Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clay Aiken Makes Global Difference

MAKING A DIFFERENCE - Golfing for Inclusion, Feb. 1 fundraiser of the National Inclusion Project, is represented in this graphic by cindilu2 from the 2009 event. Photos by Katy4Clay.

Heart of Clay's Singing Career

Star Influence Benefits Charities

From the start, making a difference and using the celebrity influence of American Idol have been at the heart of Clay Aiken's career.

Throughout the 2003 competition, admirers of the geeky Carolina crooner's voice steadily grew, evolving into a nation of ticket/CD-buying fans for the Season 2 runner-up.

The multitudes of Idol Found-Game Over followers became the Clay Nation, directing talent, time, energy, and financial support towards the singer's humanitarian goals, adopting his charitable causes and joining his campaign to make a difference for children around the globe.

Clay during AI2 Hollywood Auditions
"... the biggest thing about being an American Idol is
the influence someone has when they are well known

Contestant a Man of His Word

In July 2003 in the middle of the AI2 Tour, Clay's advocacy for children with disabilities resulted in the formation of The Bubel/Aiken Foundation, bridging the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them.

In 2009, the foundation was renamed the National Inclusion Project to better portray its mission.

The health and educational needs of children around the world became central goals of Clay's 2004 appointment as a UNICEF Ambassador.

Clickable by Claystruck

In addition to projects in the US, he has represented UNICEF in several countries, including Indonesia, Uganda, Afghanistan, Mexico, Somalia, and Kenya.

Inclusion Project Slates 3rd GFI

On Feb. 1, Clay and PGA professional Wayne Player will host the 3rd Annual Golfing for Inclusion fundraiser at the Mirasol country Club, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. In addition to a clinic by Player, GFI 2010 will feature a golf tournament, hole-in-one contests, live/silent auctions, extraordinary cuisine, and a special performance by Clay.

In addition to the live auction at Monday, online bidding is provided for several attractive items. Various avenues of participation are available through online registration at the Inclusion Project site.

The Gift of Life - Montage by SueReu
'Grace of God' by Clay Aiken

The colossal relief required by Haiti, rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Jan. 12, immediately became a project of the Clay Nation. Spearheaded by SueRue, the singer's fans are donating through a special link at UNICEF: From the Heart of the Clay Nation.

When the original goal of $2,000 was reached, a second was set at $3k. That met, CA fans are now 78% towards achieving the third goal of $4,000. One hundred per cent of the donations will aid the children of Haiti.

The "Gift of Life" montage, accompanied by Clay's "Grace of God" track, can also be viewed at YouTube.

International Media Promises News

An upcoming CD from Decca and a March PBS taping has the Clay Nation on guard. According to the latest Facebook post by International Media, production company for public television, the next two weeks will be anything but calm in Clay Land:

BIG Clay Aiken announcement coming in two weeks: venue, date and location information will posted here and on our website. Stay tuned. Thank you for sharing your interest and excitement with us!

One of the best descriptions of fan excitement level and angst for March 12 details was posted Monday by mumm fums at the Clayversity message board:
Clay's invented a whole new meaning to "March Madness"!!!

Ironically, the Atlantic Coast Conference College Basketball Championship is March 11-14, the same weekend in question, 60 miles west of Raleigh in Greensboro. March Madness indeed!!!

Below is a clickable of cindilu2's lead graphic:

Have a wonderful week, Clay Nation!



Truth Rules said...

What a timely and terrific blog.

SueReu said...

Clay Aiken said from day one he wanted to use whatever celebrity he may have to make a difference - he sure has and I could not be prouder of him!!!

I'm looking forward to Golfing for Inclusion (although I'm unfortunately not going) and also looking forward to what the future has in store for both Clay and his Nation.


Musicfan said...

What a great blog. Clay is an amazing man who has always been a champion of all children

Thank you for posting this information.

katy said...

Clay Aiken said in 2003 he wanted to make a difference and he surely has, whether it's through UNICEF, The National Inclusion Project and it's many project always ongoing, through his dedication to education, and many other endeavors he supports with his celebrity and $$$.

lulu said...

The world is a better place because of Clay Aiken. He walks the walk with his humanitarian involvement.

