Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sardi's Unveils Aiken Caricature


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Sardi's Caricature Honors Clay

Finally, I'm first at something! -- Clay Aiken

Joining an impressive circle of celebrities, Clay Aiken became the latest entertainer honored with a caricature to be hung at world-famous Sardi's Restaurant in New York City later this week.

Accompanied at Tuesday's unveiling by SPAMALOT cast members, Clay autographed his caricature "Finally, I'm first at something!" and mugged for photographers from various wire services.

Paul Hodgins of the OC Register's Arts Blog wrote:

Yet another sign that Clay Aiken has arrived as a serious Broadway star: yesterday he got his framed caricature installed at Sardi’s. That’s the Big Apple equivalent of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The story can also be read at Theater Mania. The post at Just Jared includes 15 pictures from the event. Additional photos can be viewed at Getty Images, WENN, and Wireimage.

Clay poses with Sardi's caricature. - Amy Sussman

According to Sardi's management, Clay's caricature will be hung on the right wall behind the desk of the maitre'd near the restaurant entrance -- no doubt the scene of many fan photos prior to Clay's final Spamalot performance on Jan. 4.

Celebrity listings at Wikipedia include the date or year each caricature was added to Sardi's and also mentions the production or play that included the performer's definitive role at the time of the unveiling.

Congratulations, Singerman!

PHOTO INTERLUDE: This clickable holiday interlude includes graphics by Amazing_CA, photos ClayIzzaQT, 1; cindilu2, 2; as well as ACA's opening design.

Clay Blogs on Christmas Day!

As part of the Inspired Gifts project, UNICEF ambassadors and supporters are posting messages at the Field Notes site during the final 12 days of 2008. On Christmas Day, Clay's blog topic was Help Kids in Emergencies Stay in School:

Every child has a right to an education.

Often times in emergency situations, it becomes harder than ever for children to go to school. Natural disasters and conflict often destroy schools and supplies, leaving children without a place or the tools to learn.

UNICEF works hard to make sure that children receive an education no matter what the obstacle. For just $186 you can send children in need a School-in-a-Box kit, offering an opportunity to an education that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Just think—one kit provides a temporary school for up to 80 children at a time in an emergency!

The entire blog and information about Inspired Gifts can be read here.

With this special Christmas graphic by Auntie Ashes, grandson Kai and I wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

Santa and Kai
Clickable by Ashes

Thank you for visiting the Carolina and OFC corners throughout the year. Your comments especially make the process worthwhile.


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Ashes said...

WooHoo! Thank you for the gift of Clay! What fun to see Clay's Sardi pics and caricature.
Very nice blends too :)

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Chardonnay said...

I think this may be my all time favorite picture! Him being so excited about that pic! What an honor!

Merry Christmas Caro!

SueReu said...

CONGRATS CLAY AND YAY YAY YAY!!!! He deserves every bit of recognition - he is an amazing talent!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS CARO to you and your entire family!!!

Anonymous said...

May he have many more firsts in the years to come! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Cindy said...

Merry Christmas, Caro! From the look of pride and joy on Clay's face, I'd say he got a pretty cool early-Christmas gift. He certainly deserves this special honour.

Clay has given us all a gift of special friendships that we never would have made without him. I am grateful to him, and to you, Caro, for your fun, informative and beautiful blogs. Keep them coming in '09!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog and I thrilled for Clay to receive such an honor. It's good to see him receive his due for a change.

Deona said...

That is so cool that Clay Aiken has a caricature at Sardis!

gerra said...

I am so excited for Clay getting a Sardi'e caricature. He is very deserving of this honor. He looks great, too!

Anonymous said...

Awww Clay is so cute!
I'm proud of him getting the honor at Sardi's.
Kai is so cute too! I love the photo of him carrying the bear which is bigger than he is.
Caro, have a very merry Christmas!
Hugs from Maddy

T said...

Merry Christmas dear Caro! You always give great joy in your blogs and hope you continue.

What a great honor for Clay! It's always nice to see new photos of Clay especially seeing his caricature.

Love the Kai Christmas graphic of Auntie Ashes. Beautiful!

Happy Holidays and thanks so much for all the wonderful blogs.


MissSally said...

Clay's caricature at Sardi's is way cool!!! I hope this means more respect for the incredibly talented performer he is.