fan club site regarding Prop 8 was fascinating. I agree with his position on this issue 100%.

Anonymous said...

There is never a dull moment in Clayland:)Great blog.
Hugs Margaret

T said...

Clay Aiken rules! Clay is still in the limelight with all the recent press about him.

I am so impressed with his answer about Prop 8. Clay is so smart, articulate & well-versed about the subject.

Excellent blog Caro! Also, loved all the graphics and thanks so much for including the blends.

One of the things I'm looking forward is your next blog with Kai and Lia stories (also photos). :)


Anonymous said...

Clay can sneeze and people have to comment on it. He really is a magnet.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct! I once clicked on a blog that said nothing but "Clay Aiken" then when you got there it said just testing.

Anonymous said...

"...You're absolutely correct! I once clicked on a blog that said nothing but "Clay Aiken" then when you got there it said just testing..."

OMG! That is hysterical!!

PaulaBear said...

So many people continue to be fascinated by Clay Aiken six years after he was on Idol. I've never seen another contestant from that show get the amount of press that he does.

clayam said...

Clay Aiken is such a smart and well informed man, and he sure grabs many headlines even when on vacation and his down time.

fgs said...

Hopefully after people stop to think about it and watch their TV's they will realize that Clay was correct about the overhyping of Adam. It isn't anything new as the judges almost always have someone picked they want to win then they manipulate America (try) by their comments during judging.

Where I come from judging has to be fair and impartial. That is something these judges seem to never have heard of. Can you imagine the uproar from parents when teachers have a favorite? Or kids go to contests and the judges have favorites they want to win no matter what?

Clay's opinion of Prop 8 seems right on to me. He's much more aware of political and social issues than people give him credit for.

katy said...

Clay Aiken is an intelligent, thoughtful thinker who responded so well to the Prop 8 question.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is one of the interesting contestants from AI. There is a depth in his character and he expresses his feeling very well.

Anonymous said...

Good job and U keep Us informed, you sure do! Thanks!! Clay is quite the guy, always keeps ppl thinking.
Hope he is thinking when he is gonna sing again! A Clay music fan,Donna in Wi.