Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clay Aiken Rallies in World Idol Poll

THE BEST -- Clay Aiken fans are voting for their favorite. Graphic by cindilu2.

In Ultimate World Idol Poll

Fans 'Use Their Voice' for Clay

Clay Aiken is the Ultimate World Idol because he is a fabulous entertainer with an incredible voice, which he uses both on and off stage.

His commitment to use his celebrity to improve the lives of others is evident in his endeavors as an ambassador with UNICEF, co-founder of the National Inclusion Project for children with disabilities, benefit concerts and charities like Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, Make a Wish Foundation.

With three days remaining in Tweeterwall's Ultimate World Idol Poll, Clay fans around the world are determined to vote him top honors. Saturday the Clay Nation closed the gap from 3,000 to 300. The competition will continue through Thursday, Sept. 17, at noon ET.

To link to Tweeterwall, double click on the visual below created by LovesClaysVoice:

You do not need to be a Twitter member nor do you have to sign into the Tweeterwall site to vote. Twitter members, however, can "follow" Clay at the social networking site.

Supportive threads at Clayonline and most CA message boards are encouraging voters and keeping them updated. This Stopwatch link will let you know when 20 minutes have gone by and it's time to vote again.

Vote and recruit others to do the same! Go, Clay Nation!!!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: It's impossible to sum up Clay Aiken the entertainer and philanthropist with five graphics. This brief overview from tours, albums, performances, and charitable endeavors features designs by AmazingCA, 1, 2, 5; cindilu2, 3; and Sally, 4.

Since discovering Clay on American Idol six years ago, the mantra of fans around the globe has become Idol Found, Game Over.

Clay's recent signing with Decca Universal, the upcoming Gala, and the promise of new music in 2010 have inspired an oft-repeated addendum: The best is yet to come!

Clay Aiken fans already know they have the REAL PRIZE. Let's win the Wall for Singer Man anyway!

Go, Clay Nation!!!


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LovesClaysVoice said...

Go Clay!!!! He deserves to win this poll and be the Ultimate World Idol!!! Thanks Caro for the blog! Vote Vote Vote Clay Nation!!!!

Ashes said...

Yeh Caro!!!

It's a Clay Aiken--cheer, cheer, cheer and vote, vote, vote day!!

Thanks for the details, I've had a number of e-mails asking just those questions, now I'll just send them a link to you!

Have a wonderful day!!

I Love Clay Aiken

clayitagain said...

Yes..wonderful blog...thanks Caro.

Almost 7 years since Clay has been on AI...and he is still someone to be dealt with.

We fell in love with the voice first, and then found out about his charitable side.

From Camp Councellor at the Y, to Special Ed Teacher. Creating his own foundation, to being Ambassador. He has lent his voice and hands to so many in need....


Whatever the outcome of the poll...really doesn't matter in the scheme of things.....We ALL KNOW HE IS INDEED THE WORLD IDOL.


fgs said...

The "other guy" hasn't even put out a CD yet. Someday he might deserve this title, but for those who think about it now is not the time. Clay fans, please vote if you agree!

anaturegirl said...

It is great seeing the ClayNation come together and voting day and night for Clay to become the World Idol. In our eyes he has always been the World Idol.

Keep voting and twittering the vote site everyone. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Go Caro
Use a timer so you don't miss any votes. Go clay.

MissSally said...
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MissSally said...

I'm voting my little heart out!

Love it when the fans come together like this.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully your blog will help to spread the word about voting for clay for World Idol. It amazes me how each morning I see how close we become, only to lose what we gained during the day. Evidently the Claymates don't ever sleep. I wish I didn't have to sleep. Lois

jeann11 said...

What ever the poll says, Clay is my Ultimate World Idol.The Nation Inclusion Project, UNICEF Ambassador,TOYS FOR TOTS, He visits the sick in hospitals,grants wishes for Wishes Can Happen.He has traveled over seas to Africa,Afghanistan,Indonesia and Mexico to help those in need.

Go Clay Nation! Vote! Vote! Vote!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Thanks for the update. I be a voting and voting and voting.

Love the graphics of our World Idol. :)



T said...

I really want him to win this poll and he's so deserving. Thanks so much Caro because I didn't know about this poll until I saw it in your blog. Now I've been voting here. I've bookmarked the link because I had to go every time to your blog to get the link.

Beautiful opening graphic and thanks for including all the other graphics.

Cheers to Clay, you & the Clay Nation!

IamMesmerized said...

Another great blog, Caro.

It's a good thing that the poll only has a few days left as half of us are like zombies from lack of or very little sleep.

I do believe that Clay is the winner, no matter what the result, and the world will know that the Clay Nation is still a force to be reckoned with. I also think it will be good for Clay and Decca to know that we are all right here waiting. My timer went off, time to vote!

Take care all.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to enjoy another quite like Clay Aiken! He really is my idol. And the game/show really is over for me;-)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, and yes , the best is yet to come! I enjoy all the work you do! Thanks! Donna in Wi.

Sandy said...

We're down to the wire. Clay's fans have done a magnificent job. Did we expect anything less!

He is indeed the true American Idol!

32 days to go!

Have a great day!


new convert said...

It's sad that Clay will probably not win Wordl Idol. He is truely a World Idol. All the others are Idols but not to Clay's extent. Can't wait for the New Year.

katy said...

I love Clay Aiken and he is, to me, the World Idol because of what he has done.

anaturegirl said...

In 19 hours this poll will be history along with American Idol as far as the ClayNation is concern. We already know who the real World Wide American Idol is. His fans have come together and shown their love for him. We did it on our own, no other Idol fan base was needed to get the huge amount of votes. The ClayNation has proven we are a force to be reckoned with. Tomorrow night they will celebration throughout the boards in honor of Clay, our Idol.

Betty said...

Love your pictures, I have been voting my heart out. Great blog.