Friday, January 22, 2010

Clay Aiken Pledges CD Details

Clay Aiken graphic by AmazingCA

Singer To Share News in Blog

Album Buzz Soars in Clay Cyber

The excited buzz and anticipation levels circulating through Clay Aiken Cyberspace match the singer's enthusiasm for the upcoming CD and PBS Special shared on Twitter, Facebook, and his fan club blog.

Speculation about which songs will be on the new Decca album continues at full throttle as fans await the news Singer Man seems dying to tell. So far he is "biting his tongue" to keep details under wraps. According to his latest blog, news is coming soon.

We are almost finished with the album, and I love it. I think you will too. These songs, the arrangements, the orchestrations are the most amazing I have ever gotten to record.

As a musician, that seals the deal for me!

The casual or Not.Just.Us fan sector is also on alert, as CA message board members are spreading word of the new CD via various modes. In case news breaks when fans are away from their computers, various contingency plans -- texting, cell phones, the good old-fashioned land line -- are in place.

National Inclusion Project rolls out YouTube channel.

Fans Spread TNIP News, Too

The National Inclusion Project, the charity co-founded in 2003 by Clay and Diane Bubel for all children, benefits from the unofficial P.R. activities of CA fans. Two of the three NJU stories below are about Clay's charitable endeavors for children.

The above video can also be viewed on the new Inclusion Project channel page at YouTube. Supporters are encouraged to subscribe to the site and follow the organization on Facebook. See National Inclusion Project.

Hopefully, others will share their NJU experiences in the comment section so I can add them to the blog. As always, thank you for helping to tell the story of Clay Aiken.

ISEEME: I was getting my nails done, and the woman next to me was talking about "teaching her kids to make grilled cheese sandwiches." I asked her how many kids she had. She explained she is a junior high special ed teacher for children with severe emotional problems and was shocked at how many of them had never been in a kitchen. She believes in teaching them life skills as well as reading and writing.

Naturally, I had to tell her I was a big Clay Aiken fan and asked if she knows about his foundation. Before I could get "National Inclusion Project" out, she interrupted and said, "I know! It's about inclusion, and it's a wonderful organization!"

She asked me about Clay's background and how he chose that particular cause to support. (HA -- a captive audience!) So I told her about his special ed degree, work at the YMCA, the little girl who wasn't accepted because she had special needs, Michael Bubel, and so on.

She said she had heard about the foundation in an in-service session last summer. As an afterthought I said, "Oh, and the guy can sing, too!" She knew that, too. It was a good moment.

Clickable graphics are by cindilu2, 1 and 3, and Ashes, 2.

NCWANNABE: My NJU story began a few months ago when a co-worker was in my office talking about a work issue. Suddenly she stopped mid-sentence and said, "OMG, is that Clay Aiken?!?!?"

She had spotted the picture(s) of Clay and me in my office and asked if I had met him. I told her about my "meet and greet," concert reading, and the special dinner in 2009. She was quite impressed.

Last week the same co-worker dropped by to ask a question. As she started walking away, she said "Oh, I saw an article on Huffington Post that your friend Clay Aiken wrote. I was impressed. He is a UNICEF Ambassador! Wow!"

I explained that Clay has been a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004 and has traveled to Somalia. She just kept nodding her head and saying, "I am so impressed."

Definitely made my day!

: When I picked up a prescription at our pharmacy drive-through, "Something About Us" was playing on my CD player.

Female Pharmacist: "Who is that?"
Me: Clay Aiken
FP: I've never heard that song before. What's the name of it?
Me: "Something About Us". It's on his last CD.
FP: What's the name of the CD?
Me: On My Way Here
FP: I need to get a copy of that. That's a beautiful song!

From the headlines:

Clay will release his 1st album on @deccalabelgroup in summer 2010! It will be a collection of classic songs from the 50s and 60s.

American Idol superstar alumni and TV personality CLAY AIKEN sings great romantic favorites in "Classic Memories". Tapings for this International Media special will take place in February. Look for the show to be aired on public TV this June!

Clay Aiken is in the Decca house! Such a nice guy.

The above tweets/posts are from decca label group and International Media at Twitter and/or Facebook. Admittedly biting his tongue, Clay passed along this information in his blog, now on the public side of the OFC:

If I were making travel plans, I'd be sure to be in Raleigh by 7PM on Friday, March 12th. I'm just sayin' ....

