Friday, September 07, 2007

New Clay Aiken Fan on the Way!

I'm Going to be a Grandmother!

Jennifer, aged 2

It's hard to believe, but this cookie crumb-covered toddler is trying to promote me to the rank of "grandmother."

Daughter Jennifer is expecting a son in October. She will probably remain in the hospital for cautionary monitoring and complete bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, and the grandson's birth may be rescheduled from October 10 to late September. Our family is on stand-by in several states for the blessed event.

We are great-uncle/great-aunt to my sister's four grandchildren, but this will be a first for the drummer and me. If our grandson takes after our family, he will either be a musician or writing a blog at his earliest convenience. I understand he already has good rhythm.

Thank you for your good wishes and prayers as Jen completes her pregnancy. Baby news has a way of spreading, perhaps because I spilled the beans on a couple of Clay Aiken message boards two days ago.

Cyber Baby Shower

Sally (Sally888 at the OFC), Jen's self-proclaimed fairy godmother, asked that I tell you she is hosting a Cyber Baby Shower through the merchants at Amazon. Some of you have joined together and sent gifts through the virtural shower established at Wal*Mart by Jen's friends in Hawaii.

This weekend Madaelynn (IrishEyes at CV) started a candle page for JenB at the Gratefulness site. My daughter is amazed at the thoughtfulness of her mother's Clay Aiken friends. This is her first time experiencing what this "clan" of ours can do.

Thank you from all of us for the special prayers, your thoughtful gifts, and kind concern as we await the birth of our grandson, who is certain to be another CA fan.

Have a wonderful weekend, Clay Nation!

Grandma Caro


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Congrats Carolina Clay!