Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aiken Fans Amass Charity Votes

A THOUSAND DIFFERENT WAYS -- Clay Aiken fans this weekend are marking the third anniversary of the singer's second mainstream album by corralling votes for the National Inclusion Project in the Christie Cookie Charity Giveaway. (Graphic by ABeautifulMind, photos by KarenEh.)

Christie Cookie Giveaway

Fans Compile Votes for Charity

Clay Aiken fans marked this weekend's anniversary of the 9/19/06 A Thousand Different Ways album by generating support for the National Inclusion Project's foray into The Christie Cookie Charity Giveaway.

At the conclusion of the giveaway, the Nashville-based Christie Cookie Company will present $25,000 to the 12 charities with the most nominations. The winner and runner-up will receive $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, while the next 10 charities will win $1,000 each.

Recommended voting process is in two stages. Click on the link, select the National Inclusion Project from the drop-down list, and enter nominations via each of your legitimate US e-mail addresses.

Next, compose an e-mail asking friends, relatives, and co-workers to help secure a donation for this charity by doing the same. Below is a short video by LovesClaysVoice about the National Inclusion Project.

National Inclusion Project - Montage by LovesClaysVoice

I sent one round of requests via the cookie site; but I think a personal e-mail with links to the Charity Giveaway and National Inclusion Project websites, as well as the above montage at YouTube, will garner more votes. The video can be added to Facebook, MySpace, and blog sites.

Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST Oct. 15. The winning charities will be announced in November. One vote per US e-mail address. Just double click on the Christie Cookie Giveaway image below to start the process!

At the main page, link to vote and/or view current results. Also provided are a wide assortment of web logos/banners for Internet sites, as well as display signs/fliers to download and print. Be sure to add "National Inclusion Project, Raleigh, NC" to the signs.

All Clayonline members, internationals included, have a legitimate US e-mail address there. That's 10,088 votes if everyone gets the word. Then if each person you contact votes just once, that's another 10k votes. Many will have more than one e-mail address.

Let's make it happen!

The Christie Cookie Story

Inspired by a childhood memory of a neighbor's homemade cookies, Christie Hauck quit his corporate job, determined to master the "perfect cookie." His quest involved experimenting with gourmet ingredients from all over the country and frequent taste testing by close friends.

In 1983, Christie suddenly outgrew his apartment kitchen with the receipt of his first order, and hence, The Christie Cookie Company was founded. Three retail stores followed shortly thereafter, and Christie often rented a tuxedo and offered free samples to entice customers.

Millions of cookies later, The Christie Cookie Company is known for elegant gift packages and unique corporate gifts and continues to thrive in the retail, mail order, and wholesale markets.

The charity event has been underway since August; but in typical fashion, the Clay Nation only learned of the giveaway this week. More tham 900 nonprofits and charitable organizations in all 50 states have received nominations.

When CA fans started voting, the Inclusion Project was not even on the results page. Saturday the foundation broke into the top 50. By noon Sunday, it was in the top top 10.

What better way to celebrate love in "A Thousand Different Ways"!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: This clickable collection looks back to graphics created for Clay's ATDW album and subsequent tour. Included are designs by ABeautifulMind, photos by scrpkym, 1; cindilu2, 2 and 3; AmazingCA, photos by scrpkym, 4; and Clayquebec1, 5.

Clay Narrates Another Arthur Book

If you haven't visited the Speakaboos site, put that on your TO DO list. There you can watch a video of Arthur's Computer Disaster while Clay reads the Marc Brown story.

The Speakaboos site also includes other books, fables, nursery rhymes, folk tales, and songs, Children can listen and -- coming soon! -- record their own. As I type, a link is in the mail to grandson Kai and his sister Lia.

Below is a clickable of ABeautifulMind's opening graphic:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!


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PaulaBear said...

Thanks for highlighting this worthy endeavor, caro! Clay Aiken has put so much time into his charity, and this is a wonderful way for his fans to help out!!

katy said...

Clay Aiken continues to use his celebrity to help others. The National Inclusion Project is very much needed at this time.

