Friday, July 22, 2011

Clay Aiken Fans Celebrate 'Drop Dead Diva' Weekend

Clay Aiken guest stars in Sunday's DDD episode.
Photo by Bob Mahoney links to preview video on Lifetime Network.

Singer Guests on Sunday's Episode

DDD Parties Set for Clay Cyber

It's Drop Dead Diva Weekend in Clay Cyberspace, and preliminaries for the parties accompanying Clay Aiken's guest starring role in Sunday's Lifetime Network show (9 p.m. ET) are well underway.

DVR's have long been programmed and online viewing threads bookmarked, while an assortment of snacks are being assembled for virtual as well as "real life" fan gatherings.

Read all about this Sunday's show, including the Constance McMillen's story on which the episode is based at 'Drop Dead Diva' Does Prom and Asks Lance Bass and Clay Aiken to Attend. The photo below is from the site.

Hot off the press and not to be missed is Jamie Steinberg's in-depth interview with Clay at the Starry Constellation Magazine site: Clay Aiken - Drop Dead Diva.

Clay on the stand in DDD episode. Photos by Bob Mahoney.

Among those featured in Sunday's DDD cast are April Bowlby, Margaret Cho, Clay Aiken, and Ben Feldman. Both photos are clickable.

'Stay Tuned' Showcases DDD Creator

In Wednesday's "Stay Tuned" column, Angela Henderson-Bentley shared an extensive interview with Drop Dead Diva creator/executive producer Josh Berman.

Read the complete piece -- Drop Dead Diva Creator: A Real Roller Coaster Ride Is On the Horizon -- at the author's Herald-Dispatch corner. Below are selected portions:

The hour is chock full of guest stars including Clay Aiken, who becomes a surprising part of the mail order storyline.

I talked to Berman about the episode, all of the show’s great guest stars and what’s ahead for this season. [snip]

"One of the things I like about this season is that you have these guest stars who are playing against types. You had LeAnn Rimes in the season premiere and Clay Aiken in this episode playing characters they’ve never had the chance to play before.

"Absolutely and we talk to the actors beforehand and we really want to write them a role they can just sink their teeth into and have fun with.

"Clay Aiken, I just got on the phone with him and I said I really want you in this episode, here’s a character I’m considering, and we kind of crafted his character together.

"Through the process we have become friends. He’s actually flying to LA for the Outfest panel for the episode on Sunday.

"It’s amazing. You have a show like this that’s very empowering to women, empowering to humanity, it gets people excited. And that’s a unique experience for me."

Monday Clay appeared on "The Talk" to promote this weekend's DDD episode. Below are videos his chat in two parts.

Clay talks about fatherhood. - The Talk, Part 1. (CBS)

American Idol, retirement Part 2 topics. - The Talk (CBS)

Fountaindawg created the wallpaper below with screen caps from Clay's appearance on The Talk.

Click to expand graphic by Fountaindawg.

Have an awesome weekend, all! See you in a Diva thread somewhere!


With this week's Curtis Brown photo shoot in Raleigh, the retirement question and resulting hoopla appear to be distant thoughts. Below is a clickable picture tweeted and posted by the Raleigh photographer.

Clay with photographer Curtis Brown.

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Anonymous said...

Wheee! This is really getting exciting. I thought clay would maybe have just a few lines on DDD, but sounds like he has a lot more than that. I can't wait! Lois

SueReu said...

I'm so excited for DDD this Sunday!!! It's going to be so much fun! Unfortunately, I'll be a party of one =))

Thanks for the great blog and thanks to fountaindawg for the pretty blend.

Have a great weekend!

claysweetea said...

This has been a great week! Now, Clay on DDD and OFC chat!

jbc4clay said...

I cannot wait to see DDD on Sunday! Loved him on the Talk also.
Thanks for the pics and the vidos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

One more day and DDD, should be fun after such a long time....and just loved seeing OMC on "The Talk."

Thank You for keeping us up to date.

Have a great weekend.


Sally said...

My DVR is set to record Clay's appearance on DDD.

I can't wait!