Monday, July 25, 2011

'Good Guy' Clay Aiken Plays Shady Character on Diva

Clay Aiken joins Drop Dead Diva cast members for 'Prom' episode. Pictured from left are April Bowlby, Margaret Cho, Clay, and Ben Feldman. Photo by Bob Mahoney.

Singer Urges Somalian Support

Clay Debuts as Bad Guy on Diva

After weeks of media promotion, Clay Aiken joined the cast of Drop Dead Diva Sunday in a villainous role that is the direct opposite of his "good guy" persona.

US residents who missed the telecast can view the show on the Lifetime Network at Drop Dead Diva Episode 5: Prom. Canadians are streaming the episode at Free TV Online. You can purchase a high-def download of the show at iTunes for $2.99.

In the course of an hour, the program incorporated several storylines, the main being the real life incident of Mississippi teen Constance McMillen, who sued her high school after the school board barred her from going to the prom with her girlfriend.

Even though his "bad guy" role had nothing to do with the McMillen story, Clay spoke with Pop Culture Passionistas about appearing on this
Diva episode with a cause.

" ... the storyline is something that resonated with me. Being a part of this episode was exciting for me."

In addition Aiken said he believes that beyond this episode, the show is truly unique to television. "The message of the show is different than anything that's on TV. It really tells a story that resonates with so many people.

It talks about the importance of how image should not be as important as often times we make it in society. And it does that while being really funny, so it's not preachy at all. It gives a really positive message without preaching, and that’s really hard to find on TV."

In addition to Clay, guest stars included Wanda Sykes, Amanda Bearse, and Lance Bass. Read the complete article at Pop Culture Passionistas. You can also link to the episode and post a comment at DDD's Facebook

The episode made Monday's AOL Top 5 TV Shows.

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken visited Somalia in 2008. Expandable graphic by AmazingCA.

Singer Uses Voice for Somalia

Clay is helping to spread the word about the drastic need for funds for children affected by the famine in Africa. Everywhere you look, there are stories like the one below touting the dire need for assistance.

Clay Aiken Uses His Powerful Voice to Speak Out About Somalian Crisis for UNICEF
When he's not busy belting out tunes, Clay Aiken is using his voice to speak on behalf of The United Nations Children's Fund as an ambassador for the organization.

The American Idol alumnus-turned-activist is particularly passionate about the
humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

The singer spoke at length with AOL Music in a Q&A about the African country in the midst of a two-decade ongoing civil war.

Clickable Map: Horn of Africa

Clay also shared new PSA videos describing the crisis and how others can help with donations for ready-to-use therapeutic foods. See additional videos at the
UNICEF USA YouTube Channel.

Ten dollars can feed a child for 10 days. Text FOOD to UNICEF (864233) to donate $10, or donate through the
UNICEF website.

Read more about the disaster in this UNICEF press release: Horn of Africa is a Crisis for Child Survival.

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



Sandy said...

Yeah...first comment!

Unfortunately I didn't get to watch DDD, but have read lots of clack and look forward to watching it from the link provided. After seeing all the pictures from the show, we can also use this acronym DDG - Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Knowing how important UNICEF is to Clay and how much of a humanitarian he is, I am not surprised that he is using his voice and asking for our support for Somalia!

Thanks Caro!

Have a great week!


Barbara said...

Hi, Caro! Thanks for the links and video. Your lead pic is great. I will be watching DDD from the link like Sandy. I didn't watch it either, since we were out.

So sad for the children in Somalia. My thoughts and prayers are with them. It has always been important to Clay to use his voice to help those in need as Ambassador of Unicef.

Take care and have a wonderful week!

Love and hugs, ♥♥
Barbara :-)

Anonymous said...

Great article. I watched DDD this morning on their fact, I have watched it two times. I did not get the Lifetime Channel. I also commented. Thanks for all the links..I went on all of them. Very important to let them know how much we loved Clay in that part.

Also, love how he takes the time out for Unicef and helping the Children of Somalia.

Anonymous said...

Clay did a awesome job on tv! He sure did look good too....hope U r having a good wk. and thanks for the nice blog. wi.

Anonymous said...

Well now Carol..since our hottie Bad Boy character might very well end up in Jail I think we should start collecting BAIL!!!! LOL...thanks for the links and all the news you send our way!
He looked great and did a great job only complaint...wish there would have been maybe 2 hours!!
Hugs Cookie

kta said...

Clay did a great job on DDD. I hope this leads to wonderful things for him.

The situation in Africa is so terrible. I'm glad Clay and UNICEF are trying to help.

Thanks for a great blog! :)

Sally said...

My granddaughter attended her HS prom with her girlfriend. Together they enjoyed all of the pictures and celebrations with the full support of fellow classmates and school personnel.

I was proud of her and proud of my small southern town.