Saturday, November 07, 2009

Surprise Performance by Clay Aiken

SUNNY CALIFORNIA -- A photo of Clay Aiken's sunshade purchase at San Francisco Optics Friday inspired Fountaindawg's imaginative review/preview of the singer and sunshine.

At David Foster & Friends Concert

Clay Sings 'Unchained Melody'

The most celebrated pieces of clack in Clay Cyberspace this weekend have been less than stellar videos of Clay Aiken's unscheduled performance of "Unchained Melody" at Friday night's David Foster & Friends Concert in San Jose, CA.

From fuzzy video with amazing sound late Friday, the sacred clack has progressed to better and best. Many thnx to videographers moonriver919, kjmmom, and rob91902, who shared with fans THE VOX and Clay's surprise appearance with other fans.

Below are moonriver919's recap and the video taped by rob91902 that can also be viewed at YouTube. Download the audio from moonriver's version with this Sendspace mp3 file.

David Foster had a schtick going on (which I'm sure you guys have heard about by now). After singing a note, David would ask a member of the audience in the front row to come up to the microphone and sing it back to him. The first two times, the audience members were normal audience members. But the third and final time, it was Clay!

David sang a note, and Clay sang it back; but the note was too high. David said something to the effect of what he can do when he produces and then sang another note. Clay sang it back perfectly.

David then introduced Clay as his brother-in-law, mentioned that his sister and Clay had a baby together, and invited Clay to come up on stage. I started to flip out, said "OMG" about 20 times in a row, and set my digital camera to video mode as fast as I could!

Clay looked great! His hair was brown, not red. I'm glad that someone gave him a jacket to wear on stage so he could comply with the "dress code."

Clay was very enthusiastic during Ruben’s set. From where I sat (very far away from the stage), I could see Clay in the front row clapping his hands above his head after Ruben’s songs and waving his arms around after Ruben’s request.

Near the end of Charice’s set, someone came by the front row, and Clay ducked and ran along the front row to go backstage.

Clay's Surprise Appearance with David Foster
Video by rob91902

A few years ago, Neil Sedaka proclaimed his hit "Solitaire" would forevermore be a Clay Aiken song. In my opinion, "Unchained Melody" is, too.

Final DF&F Concert is in Vancouver on Sunday. I wouldn't doubt CA fans in the area are scouting around for tickets today!

Inclusion Project Raises $25,000+

The National Inclusion Project completed the month-long America's Giving Challenge one position away from the 12 charities that will receive bonus money.

However, with contributions and daily placements, the Project unofficially generated 1,570 donations totaling $25,100. Results are posted at Causes with official Challenge award recipients scheduled to be announced on or before Nov. 20.

Mark Your Calendar

Nov. 15 - Deadline to order 2010 Clay Aiken Calendar. Contact: Rosa Shurtz.

Nov. 23 - Deadline to order Rockdale wreaths online in the Deck the Halls fundraiser.

HOLIDAY SEASON - Wrapping for Inclusion

Samples and information about the calendar, wreath, and wrapping fundraisers are in this blog's Oct. 25
Trick or Treat with the Clay Nation entry.

Below is a clickable of Fountaindawg's opening graphic:

Have an awesome weekend, Clay Nation!


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Ashes said...

I'm in heaven! When I heard last night that Clay Aiken made a surprise appearance on David Foster and Friends concert, I only wished surprise clack would show up...I got my wish!
Clay sang Unchained Melody soooo beautifully..sigh...

Thank you Caro :)

anaturegirl said...

What a great surprise for all of us to here Clay Aiken's fantastic voice last night.


Hi Caro. You're right, the sound is excellent. I love Clay Singing Unchained Melody. I never tire of hearing it.

Today we had 2 surprises to start the weekend. yea!!!!


MAE said...

What an awesome surprise to wake up to!! Clay did a fantastic job on UM, always does, but there was just something special about this one. Thank you soooo much for sharing this! MAE

SueReu said...

I LOVE Clay Aiken singing Unchained Melody!!! GORGEOUS!!!!

Thanks soooo much!!!

ImGranny said...

What a nice suprise!! That was WONDERFUL!!! Nobody's voice has ever moved me like Clay Aiken's does and I love, love, love Unchained Melody!

Great job moonriver919! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

How good was he..Clay did a awesome job and I enjoyed it very much. So thankful to U and ppl that do the Clack. Sure is nice !! Your blog info is so nice to come and enjoy, thanks so much!! Donna in Wi.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Clay Aiken's voice is pure heaven! What a treat that performance is!!! That voice should be a reminder to everyone how fantastic that man's voice is!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for Clayfans to get a surprise appearance from Clay. He has not lost his touch. He still brings me to tears with this beautiful rendition of Unchained Melody.

I started the morning off by watching the new Unchained Melody video and then continued to watch all Clays Unchained Melody videos on YouTube. What a great morning!

I am so excited for 2010 to bring us the best of Clay. As always you fill our hearts with you beautiful and informative blogs. Always a pleasure to read, you give us all great joy!

PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken singing Unchained Melody in perfect voice ... now THAT'S entertainment!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I'm in heaven with Ashes, what an AWESOME SURPRISE to have clack today......Clay singing UM just made my day.

I finally just read this blog and your last, and I feel caught up. I can't Thank You enough for all you do, and I don't know how you do it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, even if the is no Direct TV...clack is wonderful!


Allegra said...

The performance of UM was sublime. I love surprises, and have a Clay Aiken performance as a surprise is the best kind of all.

Love the blog. Love the guy.


Sandy said...

To phrase a saying I recently saw on a message board "He's still got it and we still want it". OMG, this performance was brilliant, especially being impromptu! I can hardly wait for 2010...bring it on Decca!

David Foster is first class all the way! How sweet of him to introduce Clay as his brother in-law!

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caro. So glad that Clay sang again for us. UM is one of my favorite songs that he sings and he was awesome. Thanks sharing the videos too. I am glad someone was able to get the video for us. Looks like they were sneaky on this one. No one knew he was going to sing.

Love the calender too. It looks really nice.



katy said...

That is a great quality video. Clay singing UM is so moving.