Thursday, April 09, 2009

Clay Aiken Thrills ANTM Fans

TIME TO SING -- While Clay Aiken's acting abilities were on display in Wednesday's America's Next Top Model, his fans would like nothing better than to hear him sing on tour. Graphic by Amazing_CA.

Cheers for Clay, Tar Heels, Quirky Luck!

ANTM Buzz Still Going Strong

A light week with several students already on spring break has been quite eventful and, unfortunately, expensive. Besides Carolina's exciting NCAA championship win on Monday, the redeeming moments occurred when Clay Aiken appeared on America's Next Top Model as actor and adjudicator.

Discussions abound on the Net, as many viewers didn't know of Clay's rave reviews for his portrayal of Sir Robin in Broadway's Spamalot. Most people on the planet seem to recall he's been on the receiving end of judging barbs and compliments -- backhanded, fore-handed, and in between.

Clay and good friend Tyra Banks.

This was my first time to watch ANTM, produced by Clay's very good friend, Trya Banks. Judging from the continuing discussion on message boards, Twitter, and a host of other web sites, the Clay Nation, always anxious to see Singer Man, plus a host of curious observers surely gave the show one heckuva ratings bump.

Clips such as the ones at E! News Now and CelebTV are everywhere. See TV Guide for a recap and discussion of the episode.

Among the blogs/websites covering the ANTM appearance are Clay Aiken: A Model Judge (CANN), Aiken de la Clay (Clay-the Man), Clay Aiken News (Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol), and Clay Aiken: Normal, Humble, and Eloquent on ANTM (MJ'sBlog).

Clay with Paulina, ANTM regular, on show.

Now it's time for Clay to sing to us. According to Billboard, he already is. Here are the first week chart rankings for his CD, The Very Best of Clay Aiken:

Playlist: The Very Best Of Clay Aiken, Clay Aiken

Billboard Top 200: #173

Top Internet Albums: #10

Good Side of Bad Luck

Somebody Upstairs definitely had an eye on me Wednesday morning as I checked off a couple of errands prior to heading to a dental appointment. Upon noticing a light on the dashboard, I stopped by my service station to ask their opinion. I turned the car off as the attendant popped the hood. When I was instructed to start it again, there was dead silence.

The battery, which has been a thorn in my side for a couple of weeks, was promptly charged. We decided they should check further. While I was canceling my dental appointment, the car died ... for good!

I gave the repairman a quick run down of the AAA battery's history from its Nov. 14 purchase to March 26 when the car wouldn't start for my 8 a.m. Lenten gig. Turns out the problem was the alternator all along, so -- lucky as I feel for having turned into my service station -- I ended up spending my gig money and then some.

Spring Recital Hits Calendar Snag

Meanwhile, the combined student recital my sister and I have been planning for May 17 received a jolt when we got bumped from the academy's auditorium for a retirement ceremony. May is a difficult month for scheduling because you have to avoid Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Throw in "baccalaureate day" at one of our previous locations, and May is one troublesome maze.

The harpist who will perform with our combined ensembles and accompany my sister's students has advised us to stick with the 17th, which rules out changing to the 31st. Now we are awaiting confirmation on an alternate location.

If luck spins in sets of 3's, I think I have one to go!

Easter graphic of grandson Kai by Ashes.

Youthful Take on Good Friday

Religious and secular Holy Week celebrations abound as the calendar approaches Easter Sunday. Not only is President Barack Obama hosting a Seder at the White House, but many Christian congregations will join those of the Jewish faith in celebrating the beginning of Passover with the traditional feast.

The culmination of Holy Week, Good Friday commemorates Jesus Christ's crucifixion and death. Two days later on Easter Sunday, Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the dead and the fulfillment of their faith.

The name "Good Friday" possibly comes from "God's Friday," although the origin is unclear. Several Easters ago, Mr. Caro was explaining to a class of Baptist youngsters the meaning of this day. A percussionist, he added all manner of sound effects to create the storm and anguish that prevailed at Christ's death on the cross.

In the midst of his presentation, Mr. Caro noticed the sea of sad and dejected young faces filling the room. One agitated youngster frantically raised his hand to proclaim: "Mister, it's Bad Friday -- not Good Friday!"

Below is a double clickable of Amazing_CA's opening graphic:

A very blessed Passover and Easter Weekend to all!


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Ashes said...

Lovely entry, Caro.

Seeing Clay was so wonderful, he always does great. I watched his hour twice last night, then a 'few' times of his segments via clack :)

When I saw Kai's Easter greeting, I cute..then I realized I made it, LOL. Must be the spring fever :) Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Glad your car finally got diagnosed, but sad it was a costly one.
Hope your recital schedule doesn't have any more changes, that has to be frustrating.

Thanks for link to Aiken de la Clay :)

A very Happy Easter to you and yours.

Hugs, Ashes

SueReu said...

Caro, I'm so sorry you are STILL dealing with that car (although it sounds like it's now a done deal).

I LOVED Clay on ANTM last night!!! I could watch it over and over and over again (and have)

Kai is A DOLL BABY!!! so cute!!!

Happy Easter!

MissSally said...

Loved seeing Clay last night. He was wonderful...the show...not so much. *g*.

The adventures of Mr Caro are always fun. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Caro~ Love your blogs !
I enjoy what you do that is for sure!!Pics are always neat to see! And you do write so well.
I hope you and yours have a special Easter and enjoy the day!
Clay , he is such a fun guy! ~Bet the Easter bunny MIGHT bring him a basket of goodies, ??....:)
Happy Easter!

musicfan said...

Caro....It is always a treat to read your blog. You always have so much information.

I loved seeing Clay Aiken on my TV. I wish he was on every week.

Caro......I hope you have a wonderful holiday week-end. Thanks for all your support of Clay.

Allegra said...

Terrific appearance by Clay and a terrific blog by caroling clay.


Barbara said...

Caro, it's a treat visiting you! It was great seeing Clay on ANTM. He fit into the role like he had been doing it for awhile.

I love Kai's Easter graphic. Looks like he's all ready for the holiday.

Once again, thanks for all of the links!

Love and Hugs,