SueReu said...

Wonderful blog!!!

National Inclusion Project is Clay Aiken's heart - it would be so wonderful for it to be among those who are granted a donation!! Great video by LCV!!

and I am so in love with Arthur's Computer Disaster :D sounds like my house!!

Thanks Caro!

Ashes said...

Bravo to Christie's Cookies! An excellent idea to promote so many worthwhile charities.

Clay Aiken's National Inclusion Project is perfect in this list, it benefits so many that are often forgotten.

I adore Arthur's Computer Disaster :)

Great blog, thank you Caro!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Thank you Caro for this blog! I hope Clay's National Inclusion Project wins this contest! It is a great charity for children! Thank you for including my video! I hope it helps in letting people see what Clay and his foundation are all about!

As always I love your graphics! Kudos to all the contributing artists!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog, Clay has taught Us so much with reaching out to ppl...hoping the NIP does well for a good cause! Enjoy each blog, you work so hard at bringing us ,thanks! A Clay music fan, Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Clay's work this past six years has shown how he cares for all those less fortunate. National Inclusion Project is so deserving of help.

I love Arthur's Computer Disaster, it is so cute, I have had my grandchildren listen to it many times. Max loves it!!

Have a great week.....


T said...

Terrific blog Caro! I love when you highlight Clay's worthy cause and his aim to bring awareness. I remember when he started as to how he wanted to make a difference. He has reached that and still continues to do so.

Compliments to the beautiful montage and all the graphics.

I also loved the Arthur's Computer Disaster. Clay is so versatile in narrating.

Cheers to you Caro!

MissSally said...

Lovely graphics, Caro, I miss some of the artists in this Blog.

ATDW is one of my favorite albums; so glad Clay was "forced" into making it.

Anonymous said...

Caro and LuvClaysvoice, thanks for the montage which I have posted on FB...hope it helps!


Allegra said...

The National Inclusion Project is making a good showing in the Cookie Charity give away. I hope the blogs generate some votes. :-)

As always, thanks for the wonderful blog. Love the graphics. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Another wonderful and very meaningful blog. The National Inclusion Project will be getting my vote. Great montage and wonderful graphics also. Thanks for sharing about Clay narrating a book also. I did not know he did things like that.

Love you bunches. Kathy/Aspiegirl

katy said...

The National Inclusion Project is providing needed services to many with disabilities to be included with their peers. It was so appropo for Clay Aiken & Diane Bubel to found this.

Ashes said...

Three cheers for Clay Aiken's wonderful foundation..The National Inclusion Project!!

musicfan said...

Hi Caro.....

Isn't it wonderful to see all that Clay is doing for children throughout the world?? I am so proud to be a fan of him!!

I am glad that you told us about the Arthur story. I love hearing Clay and with twin grandbabies, it is on my list of things to have.

Thank you for a wonderful blog. I alsways enjoy my visits here.

Truth Rules said...

Another great blog. Thank you.

claniac24 said...

I've never before seen that gorgeous pic of Clay in the upper right hand corner of your lead pic.
Thanks for your always fabulous blog Carolina.

copingincalifornia said...

There's nothing the Clay Nation can't do. How terrific to be able to move up the Project so far on the cookie site.

lulu said...

Please vote at Christie's Cookies for the National Inclusion Project. Inclusion is a passion for Clay Aiken.

clayam said...

I hope the National Inclusion Project will benefit from this. I know how hard Clay Aiken and the rest of the volunteers have worked on his Project.

fgs said...

Six years since Clay Aiken started the Bubel Aiken Foundation, now the National Inclusion Project. I like that the new name better reflects the mission of the foundation. I hope the NIP can get enough votes to win the money.

Anonymous said...

I so love your blog and I SO LOVE Clay Aiken!!!

YAY for the National Inclusion Project!!


Thanks for your blog. We must support the National Inclusion Project. It is a beautiful cause

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Thanks. I see that Clay Aiken's NIP is moving on up! Number 3 and headed for 2. More people need to know what has always been important to Clay.