Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clay Aiken Ultimate Idol to Fans

ULTIMATE IDOL -- Clay Aiken has made a career of coming in second and ending up the winner. Graphic by Cotton.

Grandson Marks 2nd Birthday

Aiken Epitomizes World Idol

Balloting in the Ultimate World Idol Poll wound down at noon Thursday in London with Clay Aiken on tap for a familiar second place finish, but that's just fine with his fans.

To his legions of supporters voting in countries around the globe, readers of countless Internet blogs in his honor, and the thousands his humanitarian endeavors have touched, Clay Aiken is the Ultimate World Idol.

The Tweeterwall poll, which has consumed the efforts, time, and tweets of infinite numbers of fans of former American Idol contestants, has been fun, exhilarating, and exhausting. Congratulations to all the participants who inspired such faithful voting among their supporters!

Basically in idle mode this summer, the Clay Nation mobilized and began working the poll a few days late with their candidate in 47th position. As more and more fans joined the pursuit of the prize, the singer rallied and even took over first place a few times.

More importantly, Clay fans are again organized with worldwide message boards anxious to celebrate Singer Man's new chapter with Decca Universal.

Clay Aiken and David Novik, Decca vice president. - Photo from TwitPic.

When he signed with the Decca label in August, Clay severed final ties with the reality show that vaulted him onto the world stage in 2003. His fan base decided up front that the Tweeterwall event would close the books on American Idol polls.

Coming in second has never been a problem for Singer Man, as indicated by his eight successful tours; multi platinum album sales; New York Times best-selling memoir, Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life; rave reviews for his Broadway debut in "Spamalot"; multiple television and benefit appearances.

UNICEF Ambassador in Somalia - Graphic by Claystruck

Clay, Fans Make a Difference

From the outset, Clay has used his celebrity to make the world a better place. A dedicated advocate for education and children's causes, Clay co-foundered the National Inclusion Project (formerly The Bubel/Aiken Foundation) in 2003 and was appointed a UNICEF National Ambassador in 2004.

In the process, he taught his fans the importance of making a difference. Besides participating in annual fundraisers like Wrapping for Inclusion, many CA fans work as volunteers in the "Let's All Play" summer camps of the foundation.

I’m often asked what I would do to change the world of I had the power to do anything. In my ideal world, no child would suffer. Charitable instincts would prevail. Those who could give, would give. There would be global acceptance of all different types of people.

There are so many kids in this world who could use another person looking out for them. Someone who will help them to discover their strengths and rise above their weaknesses. Someone who offers another opinion of their worth. Why not me? --
Clay Aiken from LTS.

Because of Clay, the fandom has helped raise money and awareness for inclusion, a variety of UNICEF campaigns, as well as a host of other charitable organization, including Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald House, Make a Wish Foundation, and Broadway Cares/Equity fights AIDS.

128 Countries Dot 'Carolina' Map

An unscientific indicator of Clay's worldwide popularity is Carolina On My Mind's ClustrMap which registers home countries of this blog's visitors. Since December 2007, residents of 128 nations have dropped by to read about the singer.

New additions this month include Djibouti and Angola (Africa); the Solomon Islands (Australia); and Albania (Europe). The 128 countries represent every continent except Antarctica:

ASIA: Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Micronesia, Oman, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Taipei, Taiwan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan (Baku), Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, China, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Maldives, Palestinian Territory, Brunei Darussalam, Asia/Pacific Region, Jordan

: South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Madagascar, Seychelles, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique, Algeria, Uganda, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, United Republic of Tanzania, Djibouti, Angola

: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Russian Federation, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Malta, Georgia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sicilia, Andorra, Latvia, Europe, Moldova, Albania

Fans of Clay
Double clickable

NORTH AMERICA: Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bermuda, Saint Lucia, Guatemala, Nassau, The Bahamas, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Anguilla, Honduras

: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia

AUSTRALIA: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Solomon Islands

The "Idol Found, Game Over" CA fandom is enthusiastically looking forward to the singer's upcoming Decca chapter. In exactly one month, many will gather with him in Raleigh for the annual National Inclusion Project Gala for Champions of Change.

For Clay Aiken and his Nation, the best is yet to come!

RIGHT HERE WAITING -- Graphic by AmazingCA

Kai Celebrates Two Candles

An excited grandson today will blow out two big candles and open colorfully-wrapped gifts, celebrating the anniversary of his Sept. 17 birth. Sadly, his grandmother will be several states away teaching violin lessons.

Clickable by Ashes

As some may recall, Kai has been intrigued with the buttons and keys on computers, telephones, and television remotes most of his life.

Curious, clever, and extremely mobile, he knows his grandfather's bedroom is filled with an array of electronic treasures and percussion instruments, the main reason the door stays locked.

Clickable by Sally

A couple of Saturdays ago, Poppy left early to visit his mother, remembered he had not locked the door, and immediately called home to remedy the situation.

Too late! Cagey Kai had already made his move and was scampering out of the bedroom with a pair of drumsticks under one arm and a practice pad under the other.

He set up his "drum" on a marble table and alternated between practicing and watching TV. Thankfully, his mother grabbed her camera for a video that the Carolina clan has thoroughly enjoyed. "Auntie" Ashes created the birthday graphic from a photo taken that morning.

Drummer Boy Kai

Happy Birthday to our precocious, lovable Kai, who just may be the family's next musician!

