Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aiken Fans Boon to Vegas Economy

WINNING COMBO -- The entertaining duo of David Foster and Clay Aiken will perform together again in Las Vegas on May 9. Graphic from 2006 performance by Clayquebec1.

Clay, David Foster To Perform

Concert News Boosts Economy

In one fell swoop, the announcement of Clay Aiken's May 9 performance with David Foster and Friends in Las Vegas guaranteed the travel industry a gigantic economic boost as CA fans from both coasts scrambled to secure airline and hotel reservations.

When one considers all the cameras, videos, computer-related equipment, and various aspects of traveling to concerts by their favorite singer, the Clay Nation has for years been a boon to the economy.

Mandalay Bay Event Center in Vegas.

According to the Mandalay Bay Event Center website, May 9 should be a very special evening:

David Foster and Friends
Location: Mandalay Bay Events Center
Date: May 9th, 2009
Price: $134.25, $81.75, $55.50

Back by popular demand, a concert celebration featuring music’s premier songwriter and producer David Foster will take place Saturday, May 9 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

The event will pay tribute to the 15-time Grammy winner and will feature Clay Aiken, Philip Bailey from the chart-topping band Earth, Wind & Fire, Brian McKnight, Peter Cincotti and Oprah Winfrey’s protégé, Charice.

Foster also will perform some of the hits he has written or produced during his 40-year musical career. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.

At the David Foster Foundation Benefit Concert in 2006, David and Clay proved they really can put on an entertaining show. Thanks to Scarlett, who videoed the charity gala performance, here is their rendition of "Unchained Melody":

Clay sings 'Unchained Melody' at David Foster Gala.
Video by Scarlett.

With backup musicians, the duo presented several songs from Clay's then soon-to-be-released album, A Thousand Different Ways. After UM, David asked Clay to repeat what he called "the moment," i.e., the "glory note" or something he as a producer looks for when recording a song.

These are links to more gala videos by Scarlett:

Repeat of UM Moment

Without You

Right Here Waiting

Clay singing at David Foster's charity gala.
Photo by Dee Lippingwell.

Preceding RHW, David provided some background about Clay for the attendees:

He put an album out about three years ago. The first week it sold 600,000 copies. [For the gala] we were selling the pianos for $200,000; I came out and said I'd go with the piano for life, and it went up to $205,000.

He walks out and says he'll sing three songs, and it goes to $500,000. There is only one -- what an amazing singer ... what an amazing story ... he'll tell you some of it ... he used to be a schoolteacher, this kid. Please welcome the fantastic Clay Aiken!

If May 9 fits your schedule and budget, you'd better secure those reservations.

Below are clickables of two graphics from the 2006 weekend and the current May calendar. They include the lead design by Clayquebec1, 1; Amazing_CA, photo by Galrow, from Clay's stint as a Star Search adjudicator prior to the concert, 2; and cindilu2, the May 2009 calendar, 3. The widescreen version of the latter is available here.

Students Discover Whole New World

Thursday marked the first combined rehearsal of my sister's woodwind students and my strings. Both pieces -- "Ashokan Farewell" and "Star Wars" -- went very well. Afterwards, we separated so her students could prepare for a Sunday church service and mine could perform their solos.

Did I happen to mention we were in one of the best equipped band rooms I have ever seen? As a former band director, I have been around the block on this aspect. I actually don't know how the violinists and violist lasted as long as they did; but the minute we were alone, they began contemplating how they were going to sample some of the very intriguing percussion instruments.

We are talking bongos of various sizes, a complete set of timpani, a huge bass drum, cymbals, chimes, you name it. I was trying keep their minds on dynamics, controlled tempi, even correct notes; and they were looking around like kids in a candy store. We finally agreed that once we completed their solo segment, they would each be allowed to play the gong.

'Gong Show' Ends Rehearsal

Sure enough, when we finished their solos, everyone took a turn striking the gigantic gong with its mallet. One of the mothers who had driven the group to the rehearsal said we sounded like "the gong show" as she came down the hall.

Our final joint rehearsal will be the Thursday before the May 17 recital. Same percussion-filled room with the extraordinary addition of a harpist. Heaven help us -- but I fully expect another noteworthy day in music education, LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!


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Anonymous said...

Great blog. I enjoyed the gala video.

musicfan said...

It seems all Clay fans are excited about Clay performing in Las Vegas. I will be there and I am looking forward to the entire concert.

Your blog is so entertaining. Thank you for sharing your throughts with us.

Ashes said...

Love the blog Caro. Scarlett's video of Clay Aiken and David Foster is tops :)I have to admit envying those attending the May 9 celebration!

Your recital sounds like fun, it would be great to hear that too!

fgs said...

Fans are looking forward to the event and hoping for some clack since only a few will be able to actually attend.

Love the graphics on your blog. I look forward to the cindilu's new calendar every month. I make it my wallpaper on the start-up page. This month's calendar is quite bright and cheerful!

Thanks for a great blog!

SueReu said...

I love Clay Aiken's version of Unchained Melody and that particular performance is my favorite all time rendition of that song.

:) wish I could make it to Vegas but it's just not meant to be. Hope everyone has a great time!!!

Thanks for the great blog Caro - it's always so much fun to come here and read (and peruse the gorgeous graphics).

Have a wonderful weekend!!

MissSally said...

Love "Ashokan Farewell" and now a harpist! Sounds like a great performance is in the offing.

Any chance of a YouTube of Caro clack????

Speaking of clack, can't wait to see it from the Gala!

chel4clay said...

I loved seeing this again. That man gives me goosebumps everytime he sings. Great blog, I'm so excited he is performing again.

clayam said...

Hope we get more videos of Clay Aiken singing from the LV David Foster concert.

CCOL4HIM said...

I go away from the OFC(tech problem), and Clay posts something. Got a new computer, Comcast repairman came yesterday and fixed a setting error that prevented me from connecting to the internet. Great blog. Wish I was going to Vegas. Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

PaulaBear said...

I soooo wish I could go!! Clay Aiken and David Foster together with all those other incredible artists .... an amazing night in store for those who go!!!

katy said...

So glad to see Clay Aiken will be performing in Vegas at the David Foster event.

ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog. I loved the videos. Clay Aiken's version of "Unchained Melody" is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have sat here watching(should be working) video and more he is so great! Love his singing! Thanks~!! for the fun and U do a awsome job and look forward to your blogs everytime!!!! Donna in Wi.

Cindy said...

What fun to re-visit the first David/Clay collaboration. It's hilarious to watch David treat him like his own personal 'rewind' button! BWAH! Clay is one of a kind, and David is a genius. Bravo!

Can't wait to see what they come up with in Vegas.

T said...

Terrific blog Caro! Excited with the May 9th DF event. Hope that there will be clack. It's wonderful looking back at Scarlett's video.

It's always exciting to see the beautiful graphics from ABM & Cindilu (miss their works).

I've looked forward to reading your rehearsals and glad that everything is going well. MissSally mentioned about a YouTube Caro CLACK -- I'm with her on that.

Thanks so much and it's always a pleasure visiting your blog.

Cheers and happy weekend.