Monday, July 18, 2011

Clay Aiken Participates in DDD Panel Discussion

OUTFEST 2011 PANEL - Clay Aiken, Ben Feldman, and Josh Berman, and others connected with Drop Dead Diva participated in a panel discussion following the screening of next Sunday's show. Click on the YouTube button to view video by Scarlett full screen, or download it at this Google Docs link.

Fans Recap Outfest

Aiken Contributes to DDD Events

LOS ANGELES - Clay Aiken and others associated with the July 24 episode of Drop Dead Diva were joined by fans Sunday for a preview screening and panel discussion that proved a lively, informative addition to Outfest 2011.

In this age of technology, CA fans attending Outfest 2011 were quick to share recaps of the session with friends via computer.

Featured above is the video Scarlett made of the panel discussion. Among the other participants were Josh Berman, DDD creator and director; Jamie Babbit, co-executive producer; and Ben Feldman, the actor on Clay's left.

Initial reports on CA message boards were that DDD was "drop dead delicious." During the screening, Clay sat on the second row surrounded by some of his fans.

CA Fans Share DDD Impressions

Impressions from gareem were transmitted by yaknelle to members of the Clayversity message board. In no time flat, they had been copied to at least three fan sites.

Clay as given the cameo role because Berman personally called and asked him to be a part of the show. The panel was outstanding. The show was outstanding. All actors seemed to have really bonded.

Babbit, the co-executive producer, said, "Clay had one of the most fun parts. I was so happily impressed working with him. He is a natural actor. He is very talented and very good."

Below are three clickable screen caps from Scarlett's video.

As she was dashing out to attend today's taping of The Talk (Clay promos DDD at 2 pm ET on CBS), I asked Scarlett to sum up Sunday and her birthday excursion to the Los Angeles Outfest in a couple of sentences. Here is her comment:
I keep wishing everyone "Happy Birthday" by hoping it would be their "best ever." Some of it must have bounced back on me because I literally had my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Well, it sort of helped that my birthday fell smack in the middle of monsoon in Southeast Asia, lol!

If you missed Sunday's DDD episode, stream it online at Lifetime. Set your DVR now for the 7/24 episode featuring Clay.

Thank you again for your birthday greetings to all of us 7/17 celebrants! Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



katy said...

Anxiously anticipating DDD tonight and thanks for Scarlett's videos of the panel discussion. It's a good day in Clayland!!

SueReu said...

He is SO FUNNY LOL!!!!

Thanks to Scarlett and thanks Caro for putting this up =)

Anonymous said...

Caro, Thanks for your great blog about DDD and Scarlett's wonderful video of the panel. I watched it on youtube so I could rate it.

I love everything you write!

Ann S

gaymarie said...

Scarlett! That was so much fun! Thank you for being there and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Anonymous said...

Our gal Scarlett is at it again...great job! Thanks so much to everyone involved in bringing this clip to those of us who were way unable to be there!! I love that the gal talking to Clay called him Mr. Snarky!! I hope we get to see more of Clay on TV!!

Sally said...

Thank you Scarlett and Caro. What would we do without you?

Anonymous said...

Thank You Caro and Scarlett for sharing with all of us. Great interview, love the "Mr Snarky" too funny!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Barbara said...

Hi, Caro! You always do a great job writing your blogs to help keep the Claynation informed of all that is going on in Clay Land. Scarlett did a wonderful job on her video, too.

I read your previous blog, and the video with Clay and Tori was too funny. Also, I just loved Kai's birthday text to you. So cute how he chose the letters.

Thanks for all you do! Enjoy your week!

Love and hugs, ♥♥
Barbara :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you put the Outpost video on. I have to admit that I was a little bored at first, wondering why they put clay on the panel if they weren't going to let him talk. Well, finally he had his chance, and as usual, he made me laugh out loud. I loved it.

Hugs, Lois

Sandy said...

Thanks Caro for this wonderful blog and thanks to Scarlett for providing us once again with some great video!

Clay and Tori were so darn cute together! Can just imagine the fun they had putting this together!


Ginger Scarlett said...

Still floating from such a great weekend but wanted to say thank you for the video comments and you're welcome! And thank you, Caro, for another awesome blog!!! *hugs the memories*