Monday, May 04, 2009

Clay Aiken Serenades Final 5

Dancing with the Stars Final 5 - Just You
Montage by LovesClaysVoice

Mailbag Spotlights Readers

DWTS Finalists Spin to 'Just You'

When Clay Aiken gifted his fans a previously unreleased studio recording of "Just You," it was just a matter of time before a talented visual artist created a montage with the beautiful song.

In the opening video, LovesClaysVoice features the Final 5 of Dancing with the Stars with Clay's track. The montage can be viewed at YouTube and downloaded with this Sendspace file. The dancers in the opening frame are Chelsie Hightower and Ty Murray.

Readers who leave comments have a special place in the hearts of bloggers, and their remarks often complete the dialogue set in motion by the writer. Occasionally, I like to share the thoughts shared by Carolina On My Mind readers in a mail bag entry.

New Laptop Hits Speed Bump

Due to Internet connection problems, this blog is a good day late. For six hours Sunday, my new, speedy laptop baffled the AT&T staff, refusing all their meaneuvers to help us get back online. With a recital program to type, it is definitely headed to the shop.

Fortunately, the older model still knows its way around the Net, but at a most moderate tempo. Seeing all those "front row" lights really on with no red x's in the tray has made our "slow-mo" reunion ever so sweet.

This look back features the four latest blogs and several interesting reader remarks contributed to each. The headlines are links back to the original posts. Hope you enjoy!

Photo by Dee Lippingwell

April 30: Aiken Fans Boon to Vegas Economy

In one fell swoop, the announcement of Clay Aiken's May 9 performance with David Foster and Friends in Las Vegas guaranteed the travel industry a gigantic economic boost as CA fans from both coasts scrambled to secure airline and hotel reservations.

Meanwhile, my string students were so discovered a wonderful land of percussion equipment at a joint rehearsal in a band room. Following the rehearsal, all had to sample the huge gong.

SueReu: I love Clay Aiken's version of Unchained Melody and that particular performance is my favorite all time rendition of that song.

Miss Sally: Love "Ashokan Farewell" and now a harpist! Sounds like a great performance is in the offing. Any chance of a YouTube of Caro clack????

Donna in WI: I have sat here watching (should be working) video and more video ... now he is so great! Love his singing! Thanks for the fun!

Ashes: Scarlett's video of Clay Aiken and David Foster is tops. Your recital sounds like fun; it would be great to hear that, too!

SALLYROX: How I wish I could make my way to Vegas. I feel the excitement in the air. Thank you for giving us so much good news and beautiful blends. Love reading the story of the 'Gong Show' and your students.

Patti: I do so wish I could hear your student recital. My mom played violin. She was a music major at Meridith College in Raleigh. Also, I think the viola is one of my favorite stringed instruments. Such beautiful tones!

marianhookailo: Your topics - always so current - are wonderful to read. I have downloaded most of your CLAY mentioned songs sung at David Foster's show - and it was amazing including his being a judge. I am so impressed with you and your students.

How lucky to have a sister work HER magic with you - quite a team! I am a bit jealous that you can still be so involved with music. All I do now is just appreciate!

Graphic by Amazing_CA

April 26: Aiken's Q&A Sessions Thrills Fans

This weekend Clay Aiken instigated a line of communication with his fans in a question-answer thread on his official message board that has already proved very popular, informative, and a leading reason for supporters to keep their membership up to date.

After a few ground rules and a promise to drop by from time to time to continue answering queries, the place to be for the next several hours was the "Ask Clay a Question" Thread. At the end, he gifted his fans with "Just You," asking those who downloaded the recording donate to The Bubel/Aiken Foundation.

Ashes: What a fun night we had with Clay, and he sure did go out with a bang! He sure had me fooled with LMT piano playing. I knew he was singing and was convinced he was playing too. Shows what a great actor he is!

T: I didn't get a chance to be there for the Q & A session with Clay & the fans. So thrilled to see this in your blog. This is so wonderful and enjoyed reading them. As you mentioned, Clay was articulate, candid and personable and I could see that in the way he answered those questions. Hope that he'll have another Q & A session.

IamMesmerized: It was an amazing night and so much fun. I still can't believe he stayed with us for over 7 hours. I guess he must have been enjoying it just as much as we were.