Below is a clickable of the opening graphic by AmazingCA:

Here's to an exciting ride on the Clay Train in 2010! All aboard -- the best is yet to come!



Anonymous said...

Crazy about that blend by AmazingCA.

I love that I can depend on you to keep us posted on everything new. Looks like you won't run out of blogging material with all that's happening. It amazes me how you always come up with interesting "Clay happenings", new and old. You really are talented. Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro,

I love the YouTube about the NIP, it is really so well done, but I am not surprised about that!

I also love to read NJU stories, they are always nice to hear, and maybe get some new Fans.

Of course ALL the graphics are WONDERFUL!!!

I want to Thank You again for all you do, you just never cease to amaze me.

Have a Great Day and Wonderful Weekend.


chel4clay said...

Well I have to agree with the 1st two comments. Caro you do such a wonderful job with this blog. We've got a lot to look forward to with Clay Aiken and the excitement is building.

Anonymous said...

Great video by NIP.

gerra said...

It is always a pleasure to visit this blog. Such a variety of informative topics, beautiful blends, great video.

katy said...

This cd will be a unique and wonderful presentation. The Clay Aiken voice is so good.

lulu said...

Your blog is so great and is such a wonderful part of the Clay Aiken fandom.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blogs and wait to see them. Excitement is stirring and Clay seems pleased. Be good to hear him sing again! Nice pic. Soon we will enjoy that voice!Thanks , Donna in Wi.

MissSally said...

I have a strong feeling that this blog will be updated SOON!!!!

We're waiting Clay!

ImGranny said...

Another great Clay Aiken blog! Thank you! I loved the You Tube video about the NIP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Caro
Great blog. I'm really getting excited about the next Clay plans.

Your updates and replays are just great.
Hugs Margaret

kallie said...

How exciting to be a Clay Aiken fan right now. He is still keeping us guessing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Wonderful blog Caro. I loved reading the NJU stories. Just puts a big smile on my face.

Excited about the PBS special. His blogs sure have gotten the fans so excited and I bet Clay's tongue is

2010 is going to be so exciting to be a Clay fan.

Thanks Caro for all you do in spreading the word about Clay, National Inclusion Project, Unicef, and etc.

Love and Hugs,
Vickie (Walla)

T said...

Thanks so much Caro for another great blog and giving us all the updates on Clay. It's been so busy & it was such great news to read his blog. Excited about what's coming.

This is the first time I've seen the NIP video and that was wonderful. So glad that you posted it. I've enjoyed reading the NJU stories. It's nice to see also the beautiful graphics.

I've missed greeting you on your 400th blog -- Congrats! Keep-up the great blogs!


Anonymous said...

You're the best. Thank you for the updates. Wow! We can all feel the excitement in the air :) Thank you for the lovely blends too...and especially the one done by Ashes2. (Miss you Joan!)
Keep the news comin' Clay. We are here everyday :)

Sally (bsrefong)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Caro :)
Awesome blog as always!
I missed saying "congrats" on your 400th!!!! Wow, how amazing is that!!!
I'm grateful as always for all of the info that you post, but... I have to say that.... the way you compose your blog, ... adding the videos, artwork, & NJU stories.....truely shows the wonderful woman that you are. Anyone reading can "feel" the dedication, love & compassion and I'm sure I can speak for many fans in saying we look forward to your next 400 blogs :) WhoooHoooo!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Take Care
Lisa1068 ♥

barb 55 said...

Caro, great blog! It's so nice to see the Youtube video about the NIP. Nice!

The clickables are beautiful, and I enjoyed reading the NJU stories. You do such a wonderful job keeping us up-to-date on things. Thanks!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

That National Inclusion Project video is very impressive.
Thanks for posting it!
I love that Clay Aiken is so involved with this cause.

Truth Rules said...

Another great blog.

anaturegirl said...

I love reading about the NJU experiences and how NIP is reaching more and more people.

deyabird said...

It is so nice to see the excitement in Clay Nation right now. So looking forward to the new CD, a tour, a PBS special, and anything else that Clay has for us.

CCOL4HIM said...

I'm glad everyone's so excited about the album and Clay's mystery event. It's great to read the NJU stories. Take care & God bless. Love always, Cynthia

sbleu said...

We'll all know soon enough about the Clay Aiken event and til then we're still right here waiting.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog; so much information; so many wonderful things happening for Clay. I am so excited about 2010.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blogs Caro.
They are always so informative and interesting.
We have so much to look forward to with Clay.
What an exciting time to be a Clay fan.