Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Clay Aiken Fans Storm Idol Poll

LINK: Ultimate World Idol Poll

THE PRIZE -- Clay Aiken fans know they already have the prize in Singer Man. Winning Tweeterwall would be a bonus! Graphic by cindilu2.

Tweeterwall World Idol Poll

Clay Nation Campaigns for Votes

After getting started a day late at #47 with a score of 80, the dedicated, tenacious Clay Nation entered a second week with 44k+ votes for their singer in Tweeterwall's Ultimate World Idol Poll.

UPDATE: At 1:30 a.m. Friday, Clay briefly took over the lead. Now, with five days remaining, Friday poll totals periodically looked like this at midnight, 11 a.m., 5 and 8 p.m.:

AL: 68,152 ... 74,292 ... 79,002 ... 81,339
CA: 67,556 ... 73,477 ... 77,349 ... 79,759

Voting at this site should be a piece of cake -- one ballot per ISP address every 20 minutes -- but it's not.

A slew of irregularities -- a bonus of 1,200 votes awarded the main opponent in the blink of an eye, the realization that Clay fans are competing against not one but three fan bases, a variety of website malfunctions plus the Internet's inevitable ad ware (be sure to click the "RED X" in the upper right corner instead of "CANCEL"!) -- Twitterwall voting is definitely not for sissies.

The two leaders are locked in a horse race that is testing the devotion, ingenuity. and recruiting skills of their supporters. CA fans have closed the gap to 776 only to see it widen overnight. The largest margin was 6,287 on Aug. 31.

A short video by LovesClaysVoice -- Idol Found-Game Over -- is an excellent YouTube link to email Clay fans encouraging them to vote. International fans around the globe are participating. Supportive threads at Clayonline and a host of CA message boards keep voters up to date.

On Monday, MJs Big Idol Blog endorsed Clay as the Ultimate World Idol:

I have come to appreciate the incredible talent and success that is Clay Aiken and I’m going to endorse him for the win.

The endorsement is gratifying, but winning will take lots of fans voting in 20-minute intervals.

This Stopwatch link will assure that you don't miss a vote. To get to Tweeterwall, click on the visual created by LCV:

Remember, with the Decca label signing, new music on the way, this fall's National Inclusion Project Gala, and all that is Clay Aiken -- we already have the REAL PRIZE. (tm anaturegirl).

Let's win the Wall for Clay anyway!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: Included in this clickable collection are graphics that originated as TwitPics on Twitter. The designs are by AmazingCA, 1; cindilu2, 2; and Fountaindawg, 3, (Clark Kent-Superman Special).

Need more inspiration? On a 20-minute break, enjoy the Every Beat of My Heart montage by LCV, in the player below.

If you go to YouTube, be sure to set the stopwatch timer so you won't miss a voting cycle!

Every Beat of My Heart -- Montage by LovesClaysVoice

Have a winning week, Clay Nation!


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Anonymous said...

EEEEE First to comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. Thanks for the update on the voting. I am going to get busy and do some 20 minute clicking. :)

LovesClaysVoice montage is wonderful. I never heard that song before and i think it is a beautiful song.

Love the graphics also.

Thanks again for sharing and I am off to do my homework. heee



Ashes said...

Clay Aiken is an inspiration just by being Clay--and for sure what a top prize we won when he came into our lives :)

Great blog Caro, now I'm off to vote again!

ImGranny said...

Thanks for the great blog!

It will be nice if we can win the poll, but regardless of what happens, Clay Aiken is the winner in my eyes!

LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blog Caro! Thanks for including my montage! It was my first one so it has a special place in my heart...just like Clay! This poll says so much about Clay's fanbase. We are here to stay and so is Clay! We found a winner 6 yrs. ago and no poll can measure how much he means to us! Go Clay Nation! We love you Clay!

PaulaBear said...

These polls are kind of fun and silly at the same time! Clay Aiken has the best VOICE and will always be the best PERFORMER ... an association with Idol or a title is not going to change that! Six plus years of extraordinary success is a testament to his talent and staying power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your fun blog, vote ppl....I liked your blog, Clay is voteable...it's fun....You do a nice job and are appreciated lots!
Thanks, Donna in Wi.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is the best singer& entertainer there is. No doubt about it, Clay is here to stay.
Awesome blog :)

Truth Rules said...

It would be nice to win this last poll. AI is his past, Decca his future.

anaturegirl said...

Caro, great blog today. You said it like it is. Thank you. We have been here for 6 1/2 years and will continue our support because the "best is yet to come." tm Jaymes Foster

I am all for AI in the dust and looking forward to the future with Clay.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the future of Clay Aiken!!

jeann11 said...

Thanks for the blog.

Clay is my Winnner, I don't need a poll to tell me that.I WILL be voting until the end.The Clay Nation has shown we are still here and still strong.Win or loose I am happy with that.

clayam said...

been voting for Clay Aiken, he is the best!

Anonymous said...

Too bad this poll was contaminated. Votes not taking, no plus signs at 20 minutes, site going down etc. In spite of it all fans keep voting. Strange that the person at the top hasn't even released a single or a CD yet. Number one just came off AI show and is on tour. Number two has been out of sight for over 8 months yet still has a solid lock on second place. Most of all, Clay's fans have proven to be a force to be dealt with. AL's fans have been tweeting every group they know including celebrities and other fans groups to get votes. It takes all that to hold Clay off first place. Says a lot about Clay and his fans!

Pat said...

Ha, it's almost funny that the main competition for Clay has to beg for votes from two additional fan bases.

If they win, it's a hollow victory and even they will know it.

But, win or lose this particular poll, Clay fans have the real winner in Clay.

There is no replacing Clay Aiken - not now, not ever. He is, very simply, the very best of the best.

PaulaBear said...

Voting, voting, voting for Clay Aiken!!

Sandy said...

Voting as much as I can. Unfortunately they have blocked anything to do with Twitter at work so I can't do it here. I need an iPhone!



musicfan said...

Caro......love this blog. It is fun to see the power of the Clay Nation!! I love seeing all the votes that Clay is receiving.

As always, some great graphics too.

I always leave hear with a smile. Carolina On My Mind is one of my favorite places to visit!!

deyabird said...

In my eyes, Clay is THE idol. Voting for him on this poll is just one more way for me to show where he stands in my estimation. It's a lot of fun, too. Whether he comes in first or second, he's still #1 to me.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken is #1 for me and always will be. I'm voting every 20 minutes at Tweeterwall World Idol.
I swear I can hear the timers going off around the world--announcing VOTE for CLAY time!!!

Remembering 9/11 too, who can forget.

IamMesmerized said...

Good blog, Caro.

The voting is fun and brings back old memories. It certainly has brought the Clay Nation back together for a common cause.

When it takes three fan bases to try to keep Clay down, we know who the winner is already.