Wishing the Clay Nation a wonderful weekend, knowing the best is yet to come!


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Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken IS our ULTIMATE IDOL!!!

MissSally said...
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MissSally said...

"Clay Aiken has made a career of coming in second and ending up the winner", sums it up beautifully.
Kudos to Clay's fans for reminding the world that even when "quiet", he remains a force to be reckoned with.

It was so much fun chasing the AL fans, and making them really work to keep their guy in first place.

Kai brings so much joy just watching him grow as his delightful personality emerges.

Happy birthday to my favorite fairy godson Kai.

Chel4Clay said...

Very well written and said Blog. I'm so looking forward to the "Best is yet to come". I'm so proud of Clay Aiken and his fans for coming together and supporting our Ultimate World Idol.

fgs said...

The most amazing thing was the way fans from all the different Clay Aiken mb's came together to vote the five fan bases who were voting--not for the eventual winner, but were recruited to vote "against" Clay. Clay came within 3% of the vote without the help of any other fans. That makes Clay's second place finish even more wonderful!

Ashes said...

BRAVO!! Caro :)

Terrific blog, I couldn't take my eyes off it until reading every single word.

Love the line "Clay Aiken has made a career of coming in second and ending up the winner"..So very true, and aren't WE the lucky ones!!

HAPPY 2nd Birthday to Kai! Love the story of his drumming practice. Thank you for sharing the card I made for him.

SueReu said...


I am so proud of the Clay Aiken fans and how we came together and had so much FUN (well, most of the time anyway) on this poll. While first would have been nice, for most it was never the ultimate goal. We reached and exceeded expectations - we came together as a group, celebrated, had fun supporting one Mr. Aiken.

I'm excited to put the past behind us and move forward to Decca and everything else that Clay has in store for us.

Thanks Caro!!! I'm glad to be back and commenting on blogs!!! That cheerleading can be a full time job LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd BD to adorable and crafty little Kai. I think he has music in his soul already, just like someone else we know whose initials are CHA.


katy said...

Happy Birthday to Kai and wishing a wonderful year to him. Clay Aiken does not need a poll for me to know he is a World Idol in many ways.

musicfan said...

As frustrating as this poll became, I am so glad that we were a part of it. It is wonderful to see the fans come together to support Clay. have such a great way with words and I always enjoy reading your blog.

Thank you for all you do for Clay and his fan community.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday that ppl showed the Clay Nation is alive and supporting Clay Aiken! We had fun...He is worth it. Loved your blog! Nice job! Donna in Wi.

VoxLvr said...

First of all, and most importantly, your KAI is the most precious sweetie EVER !! He seems to really get into the beat too!

Thank you for the detailed information on Clay and also on Clay Aiken's fanbase; imagine 128 countries that have read your blog!

How exciting that is for you, actually ALL of us!

My anticipation for the new CD in 2010 is very high; my respect for DECCA is already up there, thanks to your informative blog!

Keep the news flowing, I love your blog!!

IamMesmerized said...

Clay is, always was and always will be our Ultimate World Idol.

While it was tiring, it was so much fun and it was great to see all the boards working together for a common goal. I hope the goodwill and camaradarie will go on from here and the Clay World will be a much more fun place to be.

Your little Kai is a doll. Happy Birthday to him.

T said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kai! Another special one. Can't believe that he's 2 now. You've shared those happy moments of him with us & makes me smile always. Look at how he's playing the drums already at an early age. He's going to be following your footsteps.

Clay Aiken will be our ULTIMATE IDOL always! I'm glad that he finished second and the Clay Nation has done that. Your blog brought that excitement and everyone did their part in voting.

Thanks so much for another terrific blog and my compliments to all the beautiful graphics.

Cheers Caro!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting my "hosaa's heart" graphic! :)
(I was out all day yesterday.)
Kai seems to already have some mad percussive skills, but yungun needs to FOCUS! hee
Such a QT!

The cluster map is amazing!



Clay is the only Idol, the real and true.

I enjoy the poll, but I'm glad it's over.

I love words in your blog. It is always nice, Thanks


LovesClaysVoice said...

I love your blog Caro! Clay is the Ultimate World Idol in so many ways. I am very proud of everything he has accomplished and very excited for his future with Decca!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kai!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I love "Drummer Boy Kai!" Oh My how he is growing, and what a cutie. I'm sure Poppy is learning what he can not do with the little explorer. How is little sister?

Congratulations on 128 countries....Just Awesome!!! Your spreading the word about OMC!! WooHoo!


Sandy said...

In our hearts we will always know Clay is our idol!

I am so impressed with the countries that have visited your site...I have never heard of so many places!

Poppy must be so proud of his grandson! The video was so cute and it's hard to believe Kai is now two. For sure there will be another musician in your family!

Connor and I went to see the Senators in their first pre-season game last week. They have a segment where they focus on the young ones and their dance moves. Connor didn't win but he sure has the moves.

Have a lovely weekend,



lulu said...

Wonderful blog, Caro!!Kai is adorable and Clay Aiken is a winner in so many ways.

katy said...

I am so looking forward to 2010 and Decca's release of new Clay Aiken music.

lulu said...

Love your blog, Caro. Kai is a sweetie. I believe Clay Aiken fans are wiser now and know what is really important.

sbleu said...

I'm wondering if there will be Clack from the upcoming Gala to support NIF. Would be fun to see Clay Aiken, for certain.