CLM: What an amazing 7 hours. I can't believe Clay Aiken spent that long with us answering questions. And the new song ... sigh ... I love "Just You." Thank you Clay!!!!

zanyforclay: Clay always seems to come up with ways to surprise us, and Friday sure did that! How wonderful that he spent so much time entertaining his fans from a distance. Love your blog and the memories you've brought back for us!

It's especially appreciated, I'm sure, by the people who didn't get to participate in the original Q & A. Very well organized and great choice of questions. Clay's gift to us was the icing on the cake!!

Pat: Thanks for sharing part of the wonderful night that fans at the OFC had posting back and forth with Clay Aiken. His answers go to prove what a wonderfully articulate, intelligent, and, yes, wickedly humorous man he is. I hope he does more of these Q&A's.

Barbara: Thanks for sharing the video by Yollie! I went to the JBT in Wolftrap but he didn't sing "Just You" at that show, so the first time I heard it is when I downloaded the song the other night. I've really enjoyed listening to it.

PaulaBear: Always the giver, Clay Aiken provided a special gift to his fans last night, spending time chatting with them at his fan club and then letting them download a never before released song! What a generous man!

Marlyne: Wasn't it a great evening with Clay the other night? I just love Just You - what a wonderful surprise! Even though I was an hour late, I'm just glad I was here.

Graphic by Amazing_CA

April 23: Clay Aiken Presented Family Award

Tuesday platinum recording artist Clay Aiken and Terry Boggis, director of Center Kids in New York City, were honored with Family Equality Council Awards at the fourth annual Night at the Tavern in NYC. The event was well-covered by several CA bloggers [see sidebar], as well as the FEC site.

Due to double booking, my sister and I spent the better part of Easter Week searching for an alternate locale for our students' spring recital.

PaulaBear: Great blog! So much information and pictures. I would love to see us get back to the Clay Aiken era on TV. Clay Aiken every week on my TV would be a great start!

fivegoldens: Clay Aiken is a special person and people are just now catching on to the fact that he has done so much to try to make a difference. Beautiful graphics as usual.

Anonymous: Clay Aiken is amazing and talented young man. He's very deserving of this award, and it's obvious he loves and cherishes his fans!

reneti: I checked out the slide show. It's nice to see all those Broadway people and who they are from the slides. I hope your hall works out and the show goes well.

Ashes: How sweet of crazyglue to give the poster back to TBAF for more fundraising and how like dear Clay to arrange the photo with her!

'Snakes' by Ace Noface
Montage by Aspiegirl

The next blog brought together a new friend, Ace, and my good friend and outstanding montage creator, Aspiegirl, who selected one of his songs with powerful lyrics, obtained visuals from him, and wove her magic.

The montage, which opens with an "Ace affirmation," can also be viewed at YouTube and downloaded with this Sendspace file.

April 19:Pop-Rock Artist Records Legacy

Ace Noface, 38, an alternative piano-rock musician diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease four years ago, is on a mission to leave his musical legacy. Armed with a tool chest of goals, affirmations, and a deliberate plan to learn his craft, he has recorded a CD of powerful music, Toxic Charm, now available at CD BABY and Amazon.

I met Ace on Twitter and asked if I could feature his story. Rather than folding the hand dealt him, Ace Noface is an inspiration of the rarest breed. Sign up for the mailing list and listen to tracks of "pure piano rock for the brave" at the Ace Noface website.

Miss Sally: "Rather than throwing in his cards, Ace Noface is inspiration of the rarest persuasion." With Ace Noface, I have great difficulty expressing my feelings. Meeting and "friending" him on Twitter, touched me so deeply, words simply don't reach there. I hope all of your readers take the time to visit his site, and listen to his music; they won't regret it.

Chardonnay: What an inspiration this is. We have no choice most times over the challenges we encounter in life, but this story reminds us that we can still have POWER over those challenges... whatever they may be.

SueRue: Ace Noface truly is an inspiration. Today has been quite a reflective day for me and I can't tell you how both you and Ace have now helped me to turn my attitude around. Thanks to both of you.

musicfan: What an amazing blog. I have found a new hero. Thank you for bringing this man to our attention.

katy: What an inspirational story. Ace No face is a hero. Thanks for bringing this over.