Anonymous said...

The Clay nation has a lot to be proud of. Our singer-man completely deserves our love and respect in every way. Other clebrities could learn a lot from him. Lois

Anonymous said...

AMEN to what everyone has said.

So proud of Clay and all that he has done to make our world a better place.

So much to look forward to.

Vickie (Walla)

chel4clay said...

great blog Caro. I don't really have anything new to add to whats already been said. Clay Aiken is certainly a man to be admired in all aspects of his career.

CCOL4HIM said...

Great post about a great guy! Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

ImGranny said...

Another great blog! Clay Aiken has been working for inclusion for all children since before he became famous. He has used his celebrity to help him in this important cause. I am so proud to be a fan of this talented humanitarian.

PaulaBear said...

Clay Aiken is a wonderful, caring humanitarian. It has been a complete pleasure to follow his career and his life's path these last 7 years! I know he has more wonderful music in store for his fans and will continue to support those causes close to his heart for many years to come! How very lucky for us all!

tree ~ said...

Thankyou for another wonderful and blog, Caro! It's unfortuante so many people just don't "get him". Their loss, our treasure!!

Anonymous said...

So proud of Clay Aiken for all he has done in the National Inclusion Project and his many endeavors for Unicef.

I am very excited about all he has in store for us in 2010. The best is yet to come!!

Anonymous said...

Clay showed me how to use my voice and donate wisely.I give more and more regularly than I did before Clay Aiken came into my life. He is just a smart generous man with a big heart.

Awesome blog caro. I am glad some one is telling what a true humanitarian Clay really is.


Anonymous said...

Clay has always been true to his word about making a difference. He truly walks the walk and talks the talk. I love him.

Great blog!!


Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't remember Clay speaking about wanting to make a difference in that very early round. I remember his talking about making a difference at the Halfway Home interview with Ryan. He has been a man of his word and has made a difference, not only in his own life, but by influencing many of his fans to work to make a difference as well.

And he sings good too! Can't wait for the new album.


Anonymous said...

Like your blog. Wishing only the best for Clay! Clay has made a difference and he will continue to touch lives. Sure getting excited for that new music! Thanks , Donna in WI.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

Wow,another amazing blog! Clay has done exactly what he set out to do, used his celebrity to help ALL children around the world. I couldn't be prouder to be a Clay Aiken Fan!

I've said this before, but SueReu's montage is amazing, UNICEF needs to use it.

Thank You for another wonderful blog.

Have a great week......


Allegra said...

Terrific blog Caro.

Clay has always walked the walk.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, Caro! Clay Aiken is a true humanitarian.


Hello Caro. Other beautiful blog. Forgives for not having commented some other ones, but I have always read them. I have connection problems, you know. A Hug

copingincalifornia said...

He is such an amazing guy. Thanks for the blog.

kallie said...

Clay Aiken has certainly made a difference since he was on AI in 2003.

Sooze said...

Clay Aiken is a classy classy man.


anaturegirl said...

I will always remember AI Hollywood.
Clay has seen his desires come true in helping children. His career has truly allowed him to help children both here and around the world. He has stayed true to what is important to him.

clayam said...

Clay Aiken has never wavered from his goal of making a difference in this world, that is why he gets my respect, and besides I love his voice.

Sandy said...

So wonderful of you to refresh everyone`s minds of all the great accomplishments that Clay has done throughout his career. He is the true ``Measure of a Man``, no doubt in my mind! He has ``made a difference``!
March madness look out!

Thanks Caro!

note - my punctuation marks are coming out weird on my keyboard, so just ignore!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro --- mumm fums comment was funny --- 'march madness" here we come. :)

Thanks for sharing of Clays humanitarian endeavors. He did not just say he wanted to make a difference. He really did make a difference. He was true to his word and that is one of the reasons why I think he is a wonderful person.

Thanks a great blog sharing all Clay has done for others.



MissSally said...
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MissSally said...

I've never seen "Clay during AI2 Hollywood Auditions" before...amazing.
He looked so rumpled, and sang so beautifully; Simon was left completely baffled. There he sat with his head down, looking grim, while Clay made a complete mockery of Simon's definition of "The It Factor". HAHAHA