Barb55: What an inspirational man! He demonstrates optimism even in the midst of dealing with this disease. The fact that he composes music and plans to continue is wonderful. Thanks for sharing his touching story with us!

kimmstarraiken: If it weren't for your blog, I'd never find anything out. That goes for basketball, the latest gadgets, everything Clay, fun and informative websites, and the rare jewels of raw talent in a sea of mediocrity better known as 'the web.'

siol: I've never seen Clay's MDA performance before. I have chills from all the good things said about him. You always have something new to talk about and inspire us with.

reneti: I watched one of Ace's videos. Its truly an artistic piece and inspirational.

lillipad: Young man, you have a tough road to ride on, but your life will be an inspiration to others and even if it is only one person that would be enough, but I think it will be far more.

Clickable by Amazing_CA

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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SueReu said...

Gorgeous video - thanks to you and LovesClaysVoice!!

This past week has been especially wonderful and you've recapped it in such a wonderful way.

Thanks Caro!! Good luck with the laptop - I know your frustration first hand!!

Anonymous said...

Ack, had to do this with your laptop? WOW yo done good!! Thank-you for all the hard work, and thank's for presenting a wonderful week we have had! Great Blog!!

hugs, Shy

LovesClaysVoice said...

Caro, thanks for featuring my montage! I loved reading all the fans comments! You do such a great job with your blog! Bravo!!!!

fgs said...

Enjoyed LCV's montage of DWTS to Clay Aiken's song, Just You. Clay sings some good songs for ballroom dancing. Nice blog, hope you get your laptop back soon!

katy said...

Just You with Clay Aiken singing is just perfect with the DWTS dancers.

Ashes said...

Caro, Thanks for the blog review, it's always fun to look back.

Lovely video from LCV, beautiful setting for the song :)

Good luck with the computer problems, glad you have a backup!

Hugs for a great week!

musicfan said...

Another fun and informative blog. I love the montage.

I hope your computer recovers soon. It must be very frustrating!!!

Thank you for the time you give to Clay and to us. It is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

It's always good to hear Clay Aiken's Just You. Thank you for the blog and thank you LCV for the video.

ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog and for featuring LCV's montage. That was great. I love DWTS and Just You was a perfect song!

Your whole blog was informative and well put together. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The 'Just You' video was nice to see. And your blogs are always interesting and I wait to see them, so Thank You, very much ! A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wonderful Blog, as always! I love the video and "Just You" was perfect for DWTS.....Clay needs to be on the show, don't you think?

Good Luck with that laptop and Thank You for all you do to keep us informed.


MissSally said...

Love, love, love the "Mailbag" blogs; almost as much as I love LAP & LACIE's reporting!

Thanks for sharing the Ace NoFace
comments. His tragic, heroic struggle pulls at my heart strings, and inspires my soul.

Thanks for an outstanding blog.

Aspiegirl44 said...

Hi Caro. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Ace. He is a really nice man and I love his music too. I have been listening to his CD alot at home and play it over and over in the car on the way to visit my sister in re-hab. Thanks again for helping find such agreat friend.

I also enjoyed reading all the mail bag letters that you share and love the video by LovesClaysVoice.



Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I had to stop back and see the
Montage by Aspiegirl's ...'Snakes' by Ace Noface. What a wonderfully intreging Montage. Thank You for shareing with us.

Hope your Laptop is on the road to recovery.

Enjoy the rest of the week....


Ashes said...

Thank you Caro for posting Aspiegirl's 'Snakes' by Ace Noface. It's awesome and inspiring.

Thanks to Ace for the music and Aspie for the wonderful montage.

Sandy said...

I am slowly getting back to somewhat of a normal life and it is sure wonderful to come here and catch up on all the latest news. Anita was sending me all the questions/answers that Clay participated in. Knowing Clay the way we do, in some instances I almost knew what his answer would we know him or what!
I was on Ace NoFace's website and what a remarkable person. He has such spirit! When I get the chance I will have to listen to his music.
Looking forward to Clay sightings this weekend, preferably the singing kind!

Have a great day!


PaulaBear said...

I love the Dancing with the Stars video set to Clay Aiken's "Just You". Thanks to LovesClaysVoice for the montage and to you for hosting it!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Clay Aiken blog!

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken's music lends itself to any setting. Great choice with DWTS!!

Anonymous said...

With all the wonderful songs that Clay Aiken has sung, I think Just You was Just Perfect for this montage!!